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    Spelljammer Collector's Guide

    Welcome to the Spelljammer Collector's Guide!

    This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Spelljammer campaign setting, which was (primarily) supported from 1989 to 1993.

    The Endless Quest book, A Wild Ride, doesn't actually carry the "Spelljammer" brand, but is instead marketed as a "Wild Space" product. TSR had planned to relaunch the Spelljammer setting as "Wild Space" and had begun production on Wild Space boxed set, which included a video cassette recording, along the same lines as the ill-fated Dragon Strike series. The Wild Space boxed set and line was canceled, but not before one solitary Endless Quest book was published with the "Wild Space" logo. That said, the book is set (in part) on the Rock of Bral, so deserves a place in this Collector's Guide.

    This thread, started by

    includes a link posted by

    to a video clip which perhaps indicates why "Wild Space" never made it to release. The 1994 First Quest boxed set also contained an adventure set in "Wild Space", which, curiously, was edited out when that boxed set was rereleased as the Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons the following year.

    This was the fourth installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

    Collector's Guides: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, Next, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer

    AD&D 2nd Edition products

    Boxed sets

    Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space (September 1989)
    The Legend of Spelljammer (August 1991)
    War Captain's Companion (March 1992)
    The Astromundi Cluster (July 1993)

    Softcover books

    CGR1: The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook (October 1992)

    Monster collections

    MC7: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix (July 1990)
    MC9: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix II (February 1991)


    SJR1: Lost Ships (March 1990)
    SJR2: Realmspace (January 1991)
    SJR3: Dungeon Master's Screen (January 1991)
    SJR4: Practical Planetology (June 1991)
    SJR5: Rock of Bral (August 1992)
    SJR6: Greyspace (November 1992)
    SJR7: Krynnspace (January 1993)
    SJR8: Space Lairs (May 1993)


    SJA1: Wildspace (January 1990)
    SJA2: Skull & Crossbows (May 1990)
    SJA3: Crystal Spheres (September 1990)
    SJA4: Under the Dark Fist (May 1991)
    SJS1: Goblin's Return (November 1991)
    SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy (February 1992)

    Related material

    WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk ("The Neogi Nest", June 1992)
    Champions of Mystara ("Spelljammer Conversion Guide", September 1993)
    Book of Artifacts ("Artifurnace" and "Blackjammer's Cutlass", September 1993)
    Elves of Evermeet (March 1994)
    First Quest: The Introduction to Role-Playing Games ("Across Wildspace" adventure, April 1994)
    Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 1 (Infinity Sphere items: Crutch of Lightning, Phasing Crystal, Crystal Ball III) (November 1994)
    Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 2 (Infinity Sphere item: Dimension Mine) (March 1995)
    Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 4 (Infinity Sphere items: Staff of the Elements: Air, Staff of the Elements: Fire, Transporter Pad) (November 1995)
    Undermountain: Stardock (January 1997)
    Masters of Eternal Night (August 1998)
    Dawn of the Overmind (October 1998)
    Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four (Clockwork Horrors and Wizshade, November 1998)

    D&D 3.5 products

    Related material

    Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations ("Wreck of the Mindspider", April 2005)
    Monster Manual V ("Mind Flayers of Thoon", July 2007)

    Other products

    Spelljammer novels

    The Cloakmaster Cycle 1: Beyond the Moons (May 1991)
    The Cloakmaster Cycle 2: Into the Void (September 1991)
    The Cloakmaster Cycle 3: The Maelstrom's Eye (March 1992)
    The Cloakmaster Cycle 4: The Radiant Dragon (September 1992)
    The Cloakmaster Cycle 5: The Broken Sphere (March 1993)
    The Cloakmaster Cycle 6: The Ultimate Helm (August 1993)

    Other novels

    Realms of Magic ("Smoke Power and Mirrors" and "Gunne Runner", November 1995)
    The Dragons at War ("Through the Door at the Top of the Sky", May 1996)
    Finder's Bane (July 1997)
    Evermeet: Island of Elves (Hardcover April 1998, softcover March 1999)
    Corsair (March 2009, paperback November 2009)

    Game books

    Endless Quest 5: A Wild Ride (September 1994)

    Coffee table books

    The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination (Hardcover August 1994, paperback July 1995)
    30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, paperback February 2006)

    Computer games

    Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace (October 1992)


    TSR Worlds Annual 1 (August 1990)
    1: The Rogue Ship, Part One: Journey's Song, Kirstig's Tale (September 1990)
    2: The Rogue Ship, Part Two (October 1990)
    3: The Rogue Ship, Part Three (November 1990)
    4: The Rogue Ship, Part Four: Song's End, Tale's Beginning (December 1990)
    5: Trial by Wildfire (January 1991)
    6: Circle of Fear (February 1991)
    7: Paying the Price (March 1991)
    8: Monster (April 1991)
    9: The Geas (May 1991)
    10: Exile on Taladas (June 1991)
    11: Serious Trouble! (July 1991)
    12: Alone (August 1991)
    13: The Armada (September 1991)
    14: Before there was Meredith… there was Nimone! (October 1991)
    15: The Song of the Einheriar (November 1991)


