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    Ask Monte Cook!

    Game designer Monte Cook has kindly agreed to answer a few questions here on EN World. One of the designers of D&D 3rd Edition, owner of Malhavoc Press and the new Monte Cook Games, and one of the pioneers of PDF-format RPG publishing, Monte is currently working on a new RPG called Numenera - a game which raised a Kickstarter budget of over a half a million dollars.

    We'll be taking questions right here in this thread, and will forward Monte a selection. The thread will be open for a week, so feel free to ask any questions. I ask that you be so kind as to refrain from commentary so as to make it easy for me to pull out the list of questions - I'll be moving any posts which don't consist of a question.

    Finally - Monte has indicated that he is legally unable to speak about D&D Next or his recent time at Wizards of the Coast, and so will not be answering any questions on those subjects.
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