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    Quote Originally Posted by Axel View Post
    You're completely and utterly right... I even added it up three times to get 18...ugh! You'd never guess I work with numbers all day and every day. Problem fixed-ed in the above.
    I may have added wrong again, but I think with your edits, you are now MISSING a point, as I see them adding up to 17 now.

    STR: 16 Bonus (14 without racial +2 modifier equals 5 points spent)
    DEX: 14 Bonus (5 points spent)
    CON:12 Bonus (2 points spent)
    INT:8 Bonus (-2 points spent = +2 earned)
    WIS:12 Bonus (2 points spent)
    CHA:14 Bonus (5 points spent)

    As for the character concept on mine, I would have to redo the background, as the one posted before was for a cleric. This one would have similar, but altered background. First time for me viewing the Oracle class, so sorry it's been taking me longer. So many questions, not enough time. Although, you all seemed to have answered the last two I had pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott DeWar View Post
    Its a color in hexadecimal.

    [color=#33D3DD]color sampler[/color]

    will get you this:

    color sampler
    Ah. Does it have any game significance?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostcat View Post
    OK. Here we go:

    Libros, Male Human Sorcerer {Accursed Bloodline - Sage Archetype} (1) ...
    PF is way more complicated than I expected. And fiddly. Very Fiddly.

    You have taken Sorcerer (+1 HP) for your Favoured class I assume.

    The Accursed Bloodline gives you Perception as a Class skill.

    * Hit-points [Class 6 + Con 2 + Favoured Class +1] 9

    SKILLS (Class 2 + Int 4 + Race 1) 7
    *Disable Device^: 6 [Base 1, DEX +2, Class +3 Misc +0]
    *Knowledge (Arcana): 10 [Base 1, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +2]
    *Knowledge (Netherworld)^: 8 [Base 1, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +0]
    *Profession (Librarian): 5 [Base 1, WIS +1, Class +0, Misc 3]
    *Spellcraft: 10 [Base 1, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +2]
    *Linguistics(Giant): 5 [Base 1, INT +4, Misc +0]
    *Perception: 2 [Base 1, WIS +1, Misc +0]


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    What a group of characters we have! A haunted and lame Oracle, and an accursed Sorcerer, and unemployed soldier looking for some purpose in life. Can't wait to see what DeWar brings to the mix when he gets a background up.

    God help you trying to work out why these guys are all working together. I must say that inspiration fails me so far. But do what you can. It will really help me pull together some ideas I am woking on.

    Electric, how are you going with your character?


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    More thoughts on the Setting

    The Land

    I am going to start you in a moderately small sovereign Duchy, one a number of small states or principalities making up the 'island'. I am going to use the cluster modal. Surrounding the capitol, there are a number of regional cities. These are ruled by Barons and are mostly fortified. They are the administrative centres for each of the regions. Surrounding each of the cities are a number of market towns. These are generally not fortified, although they may have some fortified buildings. Surrounding each of these are a number of villages.

    The characters will start in one of the towns on the edge of the Duchy. Beyond are foothills leading into the mountains which divide the land in two. There are also forests, largely wild, and dangerous (of course). Generally, the towns and the cities, and the cities and the capitol are one or two days travel from each other.

    What is known about The Netherworld.

    1. The Netherworld is uninhabited. Of course there are stories about all sort of creatures and kingdoms and dragons (of course) existing in the Netherworld. But no really believes them, just as no one believes there really are vampires and fairies and ghosts in our world. Right?

    2. There are a number of different environments in the Netherworld, ranging from arctic wastes to dense forests to barren sun blasted deserts. They all share the quality of appearing washed out, almost colourless. And the actual conditions between the different environments differ little. Some are a little warmer, some a little cooler, some are a little drier and some a little more damp. But thats about it.

    3. The paths are always easy to see and easy to follow. Some are great roads, others are merely narrow tracks. But the ground, regardless of the surrounding terrain is never difficult underfoot. The paths are never obstructed or challenging.

    4. There are some junctions along the paths. They are rare however. These junctions are always clearly marked and signposted. Sometimes, one of the options at a junction will appear abandoned and disused. It will be overgrown or obstructed in some way. The footing will be treacherous. No one really knows where these paths go. It is believed that they lead to portals that have somehow been destroyed or are otherwise not working.

    5. Time and distance in the Netherworld is only tenuously connected to time in the material world. Generally, the time taken to travel between two portals will remain the same each time the trip is taken. But never exactly the same. Similarly, the time taken will generally reflect the physical distance that separates the portals in the material world. But it never seems to be constant. As a general rule of thumb, however, shorter distances take about one minute per mile, longer distances one hour per one hundred miles and greater distances something faster than that.

    As always, input is welcome.


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    Sorry about the delay. This is my first Pathfinder character, so I admit I'm a bit over my head. Plus, thanks to China's amazing infrastructure, my internet was down for a few days. But here is Sukri, the young, talented thief fleeing his past.



