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    "There's no way to tell what the lever does. I think we should leave it alone for now." Snaggle continues toward the wailing noise going around the pit and carefully examining the floors, wall and ceiling as he goes, occasionally prodding the floor with the butt of his spear.

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    Joseph carefully follows the kobold, being sure to only step where he stepped. "I just had a terrible thought involving myself, pressure plates, and a bunch of waist-high half-pints. I get the feeling I'm not going to enjoy this trip all that much."

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    Noting that Snaggle hasn't proven to be very perceptive, Gamble interjects, "Uh, best to let me go first, I think, if you are scouting for traps." Gamble begins searching the room, making sure each square is sound before he lets anyone step on it. "Here Joseph, tie a rope to me and hold on, so if I accidentally trigger another pit trap, I won't fall to far into it."

    OOC: After being secured so that Joseph can catch me, I'll take 10 on search checks (17) to examine squares D2, D3, D4, C4, D5, D6, C6, D7, D8, C8, B8, A8, B7, B6, C6, and A6, in that order.

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    "Fine, just don't miss any."

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    Joseph shrugs and makes sure to keep a firm hold on the leash...err, rope.

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    7 Neth 4709 (8:31:05)
    Maze of Pillars, Crypt of the Everflame, Serpent Gorge, 40 Miles South of Kassen, Southern Fangwood, Nirmathas

    A couple of minutes later, and you have a good feel of the status of the lower half of the room. Gamble triggers a couple of extra pit traps with his prodding, but he does not fall in. Each of these pit traps also contain a mound of pillows at the bottom. You discover a clear path to the next door, allowing you to examine it.

    This door is different from the others. It is a heavy wooden door bound with iron bands. The lock appears to be a complex mechanism that will be very hard to disable. The door is otherwise in pretty good repair, and the wailing is definitely coming from somewhere on the other side of it.

    Maze of Pillars
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    "This mechanism looks very complex. Bypassing it could take some time if we don't find the proper method of opening it." the kobold sighs, "It may be that lever back there."

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    "Would you like to try that or would you prefer a more direct approach?"

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    "My instincts on traps say pulling an obvious lever is stupid, but they also say filling a pit trap with pillows is also stupid," Snaggle starts to walk back toward the lever, "let's get this over with."

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    Joseph shrugs then backs up to B7.

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