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    Marvel Heroic RPG: Red alert! Danger! Danger!

    New York, present day. You are one of the heroes of the Marvel Universe, and were minding your own business when, suddenly and without warning, you got wind of the emergency. Maybe a signal got through to Avengers mansion, or Nick Fury made a call to the Baxter Building. Or, more than likely, you saw it the same time the rest of the world did: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helecarrier is under attack! The helecarrier, and goodness knows what reactors, weapons and goods they keep locked up on there... and don't they lock up super-villains on that thing, dangerous ones? Someone, insanely, decided to attack that flying fortress, and if the flames over the Manhattan skyline are any indication, it's going to crash real fast if someone doesn't help.

    AND NOW...

    You land on the top of the shield helecarrier, and find that you're not alone: a collection of New York's finest heroes has likewise arrived amid the chaos.

    Flying around the ship are sky-sleds, small one- or two-man vehicles like motorcycles that can fly, with guns firing onto the hull. The pilots wear green body armor with thick helmets, and are weaving in and out and around the tops of skyscrapers making strafing runs across the deck.

    Also landed are groups of armed men with guns, firing at the Shield agents that are scurrying around the deck. They burst out one of the doors and gun down a group of shield agents hiding behind a bulkhead. As they kill the Shield agents, the green-wearing men yell Hail Hydra!

    Smoke billows up from holes in the hull, and the whole ship shudders as one of the engines seizes up. This makes the whole helecarrier list even closer to the nearby skyscrapers. Something is clearly happening in the engine rooms, below.

    OOC: Okay, I want everyone to post the following things, assuming that you all land in the same spot on the surface of the helecarrier.

    1) How you heard SHIELD's distress call (tv, visual, phone call from Nick Fury, etc.)
    2) How you got up to the ship. Let's just say it's hovering dangerously close to the Manhattan skyline, so you could jump off the roof of a skyscraper and land somewhere on deck.

    If you've asked to play but you don't get back to me in a few days, we'll move forward.

    If you're going to be gone for a while, drop us a line so we know; out of courtesy to the group.

    [ame=] Right here folks[/ame]
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