Who else here is looking forward to this game, due to hit stores on Tuesday, August 28th (word has it that the demo will be available on Tuesday, August 14th)?

It'll be my first Madden game since Madden NFL 08 (the last version made for the PC) and my first on a console since Madden NFL 2003 (before I sold off my PS2 in early-2003 and went exclusively to PC-gaming until I finally got a PS3 in summer 2010). I came close to getting the game for my PS3 the past two years but eventually didn't as money ended up getting a bit tight overall.

My financial situation eased up a bit this year so I even went as far as pre-ordering the game. Coincidentally, my San Francisco 49ers had their first good season in quite a while last year, so I'll have a good team waiting for me upon the game's release (just like in the early years of the game franchise).

Which team(s) will you be playing as in this game?