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With the announcement of the upcoming release of Spelljammer for 5th Edition it seemed like a good opportunity to revisit the Spelljammer Collector’s Guide.

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Spelljammer Collector’s Guide Revisited

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About this Collector’s Guide
With the announcement of the upcoming release of Spelljammer for 5th Edition it seemed like a good opportunity to revisit the Spelljammer Collector’s Guide. This was originally posted on ENWorld in September 2010 with the aim of providing a comprehensive list of D&D products published for the Spelljammer setting. An expanded version, including descriptions and more history, was published on RPGGeek the following year.

The updated edition you are now reading has been revised and many new sources of Spelljammer lore have been added. There are bound to still be a few things missing, but this is as thorough a collection of Spelljammer references as you are likely to find. The guide is presented in chronological order of release, so it doubles as a history of the setting. A checklist of Spelljammer products is included at the end.​

Thanks are due to everyone who commented on the two earlier versions of the Collector’s Guide, particularly David Shepheard (@Big Mac), whose Spelljammer insights were extremely valuable in filling in some gaps. A tip of the hat is also due to the community at The Piazza whose passion for all D&D settings has helped keep them alive during long periods when they did not benefit from any official support.​

Origins of the setting
The Spelljammer setting was launched a mere six months after the publication of the AD&D 2nd Edition Player's Handbook. Although it can be used as a stand-alone setting, the initial marketing material emphasised its role as a way for players to travel from Oerth to Krynn to Faerûn and back. Perhaps one of the reasons TSR published Spelljammer so soon after the launch of a new edition was the potential for cross-marketing new setting material to fans of other settings.

On the origins of Spelljammer, Stan! writes in Dragon #315:

SPELLJAMMER got its start in 1988 at the same meeting that spawned the TALADAS campaign setting. It was a department-wide brainstorming meeting at a local bar and grill. “I remember sitting there and saying, ‘What about D&D in space?’” says designer Jeff Grubb. “At first they didn't get it so I started describing a guy in plate mail armor standing on the deck of a ship that was sailing through space.

Someone asked how the guy was breathing.

Steve Winter confirms Jeff Grubb's involvement (and notes the influence of alcohol on the setting's genesis) in 30 Years of Adventure:

Suffice it to say, sometime in 1988 the two managers of R&D, Jim Ward and Warren Spector (who liked to say they were so completely in sync that they jokingly dubbed themselves “the two managers with one brain”), took the designers to a local bar for an afternoon of brainstorming. Two ideas came out of that marathon drinking session with a solid go-ahead: Taladas (a major expansion to Dragonlance) and Spelljammer. Zeb Cook, fresh off over two years working on AD&D 2nd Edition and eager to work his way back into polite society, was assigned to write Taladas. Spelljammer fell to the man who'd championed it, Jeff Grubb.

The Spelljammer line was initially supported from 1989 to 1993. As well as a line of twenty-one Spelljammer branded RPG products, TSR released a series of six novels, one Endless Quest book and hundreds of Spelljammer-themed Collector's Cards. They also licensed a Spelljammer computer game and a series of DC comics.

Although Dragon and Dungeon magazines didn't provide as much support for Spelljammer as they did for some of TSR's other settings, Dragon ran a dozen or so articles, and Dungeon ran eight adventures with Spelljammer flavour. Polyhedron too carried a dozen or so Spelljammer articles, including the slightly controversial mini-game reboot Shadow of the Spider Moon in Polyhedron #151.

The influence of the setting can be seen in the illithid lore of 3rd edition, and in the planar cosmology of 4th edition, where Spelljammer ships are used to traverse the Astral Sea. Following on from a number of hints and references in earlier 5th edition sources, Wizards of the Coast announced the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set for release in August 2022. After nearly a third of a century, this brings us full circle from the release of the original, almost identically named, Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space.​


A Chronology of Spelljammer Releases

July 1989

Polyhedron #48
  • Spelljammer: AD&D Game Adventures in Space, p23​
A one page article titled Spelljammer: AD&D Game Adventures in Space is the first detailed mention from TSR of their new setting. It is authored by Jeff Grubb, and highlights most of the key points of the setting: phlogiston, crystal spheres, ships with envelopes of breathable air, the Spelljammer ship, neogi, and of course the important point (at least from TSR's cross-marketing point of view) that all this means players can travel between the worlds of Dragonlance, Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms. The article doesn't reveal anything new about the setting, so it is interesting only from a historical point of view, and not for collectors of Spelljammer lore.​

October 1989

Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space
  • Concordance of Arcane Space (96 pages)​
  • Lorebook of the Void (96 pages)​
  • 4 poster maps​
  • 24 card sheets (20 ship cards, 4 sheets of counters)​
  • 24 plastic ship stands​
This is the original Spelljammer boxed set, released a mere six months into the lifespan of AD&D 2nd Edition and designed by Jeff Grubb. This boxed set is one of the thinner (inch deep) boxes characteristic of TSR's late 80s/early 90s products, but it packs in more content than many of the deeper boxes used later in the 2nd Edition release cycle. As well as two 96-page rulebooks, the box includes four colour poster maps, 24 card sheets (twenty containing information on Spelljamming ships, and four with cut-out ship counters) and 24 plastic stands for the ship counters. The poster maps are of the Spelljammer, the Rock of Bral, a Planetary Display Map and a hex grid for playing tactical space battles with the fold-up ships.

The first of the two books, The Concordance of Arcane Space is the rulebook for the setting, covering Arcane Space, AD&D Rules in Space, Ships of Wildspace, Movement & Combat, Celestial Mechanics and four appendices. The second book, Lorebook of the Void, details more of the fluff of the setting—races, ships and monsters that populate the crystal spheres of the Spelljammer universe.

A hybrid fantasy/space setting isn't everyone's cup of tea, and Spelljammer accumulated enough quirky parts over the years to make it easy to mock. Some of the basic rules for the setting—gravity planes, air pockets—do feel rather forced. Still, the initial boxed set does what it sets out to do, which is to provide a framework for playing D&D in space. If you are a Spelljammer collector, and you are interested in how it all started, this box is the obvious starting point.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1990

Dragon #153
  • Awash in the Phlogiston, p94​
Spelljammer is mentioned in earlier Dragon issues—in The Game Wizards in issues #140 and #144, and again in the TSR Previews in issues #151 and #152—but the setting doesn't get more than a few sentences in each case. Awash In Phlogiston is the first full length Spelljammer article in TSR's flagship magazine.

This article, written by Jeff Grubb, lead designer of the Spelljammer boxed set, includes cunningly disguised errata. It deals with three frequently asked questions about the boxed set, namely:​
  1. How many ship cards are supposed to be in the box?
    (24, and yes, some are duplicates.)​
  2. What happened to the “Proficiencies section” mentioned in the rulebook?
    (That's a mistake, there is no such section.)​
  3. Where are the mentioned navigation charts for the phlogiston?
    (There aren't any, that mention is just poor wording.)​

January 1990

Dungeon #21
  • Jammin', p29​
Jammin' is a nine-page introductory adventure by James M. Ward. It claims to be for “3-6 characters of any level”, but adds a cautionary note that “lower level characters will have to be careful to survive”.

The adventure involves the exploration of a crashed Spelljammer ship named the Halcyon, and although some of the creatures and magic items are Spelljammer-flavoured, the adventure is really just a short dungeon crawl that happens to take place on a Spelljammer ship. Although it can be run by a DM without the Spelljammer boxed set, there are an irritating number of hooks of the variety “for more information on this, you should consider buying the Spelljammer boxed set”.​

February 1990
SJA1: Wildspace
  • Adventure booklet (64 pages)​
  • Cover (3 panel)​
  • Poster map​
Wildspace is the first full-length Spelljammer adventure published. It is for 4-6 characters of levels 6-8 and was written by Allen Varney.

The adventure assumes that the participating adventurers begin as landlubbers, and the action starts with the anchor of a Spelljamming craft crashing into the ground nearby. This leaves the rope joining the anchor to the ship begging for exploration. If the PCs take this—almost literal hook—they will eventually find themselves dealing with space-faring beholders and an ancient weapon capable of destroying civilizations, sealed in a floating asteroid.

Despite the fun plot, reviews of this adventure are not very positive, marking it down for assuming that the PCs are gullible fools.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 1990
SJR1: Lost Ships
  • Softcover book (96 pages)​
Written by Ed Greenwood, Lost Ships is the first of eight products in the SJR (Spelljammer Reference) series. It is 96 pages in size, and about a third of the book is a Ship Catalog describing twenty new Spelljamming craft. Three short adventures take up another 26 pages, with the balance being new rules (4 pages), new spells (4 pages), new equipment (11 pages), new monsters (13 pages), and Flotsam of Space (6 pages), a delightful collection of interesting space phenomena to spice up journeys.

This book is a pretty solid addition to the Spelljammer line. Many of the ships herein are likely to see repeated use in game, as are some of the spells, monsters and new equipment. If a revised Spelljammer boxed set had ever been produced, chances are that much of the content of Lost Ships would have been absorbed into the core set.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 1990
DLR1: Otherlands

Here we see the first encroachment of Spelljammer into the Dragonlance product line. The Nzunta ogres, malevolent cousins of the Irda, dwell on some of Krynn’s remote islands. According to DLR1: Otherlands, there are several large colonies of Nzunta in space, using spelljamming engines to further their plans of conquest.
Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

June 1990
SJA2: Skull & Crossbows
  • Adventure booklet (64 pages)​
  • Cover (3 panel)​
  • Poster map​
Skull & Crossbows is a 64-page adventure, written by Nigel Findley. It comes with a large colour poster showing the deck plans of the ships it features. Although it is the second title in the SJA (Spelljammer Adventures) series, this book is actually a collection of micro-adventures, loosely grouped into five categories. There are nineteen adventures in the book, and some of them are no more than half a page in length.

The first adventure is designed to prod the PCs into a career in “pirate-hunting”, and many of the subsequent chapters continue this theme. There are also plenty of unrelated encounters which can easily be dropped into any Spelljammer campaign. Despite not being an adventure in the traditional sense, Skull & Crossbows is one of the strongest titles in the Spelljammer line, and a great resource for a DM to page through for ideas and adventure seeds.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

July 1990
Dragon #159
  • Cover​
  • Rough Times on Refuge, p10​
  • Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magic from the Stars, p15​
  • The Dragon's Bestiary, p30​
The theme of this issue of Dragon is “Beyond the Sky Itself”, and it includes three Spelljammer articles and a cover picture (The Privateer by Robin Wood) which shows a half-elven captain looking out on a double planet and the legendary Spelljammer itself.

The first article, Rough Times on Refuge, by Ed Greenwood, focuses on Refuge, a lunar outpost in a crystal sphere near Realmspace. The article provides some background on the Arcane-controlled base, a number of adventure hooks, and a brief review of some of the inhabitants.

In Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magic from the Stars, Steven Schend provides four pages of Spelljammer magic items, including two artifacts. One of these, Blackjammer's cutlass, went on to be featured in the Book of Artifacts.

The final Spelljammer article, The Dragon's Bestiary contains three new creatures in standard Monstrous Compendium format: the andeloid, infernite and metagolem.​

August 1990
Hollow World Campaign Set

The links between Spelljammer and Mystara aren’t generally considered to be strong, but in the Hollow World Campaign Set, we see an early connection. The Dungeon Master’s Sourcebook notes (page 127) that the Known World’s polar openings are visible from space, meaning that spelljammers will be aware of the inner world. However, a spelljammer entering through one of these openings will be affected by the World-Shield and will lose power and likely crash-land within the Hollow World.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1990
LC2: Inside Ravens Bluff, the Living City
  • For the Byrrds, p12-13​
This seems to be the first Spelljammer reference in a Forgotten Realms product, and it is unusual to say the least. This accessory focuses almost entirely on The Jack Mooney & Sons Circus which winters in Ravens Bluff. The prize attraction of the circus is the Ravenstar, a flying galleon which circus customers can pay to ride. The ship is actually a spelljamming craft, complete with a helm. However the Byrrd twins who now operate it inherited it from their father, and have no idea that it can travel into space.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1990
WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins

WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins contains a number of Spelljammer references, as TSR continued its efforts to tie existing settings to Spelljammer. The description of the Caravan’s Bounty Area (page 84) notes that one of Zagig’s last adventures was a caravan journey to other worlds using a spelljammer ship. The area contains some of the merchandise obtained during this trip. Location Z639 (page 86) has a teleportation ring which leads to a location in the Barrier Mountains north of the Vale of the Mage, where a spelljamming craft (a wasp ship, complete with helm) is located.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1990
MC7: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix
  • 64 loose pages​
  • 4 dividers​
  • Cover​
This is the first of two Spelljammer Monstrous Compendiums, and contains 64 loose pages of new monsters, and four colourful dividers. The pages are five-hole punched so they can be added to the first Monstrous Compendium binder.

