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    Death's Domain [HM's 4e game] Recruiting - OOC


    If you saw my little rant I can't believe I have these books and modules and have done nothing with them. As I was about to decide on the fourth and final game I wish to start up right now I was torn and couldn't decide, so fate stepped in and rolled for me.

    Looks like my next game will be a 4e campaign from H1-E3 (just ordered E3 from Amazon). I wish to at least say I played and gave the game it's fair shake.

    Now I know there is alot, alot, a--lot of stuff out there but I want to keep it simple and also see if the game was ready to go out of the box. As this is pbp there will be time for me to add to my collection (if all goes well) and change characters around to see new things if you the players want.

    I am looking for beginners (like me) as well as some helpful old timers out there. But since @dave_o started his 4e game first I want anyone wanting to play 4e to give his game a look see first.

    This game will be each and every module as I thought they were quiet good and though to converting them to 3.5 at one time. And you couldn't beat the maps and such to lay out on the table.

    Ok crunch...

    System: D&D 4e
    Sources: PHB only (bummer I know)
    Generating Characters: Use method #2 for stat gene and the rest is normal (better refresh my memory on that)
    Group: Will take 5-6 players. On a first come first to grab a slot - After (note after) 24 hrs. So no posting character concepts till after 11:46pm Thurs (EST) I don't like the first come first serve but I truly dislike telling people sorry you didn't make the cut.
    Game: Start with Keep on the Shadowfell - Doesn't matter if you played it a hundred times I'm sure kobold bashing never gets old. And ends with The Prince of Undeath (sounds fun).

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