    1993 TSR Master Catalog ("The Stars Beckon: A Look at the Spelljammer Campaign", January 1993)

    Promotional items

    Spelljammer bookmark (1992?)
    Spelljammer cloth patch (1993)


    HackJammer (July 2005)

    Magazine articles

    Dragon Magazine

    Dragon 153, p94, Awash In Phlogiston (January 1990)
    Dragon 159, p10, Rough Times on Refuge (July 1990)
    Dragon 159, p15, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magic from the Stars (July 1990)
    Dragon 159, p30, The Dragon's Bestiary (July 1990)
    Dragon 165, p91, Sage Advice (January 1991)
    Dragon 170, p95, Sage Advice (June 1991)
    Dragon 171, p90, Sage Advice (July 1991)
    Dragon 175, p6, Editorial: Reeeeeep!!! (November 1991)
    Dragon 178, p92, Sage Advice (February 1992)
    Dragon 179, p89, Ladders to the Sky (March 1992)
    Dragon 179, p95, Sage Advice (March 1992)
    Dragon 180, p77, Sage Advice (April 1992)
    Dragon 181, p99, Sage Advice (May 1992)
    Dragon 182, p29, Sage Advice (June 1992)
    Dragon 183, p21, "Avast, ye swabs, and heave to!" (July 1992)
    Dragon 184, p92, Magic With an Evil Bite (August 1992)
    Dragon 185, p76, Sage Advice (September 1992)
    Dragon 191, p78, Sage Advice (March 1993)
    Dragon 192, p23, Weapons of Mass Destruction: On Sale Now! (April 1993)
    Dragon 197, p21, Sage Advice (September 1993)
    Dragon 199, p48, Campaign Journal: The Black Pegasus Trading Co. (November 1993)
    Dragon 199, p94, Sage Advice (November 1993)
    Dragon 204, p81, Sage Advice (April 1994)
    Dragon 214, p52, The Ecology of the Neogi (February 1995)
    Dragon 232, p34, Sorcerous Six-Shooters (August 1996)
    Dragon Annual 1, p44, Campaign Classics: The Scro (November 1996)
    Dragon 266, p82, The Ecology of the Xixchil: Makeovers (December 1999)
    Dragon 273, p114, Sage Advice (July 2000)
    Dragon 339, p26, Races of Spelljammer: Wanderers of Wildspace (January 2006)

    Dungeon Magazine

    Dungeon 21, p29, Jammin' (January 1990)
    Dungeon 28, p50, Visitors from Above (March 1991)
    Dungeon 36, p40, The Sea of Sorrow (July 1992)
    Dungeon 39, p18, Flowfire (January 1993)
    Dungeon 41, p36, Mammoth Problems (May 1993)
    Dungeon 45, p8, An Artists's Errand (January 1994)
    Dungeon 63, p22, Gnome Droppings (July 1997)
    Dungeon 71, p30, Wildspawn (November 1998)

    Polyhedron Newszine

    Polyhedron 48, p23, Spelljammer: AD&D Game Adventures in Space (July 1989)
    Polyhedron 55, p15, Spelljamming Monsters (September 1990)
    Polyhedron 62, p2, Bookwyrms (July 1991)
    Polyhedron 71, p7, Highlander (May 1992)
    Polyhedron 73, p26, An 1889 Crystal Sphere (July 1992)
    Polyhedron 74, p21, A New Crystal Sphere (August 1994)
    Polyhedron 81, p10, In His Majesty's Spacial Service (March 1993)
    Polyhedron 100, p9 , Gorlash Spacescum (villain) (October 1994)
    Polyhedron 125, p26, Island Campaigns Part 4: The Wild, Wild Wildspace (November 1996)
    Polyhedron 126, p26, Island Campaigns Part 5: Ecological Nightmares (October 1997)
    Polyhedron 127, p30, Island Campaigns Part 6: Strange Heroes, Strange Adventures (December 1997)
    Dungeon 92/Polyhedron 151, p16, Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon (May 2002)

    Electronic releases

    Web sites

    Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons

    Web articles and downloads

    Gates in the World of Greyhawk
    To-scale Spelljamming ship deckplans #1
    To-scale Spelljamming ship deckplans #2
    To-scale Spelljamming ship deckplans #3
    To-scale Spelljamming ship deckplans #4
    To-scale Spelljamming ship deckplans #5
    To-scale Spelljamming ship deckplans #6

