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    [Adventure] He Chained Their Minds (DM: CrimsonFlameWielder; Judge Needed )

    Welcome all to the adventure:

    He Chained Their Minds

    The following players/characters are a part of this adventure:

    VanderLegion's Vander (Pixie Monk)
    jbear's Kane Arcane (Human Swordmage|Wizard)
    phoenix8008's Kama'zer (Gith Warlord)
    WEContact's Ignatz (Half-Orc Barbarian)
    pathfinder1's Joy (Human [Elan] Ardent|Bard)
    rb780nm's Sound of Stone (Thri-kreen Monk)

    Before we get to the fun stuff, let's go over the basic rules of engagement for this adventure.

    I will be using the Malenkirk battle system, which means I will roll initiative for everyone and all monsters/bad-guys will go on the same initiative.

    Battles will follow this pattern:

    1) If monsters roll highest initiative, then they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
    2) If the PCs roll highest initiative, they will go first, followed by all of the monsters.
    3) If some of the PCs roll higher than the monsters, those PCs will go first, followed by the monsters. After that, ALL PCs will take a turn, followed by the monsters next turn. Rinse & repeat until combat is over.
    4) If there is a surprise round, the steps above will be followed, but only for those PC's/monsters who are not surprised.

    When we get to our first battle, I will be using Google Docs to handle the mapping.

    I will be using this post to track some things below, such as XP earned, treasure allocated, etc.

    XP earned

    None yet...

    Time XP:

    * Start of adventure: October 9th 2012.
    * End of adventure: TBA

    Treasure Given & Wealth Levels

    This section will be used to track each of the character's wealth levels (so I know how much treasure I can and will give out). It will also be used to track who acquired what magic item(s) and when/where.

    Gold Earned:

    --- None Yet

    Wealth Levels:

    At start of Adventure:

    Target Wealth Levels for wealth earned by END of listed level
    Lvl... Wealth Level (in gp)
    1..... 756
    2..... 1,824
    3..... 3,348
    4..... 5,448
    5..... 8,244
    6..... 12,000
    7..... 17,364
    8..... 24,960
    9..... 35,436
    10.... 49,440

    Wealth at start of adventure:

    Vander ............... 6,400 gp / 12,000 gp (lvl 6)
    Kane Arcane ....... 8,803 gp / 12,000 gp (lvl 6)
    Kama'zer ............ 9,673 gp / 12,000 gp (lvl 6)
    Ignatz ................ 1,917 gp / 8,244 gp (lvl 5)
    Joy .................... 9,629 gp / 12,000 gp (lvl 6)
    Sound of Stone ... 7,720 gp / 12,000 gp (lvl 6)


    None yet.

    Posting Rates

    While I am certainly guilty of going far over this limit, I'd like to see everyone posting at least once every 2 days. Many of us know the burdens of real life, so just try to let us know if you won't be able to post within that period of time and one of us will be happy to NPC your character for you. Also, I tend to be a bit busy on the weekends, so I may or may not get the chance to post during those times.

    OOC Thread

    I've seen a couple of adventures do this now, and I think it may be a good idea for us, too, to utilize the Out Of Character thread for an adventure. As such, you will see another thread titled

    "[OOC] He Chained Their Minds"

    for us to make OOC comments in and will be a great place for you all to talk crunch/mechanics and tactics, ask ooc questions, etc. Let's try to keep it there as much as possible, and keep the story here. It will make for a better read down the line.

    And now to start the adventure!


    Evan leads his hired crew outside of the Hanged Man to where a group of seven horses is tethered to a long wooden post. Each horse is equipped with a riding saddle, and saddle bags that contain food stuffs and basic travel supplies (such as travel rations, a small bow used for making fires, bedrolls, etc).

    "Braidlock is three days journey by horse from here to the north. It's going to be a long ride, and it is likely best that we get to know each others capabilities. As you all know, now, my name is Evan. I'm a simple hunter. I'm no fighter. I can't cast spells, and I'm not trained in the use of weapons. I don't really expect a fight to break out from here to Braidlock, but I just want you to know that I won't be of much use if something happens. I can use my bow if absolutely necessary, but don't count on me saving your butts if things get grim. I wouldn't have asked you to come along if I could, right?" he says with a smirk.

    "Go ahead and get to know each other, and if you need to, pick up any supplies you want to bring along with you. There won't be any shops or merchants where we're going (not with my entire village missing anyway), so prepare yourselves if you need to."

    With that, he begins checking the saddles and tack of all the horses to ensure they are ready for the long ride home.
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