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    [Adventure]: A Knight in d'Argent Manor (DM: renau1g, Judge: Luinnar)

    Having successfully sealed the rift in the magical bag, the party travels back to the Hanged Man flush with victory and see a large group milling about at the entrance, a bugbear, a dwarf and other adventuring types are speaking to a deva, more like mobbing, but no matter, the party passes by and grabs a seat.

    No sooner have you ordered a drink then a middle-aged woman enters the tavern, her face full of dirt and caked blood, her right arm hangs limply at her side and her hair is in frightful shape.

    She stumbles over to your table, and tries to speak, but her throat is too parched to get the words out. She takes a drink from the closest glass, no, not a drink, but rather a huge gulp that leaves her coughing and with water now drenching her simple clothing.

    "Are you....*cough* Are you able to help a desperate woman? You look like able adventurers" she states, nearly collapsing in a seat.


    Alrighty, here we go.

    1. Lilli: Level 5 Gnome @Neil1889
    2. Malakai: Level 4 Tiefling Sorcerer (Elementalist) @CrimsonFlameWielder <- the sacrificial lamb
    3. Artemis Hark: Level 5 Human Hexblade Warlock @FourMonos
    4. Dina: Level 7 Deva Artificer-Warlord @@Morrus;
    5. Nathantiel Xiloscient: Level 7 Elf Druid (Protector) @Walking Dad
    6. Lerrick: Level 6 Half-Elf Cleric @dimsdale

    If you can please include an updated stat block here in your first post I'll get your mini's set-up in Maptools (unless I use google docs Excel, you guys/gals have a preference?)
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