It is difficult to know what to say about the product that gave the world giant space hamsters. Perhaps this extract from the About This Product page sums up the design philosophy best:

Folk from many different departments at TSR came together to design this project. They were attracted by the challenge. They were attracted by the downright weirdness of it. But most of all, they were attracted by the idea that the money that would normally be spent for freelance design would go into the Party Fund, so we could throw a few bashes that were more than a bathtub full of soda and some cheese logs.

In short, there are some solid creatures in here, and there are some not-so-solid creatures in here. This is worth getting for any Spelljammer collector, or any DM who thinks inflicting two-headed phase doppelganger giant space hamsters on their players sounds like fun.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1990
TSR Worlds Annual comic #1
  • Jammers
In the late 80s/early 90s, TSR had a comic licensing deal with DC, which included lines of comics for Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms and AD&D (for which, confusingly, the stories were also set in the Forgotten Realms). Although billed as an Annual, there was only a single issue in the TSR Worlds series, and it might as well have been titled Spelljammer issue #0, since it contains a single story introducing the characters from the subsequent Spelljammer comic series.

The story begins on Unipaxala, the Peace Asteroid with the captain of a small spelljamming ship accepting a commission to rescue a priest captured by neogi pirates. The action continues on to the continent of Taladas on the world of Krynn before heading to the Forgotten Realms, where the heroes tangle with a devious lich. From there, they are pursued by a fire-breathing creature into the phlogiston, with explosive consequences.

Like some of the other earlier Spelljammer marketing, this comic feels a little like a punt to cross-sell TSR's different settings. Each chapter was written by different authors, so the flow of the story isn't as even as it could be, but this serves as a decent introduction to the rest of the Spelljammer comic series.​

August 1990
Dragon #160
  • Up, Away, and Beyond, p38​
Although not technically a Spelljammer article, Up, Away, and Beyond discusses spacefaring in Known World, and how this overlaps with (and is different to) spelljamming. Despite the earlier mention of spelljamming in the Hollow World set, this article emphatically declares that the Known World does not exist at all in the worlds of the various AD&D settings, and is thus inaccessible via spelljamming. The only way to travel between the two is via a reality shift executed by a greater god or by one of the Known World’s most powerful immortals.​

August 1990
The Unsung, Fantastic & Perilous Expedition of Ironhelm Jones' Rock Bottom Dwarven Mining Company

The Unsung, Fantastic & Perilous Expedition of Ironhelm Jones' Rock Bottom Dwarven Mining Company was an RPGA-sanctioned Spelljammer scenario first run during Gencon 1990. Written by Jean Rabe, It seems to be the first official Spelljammer tournament adventure.

Other Spelljammer events on the Gencon program in 1990 included a demonstration event Spelljamming for Landlubbers!, a Spelljamming by Night seminar, and an unofficial scenario titled Spelljammer, 1st Generation, for which the blurb is: “Become the crew of the spelljammer Venture as you explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and boldly go where no halfling has gone before!”​

September 1990
FOR1: Draconomicon

The original Draconomicon contains a section titled Spelljamming Dragons—The Crystal Spheres (page 86). This notes that standard dragons are unable to fly above an altitude of eight miles above ground, after which the air is too thin to support flight. Dragons are also unable to use conventional spelljamming helms, but can be transported into space aboard sufficiently large ships.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1990
The Horde Barbarian Campaign Setting

It seems likely that TSR had some sort of internal requirement that any new setting or subsetting had to include at least one Spelljammer reference. The Horde is no exception. The map card for Almorel includes the wreck of a crashed spelljammer ship, the Little Dragonfly, in the bay.

The Many-Windowed Tower stands on the shores of the Yal Tengri sea. According to A Guidebook to the Endless Waste, Volume II, it is currently occupied by Demchungchumrub, a lich who is assembling an undead crew to man his spelljamming craft (pages 80-81).

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1990
Polyhedron #55
  • Spelljamming Monsters, p15​
The Spelljamming Monsters article in Polyhedron #55 is simply a collection of three new Spelljammer creatures—the Chakchak, Oortling and MagiStar. Much like the creatures in Dragon #159, it seems likely that these three were left overs following the compilation of the first Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium. The oortling was later reprinted in SJR2: Realmspace.​

September 1990
Spelljammer comic #1
  • The Rogue Ship, Part One: Journey's Song, Kirstig's Tale
The first official Spelljammer comic continues the story of Meredith, Pax, Jasmine and Tember as they crash-land on a world where Spelljamming is unknown. They meet a group of the native inhabitants and tell their story; this serves as a convenient way to recap the events of TSR Worlds #1. At the end of this issue, Meredith launches the ship rather suddenly, accidentally taking a group of native stowaways with them. Although it isn't stated in this issue, it is the first of a four-part arc titled The Rogue Ship.​

October 1990
SJA3: Crystal Spheres
  • Adventure booklet (64 pages)​
  • Cover (3 panel)​
The third adventure in the SJA series, Crystal Spheres is a 64-page adventure written by J. Paul LaFountain. It includes a colour poster showing the relative sizes of many Spelljammer ships. The adventure is for four to eight characters of levels 5-7, and is designed for PCs who already have some spacefaring experience.

The PCs are approached by the heir to the throne of Thesalys, a planet located in Greatspace. A vampire named T'Laan has seized control of that crystal sphere, and plans to snuff out the sun, as he has already done in Darkspace.

This adventure is a fun romp through several new crystal spheres, although one—Herospace—is rather far-fetched. (Only heroes are allowed to live there, and they must live on one of nine planets matching their alignment.) The story suffers from a heavy dependence on the PCs actually wanting to assist the heir to the throne of Thesalys, but the villain is complex and memorable and he has some epic plans which should be satisfying to foil.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 1990
Spelljammer comic #2
  • The Rogue Ship, Part Two
Part two of The Rogue Ship arc continues with the crew and their unexpected stowaways—who call themselves “the People of Song and Story”—being attacked by a neogi mindspider while travelling through the phlogiston. While Meridith recovers, Pax takes control of the ship and returns to the crystal sphere housing Unipaxala (his home), only to find it completely surrounded by neogi craft.​

November 1990
Spelljammer comic #3
  • The Rogue Ship, Part Three
Aided by their ship's unexpected ability to shapechange, the voyagers reach Unipaxala and try to establish how the neogi took control of the asteroid. Meridith, Pax and Jasmine make their way to the projector in the citadel's central chamber. Tember, left alone with the People of Song and Story, suffers a confidence crisis. Pax discovers that one of his own people betrayed them to the neogi, but he and Meridith become trapped in a prismatic sphere. The People of Song and Story reveal that they have magical powers of their own.​

December 1990
Spelljammer comic #4
  • The Rogue Ship, Part Four: Song's End, Tale's Beginning
In the final part of The Rogue Ship arc, Tember and the People of Song and Story (all invisible) make their way to the tower where Jasmine battles a group of umber hulks, and Meridith and Pax remain trapped. Tember breaks the crystal which is preventing Unipaxala's ice ring protections from working, and the neogi inside the shield are forced to surrender. Pax remains behind on Unipaxala, while Tember, Jasmine and three of the People of Song and Story decide to accompany Meredith on her journeys. Although it is by no means A-grade fiction, the first Spelljammer comic story arc is an entertaining enough read, and does feel like a swashbuckling D&D adventure in space.​

January 1991
Dragon #165
  • Sage Advice, p91​
In this issue's Sage Advice, Skip Williams explains that being thrust into a vacuum in a fantasy setting doesn't necessarily work the same way as it does in the real world. He mentions that the Spelljammer rules assume everything carries its own atmosphere. Yes, there's a mention of Spelljammer in this issue of Dragon. No, it's not worth collecting this issue just for the Spelljammer content.​

January 1991
Spelljammer comic #5
  • Trial by Wildfire
The second four-part story arc in the Spelljammer comic series takes place on the jungle planet of Boroda. Although there is some development of the characters who make up the ship's motley crew, the story adds very little to the Spelljammer universe.

In this issue, we meet Meredith's son, Bors, who has settled in a small village on Boroda. The villagers are dealing with a “wandering monster” problem. Since his arrival Bors has helped them herd all the dangerous creatures into a protected valley, and created a barricade to keep them there. Now, something has destroyed the barricade, and the beasts are loose.​

February 1991
SJR2: Realmspace
  • Softcover book (96 pages)​
  • Poster map​
Although the early marketing efforts for Spelljammer emphasised it as a way to transport characters between TSR's existing campaign settings, the product line was at its best when it focused on themes unique to the Spelljammer setting, and at its weakest when it dealt with cross-over products, and Realmspace is no exception.

Written by Dale “Slade” Henson, this is a tour of the crystal sphere which houses the Forgotten Realms, beginning with the Sun and working through all of the celestial bodies in the sphere. There are some interesting revelations, such as the fact that the moon Selûne is inhabited, but masked by a godly illusion making it appear otherwise to the residents of the planet below. (So what happened after Leira was slain by Cyric? Did the residents of Toril wake up one morning to a very different moon?)

This is probably a useful product for any DM whose characters start in the Forgotten Realms, or who want to visit there, but it isn't as inspiring or interesting as many other Spelljammer products. It does come with A Trve and Accvrate Map of Realmspace, designed in an attractive Olden Days style, which might be the best part of this product.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

February 1991
SJR3: Dungeon Master's Screen
  • 3-panel Spelljammer DM Screen​
  • 8 card sheets​
  • 2 page cover​
This product would be more accurately titled “eight sheets of fold-up Spelljammer ships with a DM's screen thrown in as a bonus”. The screen itself has three panels. The player's side artwork is a space battle scene by Erik Olson, but it appears to be poorly cropped, with two inches of empty space (literally) at the top, while the bottom of the scene is cut off.

The back of the screen contains a few generally useful tables (weapons, saving throws), but most of them are specific to the Spelljammer setting, including ship statistics, firearms, typical weather conditions, celestial body classification and crew morale. These tables are handy, but an ordinary AD&D DM's screen will likely be more useful for a typical game.

The ship fold-ups (designed by Diesel) are an improvement over the stand-up counters from the original set, but their utility will depend heavily on how much tactical ship-to-ship combat there is in a DM's Spelljammer campaign.​

February 1991
Spelljammer comic #6
  • Circle of Fear
As might be guessed from this issue's cover, the one responsible for destroying the barricade turns out to be a young red dragon, who has tricked the children of the village into thinking he is a friend. While Meredith, Jasmine, Bors and Kirstig go catoblepas hunting, Tember is led away from the party by his new friend Tenah to meet Wildfyre, the red dragon.

Kirstig discovers that something is blocking her access to her deity, the Great Mother of Melody, but Meredith brushes this problem aside. When the hunting party returns to the village, they find it a smoking wreck, littered with burnt corpses.​

March 1991
Ruins of Undermountain

The Campaign Guide to Undermountain in this boxed set includes the first mention of Stardock and its connection to the rest of Halaster’s megadungeon (page 14). It also contains mentions of several Spelljammer creatures: an archlich, argos, neogi and a silver clockwork horror (pages 78, 128). The Monstrous Compendium sheet for the scaladar posits that they are derived from clockwork horrors,

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1991
Dungeon #28
  • Cover​
  • Visitors from Above, p50​
The second Spelljammer adventure published in Dungeon, Visitors from Above, is notable because it was designed by an actual aerospace engineer, Shonn Everett. Like the previous Dungeon instalment, the adventure takes place entirely on the ground; it is actually set in the Forgotten Realms. It involves a clash between a gang of pirates who have seized control of an illithid nautiloid ship, and the Whitebeards, a secretive race of space-dwelling dwarves who visit the Neverwinter Mountains each year to plunder rare minerals.

