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    If I wasn't getting ready to run Rise of the Runelords I would probably look into this.

    Best bet is to wait and see after the summer. Who knows who will want to play what.

    Keep the character concept she sounds like she has a lot of RP potential.

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    You about to open up that recruitment thread then, HM? RotRL...

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    I do like the idea of one player being leader to make decisions and be the expectant 'king'. Maybe he comes from a royal bloodline with the other characters sworn to his service. Maybe they all come from the same bloodline, so that if the leader falls, he can be replaced by another.
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    I think I'd like running this, but I've got a lot on my plate right now. You'll have to convince me.

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    ...Okay. I can work with that. (And I hope the rest of you feel free to jump in for some aid another action.)

    Besides the fact that Kingmaker is made of awesome, I believe there are a number of things that should make it relatively easy to prepare and run. The first is that the encounter zones are fairly simple, discrete affairs, which for the most part can be run in the theatre of the mind just fine. Set piece encounters all have maps. So there is not a whole lot of, "And which room is Ted going into? What exactly is he doing?" Everybody is basically in sight of the other party members at all times.

    Second, it is not like the adventures, at least the first two, are really dialogue heavy. Most of the conversations are going to be intra-party, and will not require intervention from you. So there is not really a lot of intracacy that you need to keep track of.

    Really, a lot of the grunt work can be handled by either the party leader or the "party clerk" just fine: keeping the map updated, the list of loot in good order, and that sort of thing. In fact, I could even suggest that one or several of us players handle recruitment and putting the party together, assuming we have not already had enough people show interest already. So basically everything would be ready to go for you to just jump in at the beginning. The only thing you would need to decide is how many players you want in the game, and the rest we could come up with a fair way to take care of ourselves.

    I hope those are the sort of reasons you were looking for. You said that you had a lot on your plate, so it seems to me that keeping your side of things as light and easy as possible are going to be the relevant ones. In any case, I appreciate the opportunity to convince you.

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    Kaodi has it outlined pretty well and is right about the receruitment. If I'm not mistaken there is 4-5 players interested in playing including Kaodi himself.

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    I think you've managed to drag me on board, not that it was a tough battle. I was leaning toward running it anyway, and it's hard to turn down some gaming. Also, looking at what I've got going on, I'm not in as many games as it seemed like I was.

    I've got PDFs of the modules, so I can slice those up as needed for what we need. I've briefly looked over them before but I skipped all of the kingdom building stuff for reasons unknown considering that was the reason I was looking through them in the first place.

    Is there a commonly accepted good number of players for this adventure path? I'm probably good up to about 8 but I know some people like smaller parties and it's probably designed for more like 4-6 people.

    Also, how would we want to work the rules for character creation? Rolling? Point buy? If point buy, how many points? Any house rules that people really like? What books are allowed? Personally, I prefer sticking to mostly core stuff, though I like the Advanced Player's Guide, but I'm good for any sort of rules stuff.

    I'll cut you guys a deal. If you guys can recruit (which seems to be nearly done already) and decide which rules and modifications and material to use, I'll start familiarizing myself with the module and handle the rest of the stuff that needs done.

    Rereading that, it sounds kind of like I don't want to do it. Let me assure you that that's not the case at all.

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    Right now it looks like myself, HM, Kaodi (obviously), Insight?, Shayuri?, and Rena1ug? Which would make six if the last three signed up.

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    That sounds like a party to me, or at least the framework of one. I'd better get started reading through the first module in the set.

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    @HolyMan, @Kaodi, @Insight @Shayuri, @Deuce Traveler, @renau1g. Just wanted to let everyone know there is an interested DM and seeing if you guys are still interested, if you ever were, in playing and Kaodi was just a formal nudge.

    As for the allowed rules I would say 25 PB, we're trying to build a kingdom and if that dosen't scream Epic...nothing does, books allowed should be something similar to the books and rules in the LPF on this site.

    Now the character I would like to play...I think a dwarven berserker i.e. a dwarven barbarian, but not in the tradtional since of the class. He would be faced 90% of the time and would be a cheerful little guy til you pissed him off.

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