Morgraur-Rashaar for Carnevale
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    Morgraur-Rashaar for Carnevale

    Morgraur-Rashaar for Carnevale: Carnevale is a skirmish miniatures game set in a fantasy version of XVIII century Venice, and [they are] trying to gather funds for [their] biggest model ever! The Rashaar is [their] most Cthulhu-esque faction, if you ever thought of getting some Deep-one models, have a look at those! The Morgraur-Rashaar is a being that dwells below the city of Venice and spends most of the time sleeping. No one knows how long it has been there. Some suspect it got here long before the first Magi-Rashaar. It is even possible that the city was created around him inadvertently, mistaking his great bulk for a huge rock on the muddy bottom of the lagoon. It is a creature of a colossal size, with a viscous scaly skin and the back full of rocks, scabs and coral. The very sight of this monstrosity would freeze the blood of the bravest hero.

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