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    Paizo Blog: Mythic Adventures Playtest

    Welcome to the long-awaited playtest of Mythic Adventures. This exciting book, due out in August 2013, gives you the chance to play a hero that is a cut above the ordinary sellsword, more powerful than your average hedge wizard, and able to take on challenges far beyond those of his ordinary contemporaries. Like Hercules and Achilles, these heroes inspire legends with their every deed, facing horrible foes and taking on dangerous quests that most would consider impossible. This playtest is a sample of the rules, giving you all the tools you need to run a mythic game or two right now, as well as the chance to tell us what works and what needs work.

    Read this article at the Paizo blog.

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    As a quick glance, I like it. It does add a complexity to the rules which some may not like, but overall it's a nice way to play "epic" campaigns without being level 20+.

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    Seems pretty cool. Probably won't be able to playtest it, but looks a lot cooler than the old Epic system while also allowing for lower-level "Epic" adventures.

    One thing they mentioned in passing was the possibility of using Mythic ranks to balance out small-party (or even solo) use of Adventure Paths. That's something I'll likely be trying out once we're done with our current campaign.


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    Definitely interested. May even try using it in my game.
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    I read a few pages.

    I don't like the mythic flaws. They seem kind of weak.

    Otherwise, looks promising.
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    Looks interesting. I have to agree with DaveMage that the Mythic Flaws seem somewhat iffy (and widely varying in impact on the characters, I'd suggest that a Barbarian wouldn't be too affected by Furious Rage "oh, another -2 to AC, darn" which any character with Elemental Vulnerability could be under a death sentence against a dragon.
    Also I find the idea of Weapon Weakness:Siege Engines incredibly amusing...

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