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Thread: Ask Monte Cook!

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    what games are you participating in right now? is your underdark game still ongoing?
    I'm a lawful neutral human monk/druid level 2/1, strength 15, dexterity 13, constitution 14, intelligence 12, wisdom 13, charisma 11. Awesome.
    I'm a Power Gamer (Power Gamer 100%, Tactician 92%, Storyteller 83%, Butt-Kicker 83%, Method Actor 50%, Specialist 42%, Casual Gamer 0%). And proud of it.
    I'm a (bad) dm.
    Thanks, Gary.


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    What edition of D&D do you like most, and would you defend that option with your life?
    I'm with D&D...Any Edition

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    how do you see tablets changing the gaming world?
    something wicked this way comes

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    Why didn't you force me to buy ptolus when I asked you about it at gen con, when I could get it for less than 300 dollars?

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    Robin Laws says the first steps of designing a new game are figuring out "Core Activity" (like in D&D, killing monsters in underground ruins to get treasure) and the "Design Throughline" (like Gumshoe streamlines investigative play, so that the solution to mysteries depends not on finding clues but putting them together), so assuming something like that is true for you as well, can you share with us your vision for the Core Activity and Design Throughline of Numenera?

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    I second @falcarrion 's question about how tablets will change the gaming world. And, more broadly, where do you see the RPG industry heading with respect to print vs. digital media?

    And, uh, tell us about your D&D character?

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    D&D ZEITGEIST I Defended The Walls!

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    Do you plan to apply the rules system you develop for Numenera to other settings?

    (For example, the Arcana Evolved setting. Or do you regard Arcana Evolved as entirely bound to 3E?)

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    If you could run a game for any 5 people living or dead who would they be?

    Has there ever been a time when you lost interest in RPGs? Has there ever been a time when you were more interested in RPGs?

    What book (roleplaying or otherwise) has seen the most use (by you) over the years?

    If for some reason you could no longer be an rpg designer, but you could instead work in any other field, what job would you pick?

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    Is there any sort of adventure or campaign you'd love to play but never got to it or never found someone running it? If so, what would it be?
    My Story Hour campaigns. What are they up to this week?

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    Tea or Coffee?

    Red sauce or brown?

    Of the following games, have you tried them and what did you think?
    Hackmaster - newest edition.
    Castles & Crusades
    Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

    If you could see a game system and/or setting revived and reprinted what would that be and why?

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