D&D 4th Edition D&D 4E / D&D Next Playtest (New York, NY)

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    D&D 4E / D&D Next Playtest (New York, NY)

    Established group looking for an additional player.

    We alternate weekly games between a long-running D&D 4E game that's about to enter epic tier and a new campaign trying out the D&D Next playtest rules. Looking for someone interested in both games.

    We're a co-ed group of young professionals and students, early 20s to early 30s, who like planes-hopping adventures, political intrigue and blowing things up. RP is important and encouraged, but we also like to joke around. We have a beer rotation.

    Our schedules are hectic, so we meet once a week on various nights. We game at a house near Yankee Stadium, just off the 4 train.

    If you're interested, post here or send a PM telling us about yourself and one of your favorite characters.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Hi Just saw the post, and i'm interested in running if you got a spot open. I live in the bronx as well and i'm looking for a new group. been playing for a while since second edition, and have played every edition since. I'm a artist so i love rpg and drawing them, im also a writer of fantasy books. I'm just looking for a good game, and a chance to hang out with cool people. if your interested please feel free to hit me here.


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