This is a solid adventure, with a plot that makes sense, NPCs who have clear motivations and goals, and some fun encounters. It is a little light on Spelljammer flavour, but could be a fun adventure to run even in a campaign that doesn't involve any space-faring at all. Worth noting is the nautiloid cover art, titled Last Descent by Jennell Jaquays.​

March 1991
Spelljammer comic #7
  • Paying the Price
As the villagers begin to pick up the pieces, Tember, Tenah and the other children return. But they are no longer children, having been magically turned into adults by the dragon Wildfyre. Furious with their betrayal, Bors exiles them from the village. Jasmine follows the “children” as they return to the dragon, and witnesses Wildfyre's execution of their leader as a demonstration of his power. Jasmine swoops in to rescue Tember.

Meanwhile, Meredith and the others are following the trail of a large, purple slime creature, and Kirstig is pondering her failed connection to her god. At the end of this issue, Meredith's group comes face to face with the dragon.​

April 1991
MC9: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix
  • 64 loose pages​
  • 4 dividers​
  • Cover​
The second collection of Spelljammer monsters has just three designers credited (Scott Davis, Newton Ewell and John Terra), rather than the extensive list who contributed to the first volume. This results in a more even troupe of monsters, and this collection also introduces some classic Spelljammer creatures, including the scro and the witchlight marauders.

There are 64 loose five-hole punched pages, plus the obligatory four full-colour card dividers. Many of the pages in this volume have a lot of whitespace, which makes this product feel a little light in content. Still, one can never have too many D&D monsters, and any Spelljammer collector will want to pick this up.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 1991
Spelljammer comic #8
  • Monster
Having spent three issues building up to a confrontation with the red dragon Wildfyre, Meredith resolves the situation abruptly, but rather amusingly, with a single finger of death spell, slaying the dragon instantly!

The rest of this issue wanders all over the place. Tember, Tenah and Jasmine open a portal inside the spelljamming ship which leads to Meredith's private treasure horde. Kirstig begins to think that it is Meredith who is blocking her connection to her god, but comes off second best when she confronts Meredith. Finally, Meredith announces that it is time for them to again take to the skies.​

May 1991
Spelljammer comic #9
  • The Geas
Written by Jeff Grubb, creator of the Spelljammer setting, this stand alone issue (titled The Geas) is one of the strongest in the line of Spelljammer comics. Captain Meredith tells her ship a story from her past, while some of the crew listen in, unseen.

Meredith—then known as Lady Chaos—and a giff named Chancel are relaxing in a bar on the Rock of Bral, when their conversation is interrupted by two feuding beholders. After defusing the situation, they leave for a meeting with a potential client. The client turns out to be Kavaros the Mighty, who promptly geases them into supporting his cause.

Lady Chaos and Chancel foil his geas by hiring so many ships to assist them that when they all gather, a pitched battle breaks out, and Kavaros is slain in the crossfire. The story features plenty of Spelljammer flavour and is a fun read.​

June 1991
SJA4: Under the Dark Fist
  • Adventure booklet (64 pages)​
  • Cover (3 panel)​
  • Poster map​
The fourth Spelljammer adventure was written by Grant Boucher, and like its predecessors, it is 64 pages long. It comes with a large colour poster, and makes good use of the available real estate, with the inside cover containing deck plans for the three new ships introduced. The adventure is for 4-8 players of levels 10-14 and comes with a warning that it is not intended for novice players.

Under the Dark Fist has some suspiciously familiar plot elements. The PCs are chosen to “carry the banner of resistance” for the Free Space Alliance, and are pitted against Emperor Vulkaran the Dark and his army of stormtroopers were-warriors.

Unfortunately, the adventure doesn't quite live up to its own hype, but there is plenty of solid Spelljammer lore here, including an outline of twelve new crystal spheres and an interesting new race of villains—the Vodoni. This is worth picking up as a source of inspiration, if not to run the adventure as is.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

June 1991
Dragon #170
  • Sage Advice, p95​
This issue of Dragon contains only a tiny nugget of Spelljammer lore. In the Sage Advice column, Skip Williams answers a question on personal air envelopes at high altitude. (Short version: personal air envelopes only occur in wildspace or the phlogiston. They don't happen during mountain climbs.)​

June 1991
Spelljammer comic #10
  • Exile on Taladas
Much like issue #9, this is a stand-alone story. Unlike the rest of the comic series, it features none of the regular characters, with the exception of Meredith, who appears in a flashback. Instead, this issue is the story of Sir Giles Warwick, a pilot who crashes his ship onto the Krynnish continent of Taladas. There he meets Riva Silvercrown, and over dinner, Warwick tells her the story of the noble Astrylonian race, and their betrayal at the hands of Meredith—then known as Nimone.

Unusually, a full half of this comic is presented as prose, with a few accompanying illustrations. This issue feels a little out of place, since it doesn't really tie in to the rest of the series, although the Astrylonians do pop up again in issue #15.​

June 1991

1991 Trading Cards (wave one)

These trading cards were TSR’s response to the growing popularity of collectible card games. Unfortunately, they suffered from recycled or poor quality art, and minimal functionality. They could perhaps be used as props for an existing D&D campaign, but couldn’t be used to play a game by themselves.

The first wave was released in July, and contained seven Spelljammer cards:​
  • #183: Pryessant​
  • #184: Chandalar​
  • #185: Mind Flayer​
  • #238: Dirck of Windspace​
  • #279: Mind Flayer​
  • #280: Neogi​
  • #281: Giff​

July 1991
SJR4: Practical Planetology
  • Softcover book (64 pages)​
  • Poster map​
The fourth book in the SJR series, Practical Planetology, was written by Nigel Findley. It has 64 pages and comes with a large, colour poster map of the earth bodies and non-standard worlds detailed inside.

The book presents a selection of planets that can be dropped into a Spellljammer campaign, or fleshed out to serve as the basis for an adventure. There is a chapter on earth bodies (five samples), fire bodies (two samples), water bodies (three samples), air bodies (two samples) and three unusual worlds: a ring-world, a torus and a disk world. The last 14 pages cover a variety of new monsters that inhabit these bodies.

The book sometimes feels more like Star Trek than AD&D in space, but it is a useful source of ideas for interesting places to send PCs during a Spelljammer campaign. There is also some overlap between some of these locations and the novel line.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

July 1991
Beyond the Moons (The Cloakmaster Cycle #1)

It's hard to ponder the heyday of TSR's 2nd Edition AD&D release cycle without considering the large number of novels published to support each setting. The Forgotten Realms, and Dragonlance had always had strong novel support, and even Greyhawk spurred a short line of paperbacks from '86-89. But with the rise of the many campaign settings, Spelljammer, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Planescape, Birthright and Mystara all got lines of supporting fiction. Only the Al-Qadim setting escaped this fate.

Spelljammer had just one novel series, titled The Cloakmaster Cycle. The series spans six novels and has five authors, starting with Beyond the Moons by David Cook. The book is shamelessly promoted as “set in the Dragonlance fantasy world” and even has the Dragonlance logo on the back. The story tells the tale of Teldin Moore, a Krynnish native. A ship crashlands on his farm, catapulting him into a spelljamming adventure. There isn't much actual spelljamming in this book though, and the action sticks largely to Ansalon.​

July 1991
Dragon #171
  • Sage Advice, p90​
  • Letters, p101​
Skip Williams dedicates half of this issue's Sage Advice to the Spelljammer setting. He covers custom-designed spelljamming vessels, simultaneous ship ramming, missing proficiencies, errors with weapon ranges, gravity wells on planets, time taken to regain spells after using a helm and whether breath weapons can be used to poison an air envelope.

Also worth noting is Roger E. Moore's response to a letter, in which he mentions his love of giant space hamsters, and invites readers to write in about them. This led to the editorial in issue #175, which we’ll get to shortly.​

July 1991
Polyhedron #62
  • Bookwyrms, p2​
In this issue's Bookwyrms column, Marlys Heeszel pens an introduction to the Spelljammer novel line. It includes an overview of the first two books (Beyond the Moons and Into the Void), and a handful of interview questions with the two authors. The article doesn't add anything new to the Spelljammer setting, so it is only really of interest to the most dedicated Spelljammer collector.​

July 1991
Spelljammer comic #11
  • Serious Trouble
We join Meredith, Jasmine, Tember, Kirstig and the rest of the crew where we left them at the end of issue #8—flying into a cloud of golems. During the ensuing fight, half of the crew leave the craft and end up stranded in wildspace. Despite Kirstig's protestations, Meredith refuses to go back for them, and continues on to her destination, a once great dwarven citadel.

The inhabitants of the citadel capture Meredith, and although Kirstig has come to believe that Meredith is evil, she finds herself unable to let her be killed. Kirstig comes to her rescue, only to have Meredith kill her dwarven captors with a meteor swarm, much to Kirstig's distress.​

August 1991
Spelljammer comic #12
  • Alone
Jasmine, left floating and near death in wildspace, is rescued/captured by a band of Pirates of Gith. Reunited, the rest of the crew urge Meredith to look for Jasmine, but she refuses. Kirstig challenges Meredith for control of their ship and is successful. She takes a seat in the helm and we finally learn the name of their ship—Pip.

Kirstig is about to end Meredith's life, when Pip crashes into the ship controlled by the Pirates of Gith. Tember rescues Jasmine, and the two of them end up having a romantic liaison in a bathtub. Meredith recovers, and seems to have no memory of Kirstig usurping her control of the ship.​

August 1991
His Majesty's Spacial Service

Written by Tom Prusa and Sam Adams, His Majesty’s Spacial Service was an RPGA-sanction Spelljammer scenario first run during Gencon 1991. The blurb for the event says “Six heroes risk their reputations and lives on an urgent mission”. The adventure was later reprinted in Polyhedron #81 with a slight change of title.

Other Spelljammer events on the Gencon program in 1991 included Spelljammer by Night, billed as “a discussion of the past, present and future of the Spelljammer universe” with Jeff Grubb and the Spelljammer team, and Black Dragonfly, an unofficial scenario where the PCs crash on a backwater rock and must follow the legend of a Spelljamming craft that may be their only way home.​

September 1991
The Legend of Spelljammer
  • Captains and Ships (96 pages)​
  • The Grand Tour (64 pages)​
  • Legends and More (32 pages)​
  • 2 poster maps​
  • 12 card sheets (10 ship cards, 2 NPC stats cards)​
The second boxed set was written by Jeff Grubb, like the first. It deals with the legendary Spelljammer, a very large spacecraft, unique in all of the crystal spheres. For a product dedicated to the Spelljammer, a craft so unique it gives the whole setting its name, this boxed set is a bit of a let down. It turns out that the ship is really just a very large creature with a settlement on its back.

In terms of physical content, this is another box packed full of stuff. The box contains two large, colour maps of the Spelljammer's decks, ten new ship reference cards, and two reference cards of ship-dwelling NPCs. The first of three books, The Legend of Spelljammer, is 32 pages long. It collects lore about the great ship, and reveals the Spelljammer's true nature and life-cycle. The second, The Grand Tour, is a 64-page atlas of on-board locations. The third, Captains and Ships, is 96 pages of new ships, NPCs and adventure hooks.

The boxed set does a good enough job of describing the lay-out and politics of the ship, but somehow doesn't make life on board the Spelljammer seem quite as exciting as it ought to be. More of the secrets of the legendary ship are revealed in the last two books of the Cloakmaster Cycle than in this boxed set.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1991
Spelljammer comic #13
  • The Armada
Meredith has sealed herself into the room where the ship's helm is located. The rest of the crew have gone for three days without food, and are banging on the hatch to try to get her attention. When she receives a mysterious missive from agents of the Elven Imperial Navy, Meredith takes the ship and the crew to a gigantic Elven Armada.

