OOC - Mad King's Monkey (Thread Closed)
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    OOC - Mad King's Monkey (Thread Closed)

    It has been awhile since I have been around the boards, but I have found myself back here, with a hankering to play. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of fairly generic low level 3.5 games going, so it looks like I might have to start my own.

    The plan is to start with a blank sheet of paper and outline a fairly generic setting with some simple broad brush strokes. Then pick a theme for the party, generate some characters and crack on. I am also going to be asking for a fair bit of player input from the setting generation to the character generation and probably beyond.

    Character generation will be Core rules only to keep it simple. I have chosen 3.5 because that is the system I am familiar with. It is also easily accessible to all through the SRD's on line. Pathfinder is another option, although I have no experience with it. If the majority has a preference for Pathfinder, I will look into it.

    The idea will be to keep the initial adventures fairly short and simple, with the goal being to get a couple completed fairly quickly. From there, we will see how we are travelling.

    I would like to use the Epic Six (E6) concept. Given the pace of PbP, this is unlikely to impact at all on the character's advancement. It will, however, change the dynamic of the game a little, as in E6, a second or third level character is starting to become a person of significance.

    So, if you are interested, or just curious, post up and say hello and we will see where we are.


    Update (13 Oct 12) Have 2 players + 1 maybe. Looking for 2-3 more.
    Update (15 Oct 12) Have 3 + 1 and looking for 2 more.
    Update (25 Oct 12) Have 4 + 1.
    Update (03 Nov 12) Have 5 characters presented. Recruiting closed.
    Update (05 Nov 12) RG and IC threads created.
    Update (20 Jan 13) Commenced first combat encounter - Battle v gnolls at Henri's house.
    Update (06 Aug 13) After a short unplanned outage, we are back. The last gnoll has been tracked down and killed. Now the characters have a new visitor.
    Update (17 Jun 14) Closing this thread and shifting the OOC discussion over to OOC - MKM II.
    ToDo: Transfer Game Info to Wiki.

    Setting Introduction
    There is a cold wind blowing through the Reaches of Man.

    For as long as history records, there have been gates - from the huge Arches through which whole wagon trains can pass, to little doors more suitable for a child than a grown adult. Between all of these gates is the Netherworld, sometimes dry and dusty, sometimes green and fertile, sometimes cold and snow-covered. But always with the same flat iron-grey sky and generally safe so long as you follow the rules; stay on the path, do not sleep while in the Netherworld and take nothing from the Netherworld through a gate.

    The paths of the Netherworld are as many and varied as the gates they traverse between. The most famous are the Great Roads that connect the Arches. They are arrow straight and topped with smooth paving stones. One hundred paces to each side the land is flat and featureless, adorned only with grass and wild flowers. The other paths range from tracks wide enough for wagons to those that seem little more than animal tracks. Most are of handpicked earth sometimes supplemented by hewn timber or crushed stone where the ground is boggy. Occasionally there are small bridges or raised walkways of timber or stones. But most are just hard-beaten earth. But whatever the appearance of the paths, they have been uniformly easy enough to traverse with good footing and clear of obstructing vegitation.

    Or so they once were. Now a days it is not uncommon to find weeds growing through the paving stones of the Great Roads, which no longer seem as straight and smooth as they used to be, and thorny bushes and corpses of small stunted trees and thick underground seem to crowd the roads in places. The smaller paths seem to be narrower, rockier and more treacherous underfoot, and a wise traveller takes a stout staff for there are places now where branches hang low over the paths and thorny bushes clutch and tear at the fabric of ones clothes. And while the Netherworld seems as empty and uninhabited as always, travellers commonly talk about the sense of being watched and of darker shadows lurking in the shadows which hover at the edge of ones vision. Many old timers will tell you that it is colder now in the Netherworld, and will point out the dark clouds that can now sometimes be seen rolling slowly across a sky that was once just a featureless expanse of unchanging grey.

    There is a cold wind blowing through the reaches of man and it seems to be coming from the Netherworld.

    Many dismiss such stories and reports of growing darkness and danger in the Netherworld as superstitious nonsense. They point to thousands of people who daily, and safely, traverse the paths between the portals. They point to the countless stories and fables of of dark happenings and terrible fates set in the Netherworld as evidence that nothing has changed, or if it has, it is not the first time it has, and will not be the last. Of course the Netherworld is dangerous, but not if you follow the rules: stay on the path, do not sleep while in the Netherworld and take nothing from it.

    Money, Equipment and Commerce
    For this game we will be using the following:
    cent = copper
    zehncent = silver
    krohn = gold
    zepter = platnium

    Character Generation
    First level, 18 point build, max HP at first level, max starting wealth, two traits.

    I am going to limit to choice of race to human. This is because I have not yet decided how the non-human races are going to fit in, or even if they are there at all. If you are particularly set on playing another race, PM me.

    Each character will be able to speak, in addition to Common, the native tongue of his or her homeland.

    Up to two non-class skills can be added to the class skills for the character if written into the background.

    New skill: Knowledge (Netherworld).

    Each character may start with one magic item of up to 2500gp in value. All you have to do write a description as to how it came into your character's possession. If you want to take something consumable, like potions or scrolls or feather tokens you may take a number of that item up to 2500gp. You cannot mix and match items. This is not a 2500gp spending spree. You don't get to keep the difference.

    Here you will find the Four Oracles. Select one Oracle for your character and note it down along with the associated four cards and their descriptors. You may cast as often as you like, but all four cards must come from the same oracle and the same cast. During the game you may use an appropriate oracle to take control of the game and re-write the situation as you so choose in terms of the oracle. Once used, that card is scratched. I have not tried this before, and am not sure how it will work. But regardless, I suspect that it will be interesting.
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