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    4E Forgotten Realms


    I'm in something of a bind right now. I have a regular group and we're starting a new game in two weeks set in the Forgotten Realms. I've run games in Eberron and Dark Sun and the 4e campaign settings books for both of them were great!

    The problem is, the FR campaign setting book for 4e is.. not so great. In fact I'm not sure what to do with it. Unlike Eberron and Dark Sun there's nothing really special about the Realms in 4e. My players want to go there, and I want to run the realms for them.

    What's special about the Realms? What's the selling point? Because all I see is 150 pages of generic fantasy and I need to make it work. Please save my game!

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    Try the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book. It is really excellent.

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    I second the call for Neverwinter.

    I generally dislike the Realms as a setting, but that book is dripping awesome. It is possibly the best setting book (all PlaneScape aside, of course).

    It is that good. IMO.

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    Thirded for Neverwinter. It's an excellent supplement, and is the first Forgotten Realms product in decades which made me want to run a Realms game. It made the whole Spellplague deal actually click for me.


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    Buying the campaign guide wiped out my fun budget for the month. I need to run this game with what I've got.

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    What tier are you playing and what sort of playstyle preferences does your group possess (genre, specific tropes, grim or high fantasy, etc)? I'll formulate a suggestion based off of that response.

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