The elves, who know Meredith as Larabet Vintara, persuade her to relax, but this turns out to be a ruse to distract her while they capture the ship. Meanwhile, Tember and Jasmine run into trouble with the elves, and Jasmine has to rescue Tember from a rather painful death by being pulled apart by elven flitters.

The crew manage to escape the clutches of the elves, but back aboard the ship, Meredith declares her intention to return Jasmine to Toril, and Tember to Unipaxala. She also hints that she has some sort of dark plan in mind for Kirstig.​

September 1991
1991 Trading Cards (wave two)

The second wave of TSR's Trading Cards was released three months after the first. It contained a nine-card set of Spelljammer ships, plus four additional cards:​
  • #548: Wasp​
  • #549: Man-o-War​
  • #550: Nautiloid​
  • #551: Dragonfly​
  • #552: Tradesman​
  • #553: Neogi Mindspider​
  • #554: Neogi Deathspider​
  • #555: Hammership​
  • #556: Squid Ship​
  • #716: Trooper Herphan Gomja​
  • #717: Captain Hemar​
  • #718: Teldin Moore​
  • #723: T'Laan​

October 1991
Into the Void (The Cloakmaster Cycle #2)

The second novel in the series picks up where the first leaves off, continuing the story of Teldin Moore and his crew. Into the Void is written by Nigel Findley, and contains some nice cross references to his Spelljammer RPG products.

Like the first, this volume is cross-marketed; this time there is a prominent Forgotten Realms logo on the back. Unlike the first book, this one is a pleasant mix between adventures on Faerûn and adventures in space, and it is a recommended read for a DM trying to get a sense for everyday life on a spacefaring ship. This is one of the strongest books in the novel line.​

October 1991
Spelljammer comic #14
  • Before there was Meredith… there was Nimone!
Jasmine finds herself returned abruptly to Toril through a portal created by Meredith, and after a close encounter with a bichir, happens to find herself rescued by Elminster(!). The Sage of Shadowdale then takes Jasmine through a trip back in time, to witness an earlier period in Meredith's life.

Meredith—going by the name of Nimone—is travelling with her son Bors, and they are busy with a raid on the Citadel of the Keepers of the Flame. Things do not go well, and in a confrontation with the high priest Kouros, Bors finds himself cursed to never again be able to ignore the difference between right and wrong. When he meets up with Meredith/Nimone once more, he finds her in the middle of double-crossing an Arcane trader. They argue, and find themselves accidentally drawn into the Sea of Lost Ships.​

November 1991
DLS4: Wild Elves

Just as TSR pushed the connections to Oerth, Krynn and Toril in Spelljammer products, so too did an increasing number of Spelljammer references make their way into other product lines. The background of this Dragonlance adventure involves a group of spelljamming drow from a world known as Nightlock, who crashed onto Krynn in the distant past. The protagonist of this adventure, an imprisoned handmaiden of Takhisis named Jiathuli, has transformed their spelljamming helm into a dimensional portal, through which she plans an invasion of Krynn. While the Spelljammer links are interesting, this product will be of only passing interest to most Spelljammer collectors.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

November 1991
Dragon #175
  • Cover​
  • Editorial: Reeeeeep!!!, p6​
Roger E. Moore contributed the Giant Space Hamster to the first Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium (although he blames Jeff Grubb for the concept). Fan responses were generally quite negative, so in Dragon #171, Roger put out a call for fans to send in letters in support of his creation. Titled Reeeeeep!!!, this issue's editorial is the result.
All praise Wooly Rupert!

This issue of Dragon also includes a cover illustration, by Jennell Jaquays, of a world called Bramble, in the Thorn World crystal sphere. This thread on the Piazza notes a possible connection between Thorn World and the world of M5: Talons of Night.​

November 1991
Spelljammer comic #15
  • The Song of the Einheriar
The Elminster-induced flashback of the previous issue continues, but the second half of the story is presented as a tale told by Bors to his daughter Tenah back on the jungle planet of Boroda.

Meredith/Nimone and Bors temporarily part ways, despite being stranded in the Sea of Lost Ships. They encounter a blazozoid, chattur, a delphinid, einheriar (who turn out to be the spirits of the Astrylonians from issue #10), ancient mariners and pirates of gith, and must deal with the Arcane trader whom Meredith double-crossed in the last issue.

The Spelljammer line of comics was abruptly cancelled at this point, leaving numerous loose ends, and in particular Meredith's nature, entirely a mystery. The quality of the series varied significantly from issue to issue, but it is a pity that the writers did not have an opportunity to draw the series to a more natural close.​

November 1991
1991 Trading Cards (Factory Set)

A box collecting all 750 cards from the 1991 booster packs was released in November 1991. These cards had a different border colour than the ones from the sealed packs, but were otherwise identical (at least the Spelljammer ones).​

December 1991
SJS1: Goblin's Return
  • Adventure booklet (64 pages)​
  • Cover (3 panel)​
Goblin's Return is a 64-page adventure by Bruce Nesmith. Unusually for the Spelljammer adventures, it doesn't come with a poster, but the inside cover contains deck plans, and a colour illustration of the scro mantis ship. The adventure is designed for 4-6 characters of levels 7-10. This product uses the SJS (Spelljammer Sourcebook?) code, but was the only item to ever use that code, despite being billed as the first of a two-part adventure (with SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy).

The Unhuman War took place centuries ago, and is part of the established history of the Spelljammer setting. This adventure is set against a backdrop of a brewing second Unhuman war, as the PCs are hired by the Grand Admiral of the elven forces to infiltrate a scro base in Moragspace, in order to gather information about what the scro are planning.

Goblin's Return uses a number of creatures from the second Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium Appendix in effective ways. The fact that this is essentially an infiltration and spying mission gives the adventure a fresh feel. The inside art, although black-and-white, stands out, particularly the illustration of the creature in the central chamber of the scro base. This is a recommended adventure for any DM interested in the setting's second Unhuman War meta-plot.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

December 1991
FR13: Anauroch

This sourcebook for Faerûn’s great desert places a crashed spelljamming galleon in the sands just to the west of Hlaungadath (page 64). The ship is far from seaworthy, but does have a functioning minor helm, so it could undertake a (careful) voyage into space.

Another spelljammer reference is that Spellgard, a ruined remnant of Netheril, is said to be haunted by an archlich, first detailed in SJR1: Lost Ships (also page 64).

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

Circa 1991
Spelljammer bookmark

At some point, most likely during 1991, but possibly as late as 1992, TSR released a number of promotional bookmarks, each one marketing one of its novel lines. The Spelljammer bookmark shows part of the cover of Beyond the Moons on the front along with the tagline “Journeys through Fantasy Space”. The back lists the first two books in the Cloakmaster Cycle. This is likely to be a challenging item for a Spelljammer collector to track down.​

January 1992
MC11: Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix

This instalment of the Monstrous Compendium introduced the loxoth, a race of elephant humanoids. They settled on Toril via spelljamming ships some 240 years ago, primarily in the Shaar and the Hordelands. The loxo entry contains no other spelljammer lore, but if a DM is looking for an unusual race to use for a Spelljammer location, presumably there must be other loxoth in Realmspace and beyond.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

February 1992
Dragon #178
  • Novel Ideas, p79​
  • Sage Advice, p92​
The 1992 novel releases for the Spelljammer line (The Maelstrom's Eye and The Radiant Dragon) get a few paragraphs in Novel Ideas.

In a Sage Advice special on Dark Sun, it is noted that Athas lies within a closed crystal sphere, and cannot be reached by spelljammers.​

March 1992
SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy
  • Softcover book (96 pages)​
  • Poster map​
This is the last published adventure for Spelljammer (excluding adventures in Dungeon), and continues on from SJS1: Goblins' Return. It was written by Rick Swan, and is 96 pages in length. It comes with a large colour poster-map of locations in the adventure.

In preparation for a second Unhuman War against the elves, the scro have created a weapon with the potential to destroy a whole planet. This weapon is hidden in Gamaro Base, and the scro are lacking only a special sort of key to be able to activate the weapon, and begin the war. The rest of the adventure is a race to the mysterious crystal sphere known as Shadowspace, to find the key before it falls into the hands of the scro. The mission is complicated by the presence of a spy travelling with the PCs, whose identity they must attempt to ferret out during the course of their travels.

This adventure is not quite as strong as its predecessor, and suffers from a somewhat railroading plot. Nonetheless, it adds much detail to the unfolding second Unhuman War, and in the hands of a good DM could be a fun romp.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1992
FOR3: Pirates of the Fallen Stars

Lith, a tiny island east of Hawk’s Isle on the Inner Sea, is the site of a crashed neogi broodship destroyed in a battle with a Shou Lung dragonship three centuries ago (page 62). Generations of neogi have now lived on the island. They are unable to leave the island, and the pull of Toril’s gravity forces them to remain seasonally dormant for long periods of time. Apart from the confusing implications of this situation on neogi physiology, this source is only of marginal interest to Spelljammer collectors.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1992
Dragon #179
  • Ladders to the Sky, p89​
  • Sage Advice, p95​
Ladders to the Sky is a four page article by Allen Varney describing metaphorical ladders to the key, plot hooks to get ground dwelling PCs into space. It is a well written article, and useful to any DM wondering how to kick-start a spelljamming campaign arc.

This issue's Sage Advice answers a reader who wants to know the effect of a ring of wizardry on the ship's rating (SR) of a spelljamming helm. Answer: Not much, except that a wizard can cast spells from the ring first, so still be fresh for spelljamming even after casting.​

April 1992
War Captain's Companion
  • The War Captain’s Guide (96 pages)​
  • Ship Recognition Manual (64 pages)​
  • Combat Among the Stars (32 pages)​
  • 2 poster maps​
  • 12 cards (6 of fold-ups, 3 ship cards, 2 player aids, 1 sheet counters)​
War Captain's Companion is the third Spelljammer boxed set, written by Dale “Slade” Henson. It is a worthwhile addition to any Spelljammer collection, with the caveat that it contradicts some established lore, particularly how aware groundlings are of Spelljamming activities. The set splits its focus between developing the ship-to-ship tactical game, and providing new rules for Spelljammer characters and ships.

The War Captain's Guide is 96 pages of new Spelljammer rules. There are a few pages of proficiencies, but ship construction and new magical items make up most of the book. The second book, Ship Recognition Manual, is a 64-page encyclopedia of all of the spelljammer craft detailed thus far in the product line, as well as some new ones. This book is well done, and makes the boxed set worthwhile by itself. The short (32 page) third book, Combat Among the Stars contains the rules for the tactical ship-to-ship game.

In addition to the books, the box contains two poster maps with tactical scale hex-grids and six more pages of fold-up 3-D ships, to match the ones that come with the DM's screen. There are also six sheets of cards: three with ship deck plans, two Player Aid Cards, and a sheet of tokens, again for use with the tactical game.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 1992
Dragon #180
  • Sage Advice, p77​
In the April issues of Dragon, Sage Advice traditionally featured a selection of the strangest, most bizarre questions that had been sent in. This issue contains one about the difference between a catapult and a trebuchet, and segues into a discussion of Spelljammer rules for catapults. Despite the April theme, the Sage's answer is informative and useful.

May 1992
The Maelstrom's Eye (The Cloakmaster Cycle #3)

Gone is the irritating Dragonlance/Forgotten Realms cross-marketing on the back of the book, replaced by “set in the Spelljammer fantasy universe” at last. Teldin finally leaves TSR's established worlds behind (for now), and reaches the Rock of Bral, where he learns more about the MacGuffin cloak he picked up at the start of the story, and which gives the series its name.