    Collector's cards

    1991 set

    Released: June and September 1991

    183: Pryessant
    184: Chandalar
    185: Mind Flayer
    238: Dirck of Windspace
    279: Mind Flayer
    280: Neogi
    281: Giff
    548: Wasp
    549: Man-o-War
    550: Nautiloid
    551: Dragonfly
    552: Tradesman
    553: Neogi Mindspider
    554: Neogi Deathspider
    555: Hammership
    556: Squid Ship
    716: Trooper Herphan Gomja
    717: Captain Hemar, Captain of the Trader Penumbr
    718: Teldin Moore
    723: T'Laan

    1992 set

    Released: June and August 1992

    17: Dracon
    25: Noj's Shield -1, Missile Attractor
    33: Theon's Folding Boat
    34: Dunhill's Spelljamming Apparatus of Kwalish
    69: Ilswyn of the Isles
    70: Master Khotus
    105: Aylia
    115: Pellinor
    119: Checklist 41-80
    143: Violet Dindower's Dust of Disappearance
    153: Noj's Necklace of Not-so-smart Missiles
    174: Gelonna
    208: Grazzle
    276: Whaleship
    277: Battle Dolphin
    278: Cuttle Command
    279: Gnomish Whelk
    280: Unity Ship
    281: Quentin's Libraria
    282: Smalljammer
    283: Octopus
    284: Illithid Dreadnought
    306: Selma Moore
    360: Checklist 441-480
    381: Noj's Bag of Misplacing
    393: Noj's Claw of Magic Exchange
    394: Chandrasakar's Air Spores
    423: Noj the Double-Edged
    429: Savion with the 11 Fingers
    438: Violet Dindower
    459: Purity Valor
    478: Checklist 441-480
    491: Kasharin
    492: Aartuk Warrior
    493: Aargos
    494: Blazozoid
    495: Colossus
    496: Focoid
    497: Hadozee
    498: Slinker
    499: Wryback
    500: Zard
    514: Noj's Bracers of Brandishing
    530: Sun Dragon
    531: Moon Dragon
    532: Radiant Dragon
    548: Danelesty
    552: Lipoec
    558: Jobinov
    559: Thiawskeen
    588: Pysander
    589: Posaydal
    600: Checklist 561-600
    611: Astereater
    612: Chattur
    613: Esthetic
    614: Gravislayer
    615: Jammer Leech
    616: Plasman
    667: Chandrasakar
    679: Belonda Artes
    716: Rather Wild Giant Space Hamster
    719: Checklist 681-720
    737: Zinnabar Albbee
    11 (of 11): Bral (Gencon promotional card)

    1993 set

    Released: March, June and September 1993

    3: Dragon, Stellar
    8: Rastipede
    19: Syllix
    22: Aric's Staff of Power
    32: Shalandain
    35: Aric Cozar
    36: Gamalon Idogyr
    37: Basa Lianin
    38: Meredin Sandyfoot
    60: Golem, Furnace
    62: Owl, Space
    76: Gamalon's Gem of Infravision and Detect Magic
    82: Meredin's Short Sword +1 Luck Blade
    105: Slronde the Elder
    133: Shalandain's Boots of Starstriding
    134: Shalandain's Holy Avenger
    170: Gossamer
    171: Lakshu
    195: Sebastian the Red
    202: Ryag Meth
    216: Sioson
    222: Clockwork Horror
    223: Feesu
    225: Grav
    278: Flowfiend
    291: Pirate of Gith
    300: Sebastian's Chime of Opening
    318: Hajallian Thremintha
    320: Kneyalotep Knekopot
    321: Staan of the Way
    322: Uritel of the Garden
    323: Oswuggle
    324: Obbi Skyfoot
    354: Cymboli's Pipes of Sounding
    405: Intier's Ring of Shooting Stars
    435: Talus Mindswift
    475: Grabelli the Grey
    476: Basif the Blue
    477: Intier the Indigo
    482: Cymboli Starsong
    495: Checklist 441-495
    4 (of 60): Wilhemina the Petite (rare card set)
    40 (of 60): Icarus (rare card set)

    Spellfire cards

    Powers expansion set

    Released: September 1995

    49: Giant Space Hamster
    1 (of 20): Crystal Sphere
    2 (of 20): Rock of Bral

    Organized play

    AD&D 2nd Edition convention adventures

    The Unsung, Fantastic & Perilous Expedition of Ironhelm Jones' Rock Bottom Dwarven Mining Company (Winter Fantasy 1991)
    In His Majesty's Spacial Service (1991)
    Adrift (Spelljammer Masters, Winter Fantasy 1993)
    Down and Out in Drydock (Spelljammer Masters, 1993)
    Adrift in Wildspace (1995)

    Living Forgotten Realms

    CORE 2-2: Rising of the Dark (February 2010)
    CORE 2-10: Upon the Sea of Stars (August 2010)
    CORE 2-11: The Sign of Four (January 2011)
    CORE 2-12: The Sschindylryn Heresy (January 2011)
    EPIC 3-1: The Glorious Hunt (February 2011)
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