Pathfinder RPG ZEITGEIST: 5-star Review! "best free module I've read for PFRPG" from Endzeitgeist!

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    ZEITGEIST: 5-star Review! "best free module I've read for PFRPG" from Endzeitgeist!

    Our ZEITGEIST adventure path is continuing its trend of glowing reviews with a 5-star review from prolific Pathfinder reviewer Endzeitgeist, who recently took a look at the first adventure in the AP - Island at the Axis of the World. Here's what he had to say:
    Wow. Honestly, I knew that the crew of ENpublishing is good - I do own the War of the Burning Sky. This one mops the floor with just about every installment of aforementioned AP - the encounters are diverse, challenging, focused on intelligent roleplaying, provide action galore and add a sense of identity and "being different" to the AP that is a joy to behold. Zeitgeist is different from other APs and it is proudly, boldly even so judging from this module. Better yet - this first module is free to get you hooked and it does a stellar job of doing so. This is by far the best free module I've read for PFRPG ...
    No doubt you're burning with a desire to read the full reviews, so without further ado I'll direct you to it right here. And remember, the first one's free - so once you've finished reading the review you can simply grab the adventure (and the Player's Guide and Campaign Guide) right there from
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