Order of the Stick Order of the Stick 860: Wasn't Going to Listen to Orders Anyway - Page 2

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    I got my OOTS Kickstarter stuff like a month ago.
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    Excellent strip, classic OotS humour. I laughed out loud at the last few panels.

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    Bahahahahahaha! Haven't laughed this hard in a while. Still dying of laughter as I type.

    This whole strip reeked of badass, but those final four panels made it complete, and awesome!

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    Great strip! Love Belkar's face in the last panels.

    As it seems to be of interest, I got my Kickstarter stuff a month ago and I'm an international backer, so that was pretty good going.
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    Same here - I'm an international buyer and I received my kickstarter package at least a month ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammael View Post
    This strip was worth the long wait. Two winners in a row!

    Incidentally, Nale should be going down pretty soon unless he somehow heals himself - he doesn't have too many HPs (triple-classed, remember) and he just got hit by two sneak attacks (with holy arrows I believe) and three or four strikes from Belkar, AFTER suffering damage from traps in the previous comic.
    Nale has been hit by arrows but they are not sneak Attack => the smoke gives him concealment so no SA on him.
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    The packages are going out in increasing value; I got my Full Story package last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noir le Lotus View Post
    Nale has been hit by arrows but they are not sneak Attack => the smoke gives him concealment so no SA on him.
    I remember a feat somewhere in 3.5e that would negate normal (but not total) concealment. Improved Precise Shot?
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    That was great. Laughed big at that last joke.

    Sabine is banished. Zz'drri is mostly useless, Nale is taking a beating. Dunno about Malack, but he's probably not too well off either.

    Only Tarquin is still up, and as powerful as he is, he probably can't stand against the whole OotS beating on him.

    Then again, we know that Belkar is supposed to die permanently sometime soon. He could take down Nale (or at least weaken him to the point that Elan gets to have a dramatic final confrontation with his twin, so Elan kills him in front of their dad), and Belkar could bite off more than he could chew and take on Tarquin personally.

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