(Multiple Ability Dependance)

This came up in the monk thread, and I think it really should have it's own thread.

Should the 5E classes have their abilities split between multiple ability scores or all tied to one score. In many ways in 3E, the "core 4" pretty much got most of their abilities from a single ability - STR for Fighters, DEX for Rogues, INT for Wizards and WIS for Clerics. Hybrid/subclasses often needed two or three good ability scores - STR, WIS, DEX for Monks; STR, CON for Barbarians; STR, DEX, WIS for Rangers; STR, WIS, CHR for Paladins - the two exceptions seemed to be Druid (WIS) and Bard (CHR, though you could argue for INT and/or DEX).

Personally, I'd like to see all classes be MAD, and have it split between three abilities, all of which can grant the class some special ability.

Fighter - STR, CON and INT. STR for offensive CS dice (trip, disarm, extra damage), CON for defensive CS dice (soaking damage, parry/riposte) and INT (buffing other characters, ala the Warlord).

Rogue - DEX, INT and CHR. DEX for CS dice (sneak attack, ambush), INT for skill mastery and CHR for skill stunts (swinging from chandaliers, fast-talking enemies, etc.)

Cleric - STR, WIS and CHR. STR for divine-augmented weapon attacks, WIS for spells and CHR for channel divinity/spheres/domain abilities.

Wizard - INT, WIS and CHR. INT for arcane spells (vancian), CHR for at-will (spontaneous) spells and WIS for rituals.


Paladin - STR, WIS and CHR. STR for smites, WIS for spells and CHR for lay on hands abilities.

Ranger - STR, DEX and WIS. STR for weapon attacks, DEX for stealth stunts (quarry?) and WIS for wilderness abilities (spells, tracking, animal companion)

Monk - STR, DEX and WIS. STR for ki attacks (flurry, stunning fist, DR strikes, quivering palm), DEX for defensive abilities (deflect arrows, fast movement, slow fall, etc.) and WIS for supernatural abilities (healing, tongues, phasing, teleporting)

Bard - DEX, CHA and INT. DEX for combat abilities (rapid strike, riposte, disarm). CHA for bardic song/spell abilities and INT for bardic lore abilities and other skill stunts.

Barbarian - STR, CON and WIS. STR for rage/fury/berserk abilities, CON for defensive abilities (damage soak, healing/second wind) and WIS for supernatural totem abilities (claws of the bear, bite of the wolf, cheetah legs)

Warlock - CON, INT and CHR. CHR for auras or long-term magics, INT for utility spells and CON for attack spells.

Druid - CON, WIS and CHR. CHR for animal companion. CON for shape-shifting and WIS for spells.

Sorcerer - INT, CON and CHR. CHR for at-will spells. INT for rituals. CON for supernatural abilities (dragon disciple, heritages)

Swordmage - INT, DEX and STR. STR for spell-charged weapon attacks. DEX for defensive abilities/spells. INT for utility magic.

I'm not quite sure how to exactly make these break-outs work, but it would be nice if your ability scores affected how rapidly (or perhaps how far) you could advance along a certain power track - or at least give you a little bit of a heft with certain abilities.