In The Maelstrom's Eye, Roger E. Moore continues the Cloakmaster Cycle with another enjoyable novel. It has plenty of Spelljammer flavour. The setting's meta-plot of the second Unhuman War gets some development here, and Teldin's path onwards seems to point towards the Spelljammer.​

May 1992
Dragon #181
  • Sage Advice, p99​
There is one small morsel of Spelljammer content in this issue's Sage Advice. A reader tries to take the original boxed set's claim that “everything you know about space is wrong” slightly too far. The Sage clarifies the propagation of sound in a void and the inertia of a suddenly helmsmanless spelljammer.​

May 1992
Polyhedron #71
  • Highlander, p7​
The article Highlander presents the first and second place winners of a competition to detail an encounter based on the character from the cover of Polyhedron #62.

The winning entry, The Drunken Giff, is a Spelljammer encounter with Drake Eldredge and His Band of Merry Space Pirates, written by Timothy D. Minniear.​

June 1992
WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk
  • The Neogi Nest, p13​
This five page adventure involves a group of neogi traders who have established a base near the City of Greyhawk. They control a captured galleon, disguised as a legitimate trading ship. This craft is named Starfarer, presumably on the assumption that nobody will take the name seriously. The neogi and a mind flayer ally intend to set up a slave trading network in Greyspace. Defeating them gives the heroes access to the Starfarer and TSR the potential to sell Spelljammer products to Greyhawk fans.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

June 1992
Dragon #182
  • Sage Advice, p29​
In another Sage Advice special on Dark Sun, Skip Williams again addresses the issue of access to Athas using a spelljammer. He puts forward the prevailing theory that Athas is part of an alternate Primate Material plane where spelljamming does not work, but then gives a hypothetical opinion on how welcoming (or not) the inhabitants of the Dark Sun setting might be to visiting spacefarers.​

June 1992
1992 Trading Cards (wave one)

The 1992 series of TSR Trading Cards had many more Spelljammer themed cards. The first wave released contained 24 Spelljammer cards, including another 9-card ship mini-series:​
  • #17: Dracon​
  • #25: Noj's Shield -1, Missile Attractor​
  • #33: Theon's Folding Boat​
  • #34: Dunhill's Spelljamming Apparatus of Kwalish​
  • #69: Ilswyn of the Isles​
  • #70: Master Khotus​
  • #105: Aylia​
  • #115: Pellinor​
  • #119: Checklist 41-80​
  • #143: Violet Dindower's Dust of Disappearance​
  • #153: Noj's Necklace of Not-so-smart Missiles​
  • #174: Gelonna​
  • #208: Grazzle​
  • #276: Whaleship​
  • #277: Battle Dolphin​
  • #278: Cuttle Command​
  • #279: Gnomish Whelk​
  • #280: Unity Ship​
  • #281: Quentin's Libraria​
  • #282: Smalljammer​
  • #283: Octopus​
  • #284: Illithid Dreadnought​
  • #306: Selma Moore​
  • #360: Checklist 441-480​

July 1992
Dragon #183
  • Cover​
  • Avast, ye swabs, and heave to!, p21​
Another Spelljammer cover graces this issue, Whales in Space by Mike L. Scott.

The special attraction section of this issue is titled Alien Realms of Science and Fantasy, and it contains one Spelljammer article: Avast, ye swabs, and heave to! by Richard Baker. The article is a 5-page look at the role of pirates and privateering in the Spelljammer universe. It is a very readable article, and includes some useful random encounter tables for the phlogiston and for both deep and well-travelled wildspace.​

July 1992
Dungeon #36
  • Cover​
  • The Sea of Sorrow, p40​
Spelljammer scores covers on both of TSR's magazines this month with The Sea of Sorrow by Jennell Jaquays gracing Dungeon #36. The adventure inside, also titled The Sea of Sorrow, is a 30-page beast written by Steve Kurtz. It is the first Dungeon adventure which actually takes place in space, and it starts in Refuge, a crystal sphere near Realmspace maintained by the Arcane (as detailed in Dragon #159).

The story is an epic hunt for a ghostly galleon apparently causing the loss of ships near Pirtelspace. Except that the return of an Arcane-sponsored expedition to Pirtelspace reveals that the cause is actually a radiant dragon. The PCs are hired to slay the dragon.

The Sea of Sorrow is a detailed, cleverly plotted adventure that would be worthwhile as a stand-alone release. The fact that it still shines within the space constraints of Dungeon speaks highly. It is designed for characters of levels 7-9, and is recommended for anyone wanting an entertaining Spelljammer adventure for those levels.​

July 1992
Polyhedron #73
  • An 1889 Crystal Sphere, p26​
This is the first in a two-part adaptation of the Space 1889 setting to Spelljammer. It is written by Timothy B. Brown, and part one is titled An 1889 Crystal Sphere.

This article is a conversion guide for adapting Space: 1889 characters to AD&D rules. It covers basic abilities, languages, physical characteristics, age, races and classes, skill and proficiencies, and a final section on equipment, especially weapons. Potentially useful for players of Space: 1889, the second half of this adaptation (in Polyhedron #74) has more inspirational value than this article.​

August 1992
SJR5: Rock of Bral
  • Softcover book (96 pages)​
  • Poster map​
Richard Baker visits the “Crossroads of Wildspace” in this 96-page accessory. Accompanying the book is a large colour poster of the Rock of Bral. If any one location can be said to be the centre of the Spelljammer setting, then the Rock of Bral is it. The Spelljammer setting was at its best when it wasn't pushing the links to other product lines; the Rock of Bral is unique to Spelljammer and probably not coincidentally it is one of the strongest releases in the entire line.

Baker packs a lot into this book. He gives Bral an interesting history, messy politics, richly interwoven personalities, some juicy criminal intrigue and a detailed and logically developed geography. Teeming with adventure hooks, the Rock of Bral makes you want to base a campaign on it. Highly recommended for any Spelljammer collector.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1992
Dragon #184
  • Magic With an Evil Bite, p92​
Magic With an Evil Bite by Jason M. Walker is a short, but well put together collection of neogi-themed content: five new spells (venom bite, spider gout, arachnophobia, identify race and lethal hatchling), three new magical items (charm of distraction, bands of the serpent, bands of the arachnid), and one new monster (the undead hulk). Handy for any adventure or campaign featuring neogi.​

August 1992
Polyhedron #74
  • A New Crystal Sphere, p21​
The second part of the two-part adaptation of Space 1889 to Spelljammer, A New Crystal Sphere, continues the conversion guide, with a look at ships (and ships' weapons), science versus magic and the worlds of the Sol Sphere.

The last half of the article presents Monstrous Compendium style entries for four of the races of Space 1889: Earthman, Venusian Lizard Man, High Martian and Moon Man. Although mainly useful for players of Space: 1889, this article has more of a description of the Space: 1889 setting than its predecessor, and could be useful in fleshing out a new sphere.​

August 1992

1992 Trading Cards (wave two)

The second wave of the 1992 release schedule for TSR's Trading Cards added another 39 Spelljammer-themed cards to the set:​
  • #381: Noj's Bag of Misplacing​
  • #393: Noj's Claw of Magic Exchange​
  • #394: Chandrasakar's Air Spores​
  • #423: Noj the Double-Edged​
  • #429: Savion with the 11 Fingers​
  • #438: Violet Dindower​
  • #459: Purity Valor​
  • #478: Checklist 441-480​
  • #491: Kasharin​
  • #492: Aartuk Warrior​
  • #493: Aargos​
  • #494: Blazozoid​
  • #495: Colossus​
  • #496: Focoid​
  • #497: Hadozee​
  • #498: Slinker​
  • #499: Wryback​
  • #500: Zard​
  • #514: Noj's Bracers of Brandishing​
  • #530: Sun Dragon​
  • #531: Moon Dragon​
  • #532: Radiant Dragon​
  • #548: Danelesty​
  • #552: Lipoec​
  • #558: Jobinov​
  • #559: Thiawskeen​
  • #588: Pysander​
  • #589: Posaydal​
  • #600: Checklist 561-600​
  • #611: Astereater​
  • #612: Chattur​
  • #613: Esthetic​
  • #614: Gravislayer​
  • #615: Jammer Leech​
  • #616: Plasman​
  • #667: Chandrasakar​
  • #679: Belonda Artes​
  • #716: Rather Wild Giant Space Hamster​
  • #719: Checklist 681-720​

August 1992
One on Every Planet
The RPGA-sanctioned Spelljammer scenario for Gencon 1992 was One on Every Planet by Tom Prusa. This was an AD&D Benefit event, with the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin the beneficiary.

Other Spelljammer events on the Gencon program in 1992 were the regular Spelljammer by Night seminar, an interactive Spelljammer Tactical Battles event, and an unofficial scenario titled Murder of a Madame.​

August 1992
1992 Trading Cards (Gencon promotional set)

An eleven-card set of special Gencon promotional cards was released in 1992. These cards were not included in the year’s Factory Set, making them a rarity. The lone Spelljammer card in this set is one of the most challenging Spelljammer items to collect:​
  • #11: Bral​

September 1992
Dragon #185
  • Sage Advice, p76​
Two Spelljammer questions are answered in Sage Advice. The first clarifies whether life-draining undead lose their ability to drain if cut off from the Negative Material Plane in the phlogiston (answer: no). The second clarifies whether psionicists can use illithid series helms (answer: also no).​

September 1992
1992 Trading Cards (Factory Set)

TSR again released a full 750-card Factory Set, including all of the cards in the booster packs (but with a different colour border), as well as all of the promotional cards not available in the boosters. The only promotional Spelljammer card was originally available as part of an insert in Dungeon #34 and Dragon #180:​
  • #737: Zinnabar Albbee​

October 1992
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace
  • Captain’s Guide to Realmspace (64 page booklet)​
  • Pirates of Realmspace data card (4 pages)​
  • 2 x 3½” disks or 2 x 5¼” disks​
  • Box​
What would an AD&D 2nd Edition setting from TSR be without at least one video game? A lost licensing opportunity! The solitary Spelljammer release from SSI was Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace, and it combined a trading game with a tactical ship combat system and a semblance of an RPG-style plot.

In GameSpy's excellent History of D&D Video Games, Allen Rausch describes Pirates of Realmspace as “occasionally interesting due to its bizarre premise”, but unfortunately plagued by “an incredibly annoying series of bugs”. Set in Realmspace (but with these Spelljamming ships mysteriously unable to enter the phlogiston), GameSpy calls Pirates a “nice try, but a [...] game everyone can easily miss”.​

November 1992
CGR1: The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook
  • Softcover book (128 pages)​
The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook was the first in a short line of Campaign Reference (CGR) books, taking the The Complete Class/Race Handbook series and adapting it to specific settings. The other books in this series were The Complete Gladiator's Handbook for Dark Sun and The Complete Sha'ir's Handbook for Al-Qadim.

The book was written by Curtis Scott, who tragically died in a car accident three months before it was released. (The book is dedicated to his memory.) He packs a lot into this book, for both players and DMs. Players have nine new playable races, twenty spacefarer kits, five pages of proficiencies, and a chapter detailing the logistics of space voyages. DMs get a bunch of spacefaring organisations, advice on designing a spelljammer campaign and a too-short chapter on building strongholds in space. Whether you are running a Spelljammer campaign, or playing a Spelljammer character, The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook is an excellent reference book to have.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

November 1992
The Radiant Dragon (The Cloakmaster Cycle #4)

Elaine Cunningham does a good job with the fourth novel in this series. On his quest to find the great ship Spelljammer, Teldin Moore finds himself caught up with the elven Imperial Fleet and the events of the second Unhuman War. He also returns to Realmspace, visiting Evermeet. Unfortunately, this is the last strong entry in the series, with the quality going downhill after this volume.​

December 1992
SJR6: Greyspace
  • Softcover book (96 pages)​
Regular Spelljammer contributor Nigley Findley is back for Greyspace, a 96-page follow-up to Realmspace detailing the crystal sphere which houses Oerth. The Greyhawk sphere is unusual in that the sun, and everything else in the system, orbit Oerth. Greyspace is also extremely large for a crystal sphere, partly to accommodate the geocentric celestial mechanics.