    STR 13 Bonus +1
    DEX 16 Bonus +3
    CON 12 Bonus +1
    INT 14 Bonus +2
    WIS 13 Bonus +1
    CHA 10 Bonus 0

    * Fort: +1 [Base +0 +1 CON]
    * Reflex: +5 [Base +2 +3 DEX]
    * Will: +1 [Base +0 +1 WIS]

    * Light: 30 ft. (Carry 50 lbs)
    * Medium: 20 ft. (Carry 100 lbs) Max Dex +3 Check -3
    * Heavy: 20 ft. (Carry 150 lbs) Max Dex +1 Check -6

    * Attacks 1
    * Melee +1 [BAB: +0 STR: +1]
    * Ranged or Light Melee +3 [BAB: +0 DEX: +3]
    * Initiative +3 [DEX +3 Misc +0]
    * Armor Class 16 [Base 10, Armor 2, DEX 3, Shield 0, Feat 1]
    * 10 HP [8 base, 1 CON, 1 Favored Class]

    * Rapier (DMG 1d6+1, Crit 18-20 x2)
    * Dagger (DMG 1d4+2, Crit 19-20 x2)
    * Dagger (Thrown) (DMG 1d4+2, Crit 19-20 x2, Range 10 ft.)
    * Mace, light (DMG 1d6+1, Crit 20 x2)

    * Bonus Feat
    * Skilled

    * Sneak attack (+1d6 damage)
    * Trap finding

    * Rogue Weapon Proficiency

    * Dodge
    * Weapon Finesse

    * Dirty Fighter (+1 damage when hitting flanked foe)
    * River Rat (+1 damage with daggers. +1 to Swim)

    Acrobatics +7
    Appraise +5
    Climb +5
    Disable Device +8
    Escape Artist +7
    Linguistics +6
    Perception +5
    Sense Motive +5
    Sleight of Hand +7
    Stealth +7
    Swim +6

    Leather Armor
    ** Total [15lbs]
    * Rapier (2lbs)
    * 5 Daggers (5lbs)
    * Mace, light (4lbs)
    ** Total [9lbs]
    * Bedroll [5lbs]
    * Rations (Trail/Per Day)(x5) [5lbs]
    * Rope (Silk/50 ft.) [5lbs]
    * Torch(x3) [3lbs]
    * Waterskin (Filled) [4lbs]
    * Chalk (10 Pieces) [0lbs]
    * Flint and Steel [0lbs]
    * Thieves' Tools [1lbs]
    * Empty Sack [0lbs]
    * Mystery Box [2lbs]
    ** Total [25lbs]

    Common, Jahari (mother tongue), Goblin, Draconic

    Background and appearance info soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric Wizard View Post
    Sorry about the delay. This is my first Pathfinder character, so I admit I'm a bit over my head.
    Hah. So am I. But don't tell anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Electric Wizard View Post
    Plus, thanks to China's amazing infrastructure, my internet was down for a few days.
    I first discovered Enworld and PbP while working in Japan. Fortunately, the infrastructure there was quite reliable.

    Its way late here, so I will look over the character tomorrow. From what I could see (which wasn't much given the blue on black colouring) it seems pretty good.


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    A 1e title so awesome it's not in the book (Lvl 21)

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    Block Scott DeWar

    Quote Originally Posted by doghead View Post
    . From what I could see (which wasn't much given the blue on black colouring) it seems pretty good.

    I was going to mention that color scheme is hard on the eyes

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    Uh, I have never used it, but I have a question on Ghost Sound. Can it be cast to actually say something like, "I see someone on the roof," or is it only supposed to be vague talking noises non descriptive? The reason I ask is that this DEAF curse is kind of interesting for a character build and something that would be a first for me as well. - 4 to Initiative (no biggie), auto fails Perception checks based on sound, and -4 penalty to opposed Perception checks.

    I would cast all spells as if modified with Silent Spell feat. The bonuses after a few levels even this all out to some rather nice bonuses of +3 to perception, no initiative penalty, scent ability, and eventually (but unlikely to get that high of a level) tremorsense 30 feet.

    Dual-Cursed with Haunted and Deaf. Traumatic experience early on caused ___ to constantly hear voices, supernatural things happen around ___ and they are unable to hear natural voices again. Thematically, they go better than Haunted and Lame. Question is, would a deaf character be able to counterspell? I see nothing preventing it, but wanted to ask, to be ready and know what I am getting into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric Wizard View Post
    But here is Sukri, the young, talented thief fleeing his past.


    Background and appearance info soon!
    Seems to be pretty good.

    You don't seem to taken a favoured class bonus.

    Swapping out Trap-finding for Knife Master does mean that Sukri loses the ability to open his box if it is magically locked. It might not be important, but I thought that I would mention it.


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