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  • Epic Problem : I want to fight the Epic Villains!

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  • Jemal's Quest : I want to adventure across the Planes!

    9 75.00%
  • Epic Problem: I won't be playing, but this sounds fun to watch!

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  • Jemal's Quest: I won't be playing, but this sounds fun to watch!

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  • Meh, Neither grabs my attention.

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    Gaming W/Jemal: Planar Quest! (Closed)

    Alright everybody, as mentioned in a previous thread, I'm rather fond of higher level D&D, and so I've decided to run a 3.5 game.

    Now, I have a few ideas of what to run, and since the high lvl crowd tends to be a bit smaller, I'm going to ask you which you'd prefer to play. Please answer the poll! Even if you just like reading the games. :P

    The first option is a lower-level remake of a game I used to run, Epic Problem.
    Now, I had a great (Well, I think so..) story worked out for that one that I never got to finish.. I think one of the primary mistakes I made back then was that I tried to run multiple epic games at the same time.. and even worse, I tried to run two of them in the same world! (Epic problem had a good and an evil team.)

    Epic Problem

    The original is located HERE
    Toning it down for non-epic play is rather simple, and gives the chance to pit Non-Epic Heroes in a non-epic setting against Epic Villains. There are a few things in the story that need to change.
    Instead of being Epic characters hired from outside and sent in by the Gods, the PC's would be some of the most powerful heroes INSIDE the material when the Epic Villains appear, and it is up to them to save the world from these seemingly unstoppable extra-planar Legendary Evils..

    Now the second Idea I'd like to pitch to you is for people who'd prefer to try a fresh campaign.

    Jemals Quest

    It will start with all (Or at least most) of the PC's being members of a pre-established adventuring band. Friends, family, companions, maybe the new guy who just got recruited, etc.. They've been collecting clues throughout their careers that have finally lead them to a great discovery! They've found information that will start them on a mighty Quest spanning the Planes themselves, leading them to a hidden realm in which the gods themselves cannot tread, where lies a sleeping power that has been calling to them for years..

    So please answer the poll as to which one you'd prefer to play/watch!

    In either case, the character creation rules will be the same, so please base your decision on which setting you'd prefer. The first will be contained almost entirely within the material plane, while the second will likely take place mostly on other planes.

    *Character Creation rules in post 10*
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