Most of the book is a tour of the various bodies in the sphere, with a few pages of NPCs, adventure ideas, new magic items and new monsters at the back. It might be useful for a Spelljammer campaign starting in the Free City of Greyhawk (or elsewhere on Oerth), but there are more inspiring Spelljammer books to get first. Sadly, this book doesn't come with a poster map.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

December 1992
FR15: Gold & Glory

This Forgotten Realms product details several Faerûnian trading companies with spelljamming connections. The leader of the lizardfolk company Servants of the Royal Egg (page 21) is rumoured to have links with spelljamming members of his species. The section on regional companies includes a page (page 26) on the four main Realmspace companies (Code Helm, Emerald Brotherhood, The Enforcers, and The Gauntlet). Finally, the Sword Coast-based company known as Zahara’s Krakens (page 32) has a ship equipped with a spelljamming helm, and will occasionally use it for aerial assaults.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1993
PHBR8: The Complete Book of Elves

The Complete Book of Elves dedicates a page and a quarter to the elves of the Spelljammer setting (pages 27-28), and in particular the Elven Imperial Navy. The interactions between the Navy and major elf nations of various worlds are outlined, and the role the Navy plays in protecting the rumoured elf homeworld is touched on. The text makes some observations on the impact the Second Inhuman War has on elven culture.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1993
DLR3: Unsung Heroes

A full page description of Grindlethorpe is included in DLR3: Unsung Heroes (page 17). He is an elderly gnomish inventor. His passion for spelljamming makes him the person most responsible for gnomish enthusiasm for spacefaring and the spread of tinker gnomes to other worlds.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1993
1993 TSR Master Catalog - Collector's Edition
  • The Stars Beckon: A Look at the Spelljammer Campaign, p22-23​
1993 marked the twentieth anniversary of the release of the original Dungeons & Dragon boxed set. For some reason TSR decided that this warranted a hardcover Collector's Edition of their annual product catalog. This had the same content as the vanilla 1993 catalog, plus 32-pages of essays about the various product lines.

The Spelljammer essay is titled The Stars Beckon: A Look at the Spelljammer Campaign, and is written by Dale “Slade” Henson. The essay doesn't add anything substantial to the setting, and will be of interest only to the most serious Spelljammer collector.​

January 1993
Dungeon #39
  • Flowfire, p18​
Steve Kurtz is back in Dungeon with a short series of mini-adventures in this issue's Flowfire. The article contains six pages of assorted phlogiston encounters, ready to be dropped in as spice for any Spelljammer journey. This article is reminiscent of the adventure seeds in Lost Ships and equally useful material for any DM to have handy. Several of these encounters are interesting enough to be spun into full adventures by an enterprising DM.​

February 1993
SJR7: Krynnspace
  • Softcover book (96 pages)​
  • Poster map​
The poster map is back for the last instalment in the *space series. Krynnspace comes with A Trve and Accvrate Map of Kyrnnspace, similar to the one in Realmspace. This book is a 96-page tour of the crystal sphere which houses the world of the Dragonlance setting. It was written by Jean Rabe.

Much like its two predecessors, this book does an adequate job of fleshing out a crystal sphere of a popular gameworld, but also like its predecessors, it ends up being merely okay, and lacking in both Spelljammer flavour and in flavour from the original Dragonlance setting. Disliked by Dragonlance fans for arbitrarily placing a major spelljamming port in Palanthas, this is a book that collectors will want to pick up eventually, but not as a priority.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1993
PHBR9: The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings

The Legend of Spelljammer set introduced the “lost tribe” of polar halflings, known as the Furchin. Their backstory is fleshed out further in PHBR9: The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings, where it is revealed that they originated on the world Falakyr (“home” in the Furchin tongue). They were wrenched from the blissful isolation of their home planet by an evil spelljamming wizard.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1993
Dragon #191
  • Sage Advice, p78​
Having dealt with the overlap between Spelljammer and Athas twice already, in this Sage Advice, the Sage explores what happens if the crew of a spelljammer becomes trapped in Ravenloft. In short: They become trapped just like anyone else; flying a spelljammer into the Mists doesn't work as a way to escape, since Ravenloft is a demiplane, not a crystal sphere.​

March 1993
Polyhedron #81
  • In His Majesty's Spacial Service, p10​
In His Majesty's Spacial Service is a 12-page adventure by Tom Prusa and Sam Adams. It is set in Korvspace, and involves the PCs signing up to accept a commission from the Imperial Elven Navy to determine the fate of a mining outpost. This is a perfectly serviceable little adventure, with some nice maps and some busy encounters with a number of classic Spelljammer creatures. Not a bad addition to a Spelljammer collector's library.​

March 1993
1993 Trading Cards (wave one)

More than forty Spelljammer cards were included in the 1993 TSR Trading Cards, which was also the last set TSR produced before shifting strategy to produce Spellfire in 1994. The release pattern was changed this year, with boosters released in three waves instead of two, and the rare cards were numbered separately and not included in the Factory Set.

Complicating things further, while most cards in the boosters had gold borders, some (less frequently) had a ruby border instead. Hence it was possible to collect cards 1-495 in both gold and ruby borders from the boosters, and then pick up a Factory Set for a silver bordered run. (The sixty rare cards didn't have different borders.)

The following Spelljammer cards appear in the first third of the series:​
  • #3: Dragon, Stellar​
  • #8: Rastipede​
  • #19: Syllix​
  • #22: Aric's Staff of Power​
  • #32: Shalandain​
  • #35: Aric Cozar​
  • #36: Gamalon Idogyr​
  • #37: Basa Lianin​
  • #38: Meredin Sandyfoot​
  • #60: Golem, Furnace​
  • #62: Owl, Space​
  • #76: Gamalon's Gem of Infravision and Detect Magic​
  • #82: Meredin's Short Sword +1 Luck Blade​
  • #105: Slronde the Elder​
  • #133: Shalandain's Boots of Starstriding​
  • #134: Shalandain's Holy Avenger​

April 1993
Dragon #192
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: On Sale Now!, p23​
Weapons of Mass Destruction: On Sale Now! by Matthew Webber, is a catalog of siege engines and other destructive devices, all engineered by Krynn's tinker gnomes. The five devices detailed are: Neg's wondrous power flail, Nimf's phlogiston fire-bombs, Dalla's mechanical lightning arc, Dori's buzz-bomb and Krith's crossbow blizzard.

Although this article is grouped with this issue's April Fool's content, the devices are properly designed, and will add some spice to ship-to-ship combat. Worth picking up if you have an encounter with Spelljamming gnomes planned.​

May 1994
FR16: The Shining South

According to FR16: The Shining South, Halruan skyships can be outfitted with spelljamming helms (page 22), and indeed the wizard Random Riellor (page 13) has fitted one to his craft. The spelljamming connections of the lizardfolk mercenary company Servants of the Royal Egg, first mentioned in FR15: Gold & Glory are noted again in the description of Kethid, the Great Swamp (page 37).

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

May 1993
The Broken Sphere (The Cloakmaster Cycle #5)

Nigel Findley's second contribution to the Cloakmaster Cycle is weaker than his first. There is still plenty of Spelljammer flavour, and the book is worth reading for the descriptions of the places Teldin visits as he continues his hunt for the Spelljammer. But the plot which has been building up over five books begins to falter, as it heads towards the final chapter.​

May 1993
Dungeon #41
  • Mammoth Problems, p36​
Mammoth Problems is a 9-page adventure, written by Lawrence M. Kapture. One of the strengths of this adventure is how easily it can be slotted into an existing campaign as a short diversion. It is designed for 4-6 player characters of levels 8-10.

The PCs must investigate the fungus-infested, spiritjam-haunted remnants of a long-lost ship, discovered while they are traversing a remote part of wildspace. The adventure is a dungeon-bash in space, but the inhabitants of the desolate craft fit together in a coherent and satisfying way, and exploring the Dark Oliphant should be a memorable experience for players.​

June 1993
SJR8: Space Lairs
  • Booklet (64 pages)
  • Cover (2 panel)
Nicky Rea and Wes Nicholson share the credits for the eighth and final book in the SJR series. Much as you'd expect from the title, this is a 64-page collection of space lairs. These are varied and unusual enough to suit the Spelljammer setting, and each comes with a short adventure. Not all of them will suit everyone's play style—one, for example, involves cleaning parasites off the back of a floating colossus, who is the lair—but with 14 lairs to choose from, something will likely appeal.

Space Lairs is a handy toolbox for any Spelljammer DM, and as far as the SJR series goes, it ranks tied third with SJR4: Practical Planetology in the usefulness list (after SJR5: Rock of Bral and SJR1: Lost Ships). Not a bad title to finish up this series.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

June 1993
1993 Trading Cards (wave two)

The second wave of this year's Trading Cards continues with a number of Spelljammer cards:​
  • #170: Gossamer​
  • #171: Lakshu​
  • #195: Sebastian the Red​
  • #202: Ryag Meth​
  • #216: Sioson​
  • #222: Clockwork Horror​
  • #223: Feesu​
  • #225: Grav​
  • #278: Flowfiend​
  • #291: Pirate of Gith​
  • #300: Sebastian's Chime of Opening​
  • #318: Hajallian Thremintha​
  • #320: Kneyalotep Knekopot​
  • #321: Staan of the Way​
  • #322: Uritel of the Garden​
  • #323: Oswuggle​
  • #324: Obbi Skyfoot​

July 1993
City of Delights

The City of Delights boxed set for the Al-Qadim setting contains a few spelljamming references. Spelljamming vessels are no strangers to the Trade Harbor of Huzuz; the Golden Huzuz booklet notes the legends of the first visit of a giff-crewed ship flying down from the sky to trade in the city (page 21). It also notes that other such craft have visited since. One of the Grand Caliph’s concubines is an elf who arrived in the city via a spelljamming craft (page 39).

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1993
The Astromundi Cluster
  • The Celestial Almanac (96 pages)​
  • Adventures in the Shattered Sphere (64 pages)​
  • The Astrogator’s Guide (32 pages)​
  • 2 poster maps​
  • 24 card sheets​
The Astromundi Cluster is the last of four boxed sets for the Spelljammer setting, and the last RPG product released as part of the original 1989-1993 line. Sam Witt has the lead design credit. The setting is Clusterspace, a crystal sphere that traps visiting spelljammers (except elves), and which houses the remnants of several planets and moons shattered in an ancient cataclysm.

The Astrogator's Guide is a 32-page overview of the sphere, which could be given to players to read as an introduction to an Astromundi campaign. It gives some great surface level detail, but the juicy secrets of Astromundi are left to Adventures in the Shattered Sphere (64 pages). One of the two main plot elements provides an origin story for the illithid that is contradicted by much other D&D lore, and the second paints the Arcane in a most unfavourable light as willing to sell an entire crystal sphere to some unsavoury business partners. The third book, The Celestial Almanac is a 96-page tour of the places and people of Clusterspace. The extras are two poster maps/charts and 24 colour reference cards.

The Astromundi Cluster seems as if it would be a fun place to set a campaign, and there is enough information here to do exactly that. This was a solid final product for the Spelljammer line, but suffered from being disconnected from the rest of the Spelljammer universe, and contradicted by later D&D lore on illithids.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1993
The Ultimate Helm (The Cloakmaster Cycle #6)

This book was likely commissioned towards the end of Spelljammer's release cycle, and it feels like the author (Russ T. Howard) drew the short straw in getting this assignment. The Ultimate Helm seems rushed, and manages to be inconsistent with both the Spelljammer setting and several of the preceding novels in the series. Teldin finally makes it to the Spelljammer, but despite following his journey for six books, it is hard to care. This book is a let down to an otherwise okay series.​

September 1993
Dragon #197
  • Sage Advice, p21​
In this issue's Sage Advice, the Sage deals with the overlap between some very similar proficiencies in The War Captain's Companion and The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook.

