So, I am nearing my 8th wedding anniversary. Just to keep things interesting, my wife and I try to keep to the traditional anniversary gift ideas, where each year is some material.

Mind you, we do this loosely. The first anniversary, for example is "paper". I got her a laser printer (which she badly needed for her work). Last year was wool (or copper, but I went with wool), and I got her a spinning wheel.

The traditional material for the 8th anniversary is bronze. Do you have *any* idea how hard it is to find something in bronze that isn't either a bathroom fixture or just a hunk of statuary?!?

The gift needn't be large - we are spending a huge hunk of change on a vacation that's a gift to ourselves - but something small would be nice. The problem is just finding something.

So, by way of conversation - anyone seen anything interesting in bronze lately? Anyone got a cool twist on the idea of bronze that might get me into a different gift idea?

Heck, anyone had some really good wins on anniversary gifts?