Weekly Columnists Needed - Could Be You!
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    Weekly Columnists Needed - Could Be You!

    If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen this already, but I'm looking for a half-dozen or so new weekly columnists to add to our current roster with a goal of providing new content every single day.

    The subject is fairly wide open - any tabletop gaming subject (we're not just about D&D any more and haven't been for a long time) with humor, news, opinion, and advice prioritized over gaming content (of which there is plenty already out there). I'm not interested in reviewers at present; we're very well covered there.

    A writing sample and a column pitch would be ideal. It's for a weekly column, so requires 1000-2000 words at the same time each week. To be honest, I'm willing to take a bit of a risk here - so as long as the writing is good and the pitch isn't ridiculous, I'd be willing to trial it for four weeks at a minimal pay level (say $10 per article) and if it finds an audience contract it for longer at $25 per article. It's not megabucks, but it adds up over time - more than enough to buy 2-3 RPG books each month.

    Reliability is vital. Be sure you can do it on time every week without fail. I get a lot of people offer to do things but not follow through, so please be sure you have the time.

    If you're interested, drop the sample and pitch to me at morrus@hotmail.com. There's a good chance I'll give you a try for a month, unless your writing is truly diabolical or your pitch idea is just too far out there. No reviewers, though, remember; and gaming content itself won't be high priority.
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