The Sage suggests using Wildspace Navigation and Phlogiston Navigation and dropping Celestial Navigation, notes that Slow Respiration and Slow Breathing do slightly different things, so both might be useful, advises picking either Semaphore or Signalling and dropping the other one, and thinks there is space for both Freefall and Zero-Gravity Combat.​

September 1993
Polyhedron #87
  • Eye of the Leviathan, p10​
The Living City adventure Eye of the Leviathan features an abandoned squid ship in the Sea of Fallen Stars. It isn’t clear from the adventure why the ship is there. It functions partly as a red herring fooling the adventuring party into thinking they are about to encounter a giant squid, and partly as a location to explore as a sidebar to the main adventure. The fact that the ship was once a functional spelljamming craft is largely irrelevant, so collectors can safely give this a skip.​

September 1993
1993 Trading Cards (part three)

The third and final wave of 1993 Trading Cards contained eight more Spelljammer cards:​
  • #354: Cymboli's Pipes of Sounding​
  • #405: Intier's Ring of Shooting Stars​
  • #435: Talus Mindswift​
  • #475: Grabelli the Grey​
  • #476: Basif the Blue​
  • #477: Intier the Indigo​
  • #482: Cymboli Starsong​
  • #495: Checklist 441-495​

October 1993
Book of Artifacts
  • Artifurnace
  • Blackjammer’s cutlass
Although the Spelljammer RPG line had come to an end with The Astromundi Cluster, there continued to be occasional Spelljammer references in other products. There are two Spelljammer artifacts in this book, the artifurnace (originally from the Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space boxed set) and Blackjammer's cutlass (originally from Dragon #159).

By the time Book of Artifacts (by David “Zeb” Cook) went to print, TSR must have already taken the decision to terminate the Spelljammer line—all of TSR's other settings are marketed in the book's end-papers, but not Spelljammer.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 1993
Champions of Mystara: Heroes of the Princess Ark

The Designer’s Manual included in this boxed set has a one page Spelljammer Conversion Guide which can be used to adapt the Spelljammer rules for use with the skyships of the Mystara setting. This doesn’t provide any new Spelljammer material, so isn’t likely to be of too much interest to a Spelljammer collector.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 1993
Lankhmar: City of Adventure

Fritz Leiber’s world of Nehwon is likely not a setting you would expect to be linked to Spelljammer, but it seems that TSR was reluctant to leave any of its published worlds untouched by the phlogiston. According to Lankhmar: City of Adventure, Nehwon’s sphere is an unusual one, completely filled with water. Continents float inside the sphere, each one contained in a small bubble of air.​

November 1993
Dragon #199
  • Campaign Journal: The Black Pegasus Trading Co., p48​
  • Sage Advice, p94​
Campaign Journal: The Black Pegasus Trading Co. is a 6-page article authored by David Montgomery and Jim Milner. The article describes a group of four adventurers, who have set up a secret Spelljamming base on an isolated island called The Isle of Balboa. And a fairly sophisticated operation they have going, too! The company has thirteen craft, with two more under construction on the island. Their crew is extensive, including a company of giff, some advanced lizardfolk and a spacesea giant (their chief engineer). The Company keeps its spacefaring operations secret in order to maintain their competitive edge against other Oerthly-bound trading companies. Rounding out the article are twelve scenarios or adventure hooks.

This issue is worth getting for this excellent article, but as a small bonus for the Spelljammer completist, in this issue's Sage Advice, Skip Williams is asked if lizard-man PCs from Spelljammer gain an AC bonus from using a shield. (He says “yes”.)​

December 1993
1993 Trading Cards (Factory Set)

This year's Factory Set contained all of the regular cards 1-495 with a silver border, but didn't include any of the rare cards.​


The 1993 set contained a separately numbered run of 60 rares, which were only available in boosters (and in some cases as special promos). There were only two rare Spelljammer cards:​
  • #4: Wilhemina the Petite​
  • #40: Icarus​

Circa 1993
Spelljammer cloth patch

At some point in the early nineties, probably in 1993, TSR produced cloth patches for most of their campaign settings, including Spelljammer. These were sold via the TSR Mail Order Hobby Shop, and at TSR convention booths. Like the Spelljammer bookmark, this is likely one of the trickier Spelljammer items for a collector to track down.​

January 1994
Dungeon #45
  • An Artist's Errand, p8​
Another Steve Kurtz adventure in Dungeon, and once again, it is a top-notch contribution. The adventure An Artist's Errand is for 4-6 good-aligned characters of levels 6-8, and it runs for 24 pages, including two sets of deck plans, maps of the Pirtel system, and suitable maps for the locations visited during the adventure.

The adventure is set in Pirtelspace, the same crystal sphere as The Sea of Sorrow in Dungeon #36, but it isn't connected to the previous story. Here, the PCs are hired by a reigar to recover a lost necklace. As well as a solidly plotted adventure, there is a lot of Spelljammer lore in this article, including more details of Pirtelspace, Realmspace and a look at some spacefaring drow.​

February 1994
Deck of Encounters, Set One

The two Decks of Encounters contain hundreds of cards, each one containing—as you might expect—a description of an encounter. Several of the cards in the first set have Spelljammer links, all of which involve neogi:​
  • Crashlanding: A neogi deathspider has crashed into the hills.​
  • Escaped Slave: An umber hulk has escaped from a neogi ship.​
  • Sinking Ship: A neogi spelljamming craft floats on a lake.​
  • Spiders and Flies: A neogi mindspider lands on the planet to gather new slaves.​

April 1994
FOR5: Elves of Evermeet

According to Elves of Evermeet (page 87), there is a squadron of aerial warships hidden in the fortress of Sumbrar. These are similar to man-o-war ships, and are known as ruathimaer or starwings. Although they do have spacefaring capability, they are generally kept ready to defend Evermeet. Spelljammer game statistics are provided for the ships.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 1994
Dragon #204
  • Sage Advice, p81​
A single Sage Advice question qualifies this issue for a mention in a Spelljammer collector's guide. Someone wants to know how much experience his character gets for accidentally detonating a malfunctioning gnomish sidewheeler whilst passing through a portal into Realmspace, thereby destroying the crystal shell and Toril.

The Sage explains that crystal spheres don't shatter that easily, and even if they did the whole event probably wouldn't warrant more than 1,000 XP. This is clearly an April issue of Dragon!​

May 1994
First Quest: The Introduction to Role-Playing Games
  • Adventure Book (64 pages)​
  • Monsters & Treasures Book (32 pages)​
  • Rules Book (16 pages)​
  • Wizard's Spell Book (8 pages)​
  • Cleric's Spell Book (8 pages)​
  • First Quest audio CD​
  • 3-panel Dungeon Master's Screen​
  • 8 card sheets​
  • 6 plastic miniatures​
  • 7 dice​
  • 1 poster map​
  • 1 poster​
By 1994, TSR had engaged on a plan—ultimately abandoned—to relaunch the Spelljammer setting as “Wild Space”, supported by a video-cassette game similar to Dragon Strike. Likely aware of these looming plans for the new setting, the authors of First Quest: The Introduction to Role-Playing Games included a spelljammer-themed introductory adventure titled Across Wildspace!.

The adventure is a fairly vanilla introduction to the setting, but might still be of interest to ardent collectors, particularly since it creates a link between the Spelljammer and Mystara settings. Make sure that you get the version of this box with the blue dragon on it; the set was updated and resold as the Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game in 1995, but the adventure Across Wildspace! was edited out of that version.​

May 1994
Planescape Campaign Setting

The possible merging of Spelljammer and Planescape into a hybrid “Planejammer” setting in 5th Edition has been a concern for some fans, and the replacement of the phlogiston with the Astral Sea has stoked this fear. In practice though, there have been connections between the two settings since day one. According to the DM Guide to the Planes (page 49), the layer Thuldanin of the plane of Acheron consists of pitted, hollow blocks. Spelljamming craft are some of the many strange war machines filling the insides of these structures.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

July 1994
Deck of Encounters, Set Two

The second Deck of Encounters contains several more Spelljammer-themed cards:​
  • Bigger than a Breadbox: A spelljammer crashes into a swamp.​
  • Black Bart: A drifting squidship contains a neogi-hating neogi.​
  • Little Puppy Lost: An intellect devourer lurks on a spacedock.​
  • One Mean Drunk: Working as bouncers, the PCs have to deal with a drunk beholder.​
  • Spider Sandwich: On the Rock of Bral, a neogi seeks help to rob an illithid.​
  • Too Good to be True: The PCs are offered employment on a mind flayer hammership.​

August 1994
Corsairs of the Great Sea

According to the Campaign Guide (page 16), Shing Jaw-long, one of the members of the Corsair Council, was originally from Shou Lung and was accorded a place on one of the emperor’s Dragonships. After overthrowing the captain in a mutiny, Shing Jaw-long decided not to return to Shou Lung to risk the emperor’s wrath, but settled in Hawa instead. His stolen craft, The Dragon, is a familiar site in the harbour.

Available for sale in PDF Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1994
Dragon #208
  • Sage Advice, p107​
This Sage Advice contains a follow-up to the exploding crystal sphere matter in Dragon #204, pointing out that the amulet of the planes couldn't be used as described in the original scenario. The same person poses questions about beholder reproduction, citing a Spelljammer reference, and goes on to ask whether the Mists of Ravenloft can reach into the Flow.

In case you are wondering, the Sage thinks that the Mists can't enter the phlogiston, but they can always wait for someone to return to within their grasp.​

August 1994
The Worlds of TSR

Subtitled A Pictorial Journey Through the Landscape of Imagination, this coffee table art book contains a twelve page collection of full-colour art from Spelljammer products (pages 126-137).

The artists whose works are covered include Jeff Easley, Tom Baxa, Brom, Erik Olson, David O. Miller, Jennell Jaquays, Kelly Freas and Jim Holloway. This is worth picking up if you'd like clean copies of most of the Spelljammer product cover art, but it adds nothing new to the Spelljammer setting.​

August 1994
Hammer of Fire

Written by Dave Gross and Kevin Melka, Hammer of Fire was a two-round Living City event run at Gencon 1994. In the first round, the party discovers that a meteor is heading for Ravens Bluff, and must obtain a spelljamming craft. In the second round of the adventure, they must fly the ship out and stop the meteor from hitting the city.​

September 1994

A Wild Ride (Endless Quest #5)

As noted in the entry for First Quest above, TSR planned to relaunch the Spelljammer setting as part of their AdventureVision line of VHS-cassette supported games, the first of which was Dragon Strike. The Wild Space Game appears in the TSR Master Catalog 1994, with a June release date, and a planned series of four novels: Battle Against Necros, Battle Against Lord Fear, Battle Against the Flayons, and Battle Against the Draconians. (Wait, “flayons”?!)​


As Dale Donovan writes:

Dragon Strike sold very well, enough that the entire initial print run was sold into distribution, with orders for thousands more. But, the reprint was vastly larger than the demand warranted, leaving TSR with far more copies than were needed. As a result, TSR was stuck with these copies, and they tried (ever more desperately) to move the remaining stock. Distributors and retailers came to resent these tactics, and they expressed their displeasure by not ordering any Wild Space products. Just another case of TSR's upper management snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

There is a two minute trailer for Wild Space on YouTube. Watch it before you mourn too much for the cancelled game.

But what about A Wild Ride? This book was part of the 1994-1995 relaunch of the Endless Quest line, and was clearly produced after the cancellation of the Spelljammer line, but before Wild Space was also cancelled. A Wild Ride thus holds a unique place as the only Wild Space branded product to ever see release. The book is set (in part) on the Rock of Bral, so it deserves a place in a Spelljammer list.​

October 1994
Polyhedron #100
  • Gorlash Spacescum, p9​
The 100th issue of Polyhedron included supporting articles for many of TSR's worlds. The Spelljammer article, Gorlash Spacescum, by Tom Prusa, is a single page NPC write-up of a kobold shaman who captains the Three Fists. Gorlash has a sentient shambling mound as a crew member! A short, but fun article.​

November 1994
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 1

When the Spelljammer line was cancelled at the end of 1993, Slade had already started working on a product titled Infinity Sphere. Although that book never saw print, seven magic items from the cancelled title eventually made their way into the Encyclopedia Magica series. Three items appeared in Volume 1:​
  • Crutch of lightning
  • Phasing crystal
  • Crystal ball III
Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

February 1995
Planes of Law

A Player’s Guide to Law expands on the mention of spelljammers in Thuldanin in the Planescape Campaign Setting by noting that the Mines of Marsellin are a particular treasure trove, containing heaps of scattered spelljammers. Unfortunately most of them have been fused into lumps of solid black iron.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

February 1995
Dragon #214
  • The Ecology of the Neogi: The Demons of the Flow, p52​
The Ecology of the Neogi: The Demons of the Flow by Jon Winter follows a common Ecology article style of a short story accompanied by numerous footnotes containing additional game information.

