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View Poll Results: Did you ever play 4e or buy any 4e books ?

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  • I own some 4e books, sure I play 4e too

    33 18.75%
  • I own some 4e books, sure I tried 4e a few times

    61 34.66%
  • I own some 4e books, I Never ever tried 4e at all

    12 6.82%
  • I own NO 4e books, I play 4e from time to time

    4 2.27%
  • I own NO 4e books, I have played 4e a few time

    27 15.34%
  • I own NO 4e books, I have NEVER played 4e ever

    30 17.05%
  • I did something diffent with 4e, I will explain...

    9 5.11%
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    Our 3.5E campaign ended in early 2010. After that, we play-tested both Pathfinder and 4E and we ended up going with 4E because I was the DM and 3.5E was a huge burden for me as DM to prepare challenging, interesting and unique encounters since most of the high level foes the players were going against were evil clerics and wizards. Plus, I had a big group of 7/8 players that needed big challenges in order for them to feel threatened.

    Pathfinder, in my eyes, took an already complex system and added more complexity to the base classes, so my head was spinning with thoughts of building level 18 wziards and clerics and selecting 100 spells, a dozen feats and filling in a zillion skill points... but, also making sure they're different enough from the level 16 wizard and/or cleric they faced a few sessions back that it's not repetitive.

    The 4E online tools made encounter building a whiz for me - I was able to spend 5% of the time I did in 3.5E building encounters, and spent the extra time enhancing the story and creating better NPCs to fill it out - so we actually had more role playing opportunities with 4E than we did with 3.5E.

    That said, I don't like a lot about 4E - it seems to have lost a lot of flavor, IMO, and I found it a lot harder to build a big challenging encounter where the players going in would say, "we're all going to die!" and then pull through by the skin of their teeth like I was always able to do with 3.5E (and 2E and 1E).

    For me as a DM, it was always the most satisfying when the players were all down to the end of their hit points, out of their big spells/powers and just barely pull through because of a cool move or big hit at the end. And, my bad guys had thrown a ton of huge punches at them and knocked them down, beaten them up and thrashed them all over, using every spell, power and evil magic item they have at their disposal.

    so, now that I've moved and I'm looking for a new game or group, I may give Pathfinder a whirl, but try to keep it more to the core books so I don't have 2,000 spells to choose and 500 prestige classes to choose from like 3.5E.
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    I own no books and tried it once (a Dark Sun game). Im running a Pathfinder group now with 5 players.

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    I played it just shy of a year.

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    I do not own any books, but have played 4e for a short while. Didn't like it, obviously. For me the biggest issue was the homogenization of the classes. I don't want a rogue, fighter, and wizard to all play essentially the same. I liked the diversity in class design of 3.5.

    I also felt as if the loss of a wider variety of magic cost the game most of its tactical complexity. Pushing and pulling just didn't seem as compelling to me as all the things available in 3.5 to alter the flow of combat.
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    I read the books, but don't own them. I've never played, mainly for lack of a group. I woudn't mind giving it a try, but it's not on my priority list. At this point, I'm actually a bit more interested in trying out Gamma World 4e than D&D.
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    I was happy with 3.5.

    WotC's marketing campaign and 4E game design was not aimed at me.

    No 4E purchases here.
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    I've been gaming with the same group for over 20 years. We played 2nd edition for many years, and then moved to 3rd edition when it came out, not without some grousing. In fact, some of us still occasionally mention aspects of 2nd edition we miss (yes, it is possible).

    We tried 4e for a couple months and didn't care for it. We found the flattening of the magic system particularly off-putting, as we never seemed to have the linear fighter, quadratic wizard problem that many people on the Internet complain about. My position on that is that it's not really a problem unless you have jerk players or a jerk DM or both - we have neither.

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    In another thread we had 'discussions' as to how many PF players purchased the 4e books, or ever bothered to try 4e. I started this poll to gauge this conundrum, So far it seems relatively close to an even split. I hope every keeps enjoying PF and whatever other games they play. Hum, that might be my next poll. Game on.
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    One of our players bought the 4e starter set, we rolled up some characters and gave it the old college try - and it didn't take. I even watched a game run at the local FLGS, but that was it for my entire extent of 4e participation.

    Pathfinder for me, playing and publishing.
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    Horrible 4E, bought the stuff played it several times, then hurled the books in the deepest dungeon to never be discovered again....

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