Pathfinder RPG Monk's Ki Ability - Ki Strike

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    Monk's Ki Ability - Ki Strike

    This may have been discussed already, but I wanted to revisit it, if that is the case, so it's fresh in my brain.

    Audra Frost is level 4, and as such has a decent Ki Pool (yay, Ki Mystic!). The Monk class description of the Ki Strike doesn't mention that using it (so that a Monk's attacks are considered magical for purpose of defeating DR) requires a Ki Point to be expended. Other uses of Ki Power do specify, however I wanted to seek clarification before the situation arises for her to make attacks again to see if it is as stated:

    As long as the Monk has 1 ki point in their Ki Pool they can make Ki Strikes with their Unarmed Attacks (reads as if it doesn't require a Ki Point to be spent to use the ability)
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    Basically, as long as a monk has 1 Ki point left, their attacks automatically Ki Strike. So at level 4, all IUSs made by a monk with at least 1 Ki point count as magic weapons for overcoming damage resistance. So yes, no expenditure of Ki is required.

    At least, that's how I read it.

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    That's my read as well.
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