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    Anyone Willing To Run Kingmaker? (Full)

    UPDATE: As it has now been just under a month since mazzoli, our original DM, has been seen, our party was hoping that there might be someone else ready to step up to the challenge of running this Kingmaker campaign. We already have an IC thread ( and an RG (, so other than the fact the the character who was the lynchpin of our party backstory bailed and needs to be either replaced, NPCed, or modified (we can run him if we have to), we are literally ready to go at Oleg's Trading Post. The remaining players, other than myself, are HolyMan, Deuce Traveler, Disposable Hero, and Shayuri.

    I was wondering if there might be anyone willing to run a Kingmaker game on this board. Were it not that I have been figuratively dying to play in this campaign for ages, I would think better of inquiring this way, as I did just drop a bunch of games a few weeks ago. But even if I never sign up for any other PbP campaign (which I probably should avoid), this is the one game I would always jump at the chance to get in on (even moreso than 5e, in its current early incarnation).

    I have a number of character ideas, though I with the exception of the divine healer niche, I am willing to play whatever the party needs:

    The Man From Galt - A lawful neutral wizard who, as a young boy, fled with his parents from anarchy and terror that engulfed Galt. They travelled up the Sellen River, eventually making their way to Brevoy. Raised in a rural community with a strong tradition of venerating Erastil, he hopes to return to Galt someday to restore order to that country.

    The Dragon's Bastard - A bastard son of House Rogarvia who hopes to overcome the circumstances of his birth and claim his father's name. A paladin of Erastil, he soon discovers the blood of the red dragons lurking in his veins, which leads him to question the purity of his soul.

    The (Un)Happy Bandit - After several years living on the run, he wonders if he can do better than just scraping by thieving and mugging. Good natured and boistful, he fighters with quarterstaff and bow. Something of a darker take on Little John.

    The Mute Monk - I am actually quite familiar with the first adventure in the Kingmaker campaign (somewhat familiar with the second, and have never laid eyes on the third to sixth). One way to rectify this (other than good roleplaying), would be to play a monk who has taken a vow of silence. A zen archer who follows Erastil might be quite appropriate, given the setting.

    In any case, I know the chances of someone having the time to run another game might be slim, but I felt compelled to ask. Hopefully enough people would be interested in playing in such a game as well to make it worthwhile.
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