The short story is an evocative tale of ship to ship combat, and the footnotes add some useful new information to neogi lore, including their deities and creation myth. A worthwhile read for anyone wanting more background on everyone's favourite slavers.​

March 1995
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 2
As noted above, several magic items from the cancelled Infinity Sphere Spelljammer supplement made it into the Encyclopedia Magica. Only a single item appeared in the second volume:​
  • Dimension mine
Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1995
Gates in the World of Greyhawk

This essay, by long-time Dragon editor Roger E. Moore, was originally published on AOL (a limited pre-Internet version of the web), and later made available on the Wizards of the Coast website. It is an excellent analysis of how various gates, demiplanes and spelljamming interact with each other. Although it is focussed on the Greyhawk setting, there is some Spelljammer content, and this is worth a look for a collector. In fact, it is worth reading just for the amusing sidebars, including one on Murlynd’s ownership of a video cassette recorder. The essay is now archived at the Greyhawk Online.​

April 1995
Ruins of Zhentil Keep

The Campaign Book of the Ruins of Zhentil Keep set details Thergod, the leader of the Blood Axe Smashers, a Zhentilar patrol (page 43). Thergod is a scro who joined the Zhentarim when his spelljammer crashed near Darkhold in the Year of the Harp. This is probably of only marginal interest to Spelljammer collectors.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

June 1995
In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil
This Planescape accessory provides a definitive answer to the question of whether spelljamming craft can visit Sigil. (Spoiler: Yes.) The description of Imel’s Happy Tongue restaurant (pages 81-82) tells the story of Imel’s efforts to obtain squid for a guest of his factol. Unfortunately, miscommunication leads him to accidentally order a squidship, which is eventually delivered to a loading platform near the Great Bazaar. Left unanswered is the question of how the ship reached Sigil.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1995
Spellfire: Powers expansion

In 1994, TSR launched the Spellfire collectible card game, to compete in a burgeoning CCG industry. A number of expansion sets were rolled out in quick succession. According to the History of Spellfire on the official Spellfire website, the 7th expansion was going to be a Spelljammer expansion, but the rights to Spelljammer were somehow tied up at that point (we can conjecture that this was somehow linked to the failed Wild Space game) and so a Spelljammer expansion was never made.

Despite this, three Spelljammer-themed cards made it into the Powers expansion:​
  • #49 of 100: Giant Space Hamster​
  • #1 of 20: Crystal Sphere​
  • #2 of 20: Rock of Bral​

December 1995
Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 4

Three more magic items left over from the cancelled Infinity Sphere Spelljammer supplement made it into the fourth volume of the Encyclopedia Magica:​
  • Staff of the elements: air
  • Staff of the elements: fire
  • Transporter pad
Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

December 1995
Realms of Magic
  • Smoke Powder and Mirrors
  • Gunne Runner
This Forgotten Realms anthology contains two short stories with Spelljammer connections. In Smoke Powder and Mirrors, by Jeff Grubb, an overheard conversation between wizards’ apprentices about smoke powder leads to one of them becoming embroiled in the machinations of a pair of spacefarers visiting Waterdeep.

In Gunne Runner, by Roger E. Moore, the investigation of a murder leads to a group of scro spelljammers who are trafficking firearms into Waterdeep. The action moves onto a spelljamming vehicle, and chaos ensues when the helmsman is killed in battle.​

May 1996
The Dragons at War
  • Through the Door at the Top of the Sky
One of the stories in this Dragonlance anthology is Through the Door at the Top of the Sky by Roger E. Moore. It tells the tale of a gnomish spacefarer being pursued by illithids. After a crash landing, the pilot wakes up to find himself in the care of a brass dragon, with whom he discusses the wildspace program of the Mr. Nevermind gnomes, at least until the illithids catch up with the unlikely pair. The outcome of the resulting conflict allows both the dragon and the gnome to deal with some unresolved personal issues.​

July 1996
I, Tyrant

This treatise on beholders has a short section describing the beholders of the Spelljammer setting (page 67). According to the text, these usually have grey skins and different iris colours. The book also mentions beholder mages and astereasters, both of which originated in earlier Spelljammer products.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1996
Dragon #232
  • Sorcerous Six-Shooters, p34​
In Sorcerous Six-Shooters, Roger E. Moore takes a look at the role of firearms in all of the official D&D worlds, including Spelljammer. Although not specifically a Spelljammer article, it touches on the Second Unhuman War and mentions the possibility of Spelljammer weapons having unusual properties. A useful article for anyone running a campaign involving firearms.​

November 1996
Netheril: Empire of Magic

The Arcane Age series of products presented a version of the Forgotten Realms set in the distant past, where spelljamming was more common. According to The Winds of Netheril, the Netherese actively explored Realmspace. Yeoman’s Loft was the main port for spelljamming activities during this period. Unfortunately the Netherese approach to exploration involved vivisecting almost every new creature they encountered, causing other spelljamming cultures to attack Netherese ships on sight. This eventually caused the Netherese to officially retreat from Realmspace a century after they had begun to explore it (page 9). Some private ventures continued to pursue spelljamming for the next six centuries, but the docks were destroyed during the Fall, collapsing into the city and killing thousands (page 93).

The Encyclopedia Arcana booklet includes the spell Proctiv’s breach crystal sphere, an 11th-level spell which permanently closes a crystal sphere to all traffic (page 11). Valdick’s spheresail is a 10th-level spell that taps directly in the power of the goddess Mystryl to convert magic into propulsion for more rapid spelljamming travel (page 12).

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

November 1996
Dragon Annual #1
  • Campaign Classics: The Scro, p44​
Roger E. Moore does a scholarly job of compiling all of the published information about the scro into an article titled The Scro: A Spelljammer Monster for Groundling Campaigns.

While the article aims to present the scro as a potential enemy in a non-Spelljamming campaign, Moore's summary of the first and second Unhuman Wars (lovingly annotated with footnotes) and the detailed description of the scro religion make this a valuable article for any Spelljammer collector.​

November 1996
Polyhedron #125
  • Island Campaigns Part 4: The Wild, Wild Wildspace, p26​
One of Roger E. Moore's final contributions to Polyhedron was a six page series titled Island Campaigns, which ran from #122-127. The first half of the series contained some good general advice for island-themed adventure planning, but the second half details the development of a Spelljammer campaign set in the Tears of Selûne in Realmspace.

Part 4: the Wild, Wild, Wildspace is a 2-page article reviewing all of the published Spelljammer material for the Tears, and then beginning the work of fleshing it out for a campaign.​

December 1996
How the Mighty Are Fallen

The first part of this adventure takes place in the city of Yeoman’s Loft, the spelljamming hub of Netheril. A detailed map notes locations including the Spacefarers’ Guild, the Dock Hand Guild and various Shipwrights. Although the story is set in Faerûn’s distant past, the details of Yeoman’s Loft could easily be expropriated for use as a floating dock on any other spelljamming world, so this is worth a look for a Spelljammer collector.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1997
Undermountain: Stardock

A significant portion of this Forgotten Realms adventure takes place in Stardock, which is an asteroid located in the Tears of Selûne in Realmspace. The asteroid was originally used as a slaving outpost by illithids in the 11th century DR. They were responsible for setting up The Rift, which serves as a portal connecting Stardock to Undermountain.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1997
Dungeon #63
  • Gnome Droppings, p22​
Gnome Droppings is an 8-page adventure written by Christopher Perkins. It is designed for 4-6 characters of levels 2-4. The whole adventure is set ground-side, so could be used as an introduction to the concept of spelljamming.

The PCs investigate a shooting star crash site, and find a cargo cube full of autognomes, lost by a group of gnomish spacefarers. There are good and evil factions of gnomes, and the PC's involvement determines who triumphs. Not a bad adventure, but this doesn't add much lore to the Spelljammer setting.​

July 1997
Finder's Bane

This novel is a sort of multi-setting crossover with the action leading from the Forgotten Realms to the outer planes, via a spelljamming ship. Finder’s Bane is also noteworthy for the return of the character Jasmine, the winged lady from the Spelljammer comic series. When we first meet her, she is being held captive by Bane’s forces but once released she joins the protagonists for the rest of their unusual journey. The spelljamming ship that features in the story used to belong to Jas; she had apparently acquired it since we last saw her in the comic series.​

October 1997
Polyhedron #126
  • Island Campaigns Part 5: Ecological Nightmares, p26​
Roger E. Moore continues the development of a hypothetical Tears of Selûne campaign setting in Part 5: Ecological Nightmares. Here he populates the Tears with a variety of appropriate flora and fauna.

This series is an interesting primer on synthesising a cohesive campaign setting from a variety of different source material, but it's also a welcome potential expansion of the Tears of Selûne for anyone adventuring in Realmspace.​

November 1997
Dragon Annual #2
  • Rogue's Gallery: Finder's Band, p54​
This Forgotten Realms article, titled Rogue's Gallery: Finder's Band is by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb. It is noteworthy only because it features Jasmine, from the Spelljammer comic series, after her appearance in the novel Finder’s Bane. We learn that she has “spent the past decade travelling to different spheres and soon had her own spelljamming vessel, a captured illithid nautiloid”. No word on Meredith's fate though, more's the pity.​

December 1997
Tymora's Luck

This novel is essentially a sequel to Finder’s Bane, although it is technically the third book in the Lost Gods trilogy, while Finder’s Bane is the first. It continues the story of those characters, but is primarily a planar romp dealing with conflict between the Faerûnian deities. From a Spelljammer collector’s perspective the book includes some interesting observations from the god Lathander about his experiences watching new crystal spheres form and grow.​

December 1997
Polyhedron #127
  • Island Campaigns Part 6: Strange Heroes, Strange Adventures, p30​
Part 6: Strange Heroes, Strange Adventures finishes off the Island Campaigns series, and the Spelljammer trilogy of articles within, with a look at adapting Undermountain: Stardock for the hypothetical Tears of Selûne setting developed in the last two issues.

This article would be fantastic for anyone planning to actually use Stardock in a Spelljammer campaign, but it doesn't have as much to offer in general as the previous two instalments.​

January 1998
FOR11: The Cult of the Dragon

Dretchroyaster is a dracolich, detailed in FOR11: The Cult of the Dragon (pages 48-54), who is attempting to transform himself into a spelljammer. The dracolich lairs in the crash site of a man-o-war, the wings of which have continued to grow in the centuries following its crash. Dretch has become obsessed with the remains of the craft and has grafted portions of its crystalline plant structure onto his skeletal form. If he can find a helm, the dracolich intends to himself become a spelljamming vessel. Notably, this book contains the train vegetation spell, developed by the Elven Imperial Fleet to rapidly repair elven spelljamming vessels.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 1998
Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves

Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves notes that Netherese humans discovered spelljamming magic in -1114, but abandoned this technology a century later, largely because of the existing presence of the Elven Imperial Navy in Realmspace (page 35). Visitations from representatives of the Imperial Navy’s to the Coronal’s Court began in 512 (page 40).

Collecting unusual coins brought by visiting spacefarers is a fad amongst the noble elves of Cormanthyr (page 63). The wizard Sundamar’s floating tower is said to be a result of failed spelljamming experiments (page 76). The ritual of Elaorman is said to play a role in the creation of the Monarch spelljamming ships (page 138).

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 1998
Evermeet: Island of Elves

The novel Evermeet: Island of Elves provides an origin story for the squadron of spelljamming ships located in Sumbrar, that were first detailed in FOR5: Elves of Evermeet. An Elven Imperial Navy ship, badly damaged in a skirmish with Q’nidar, was able to land in Sumbrar with the assistance of a local elven mage. The captain of the fallen craft then assisted the mage to grow a squadron of new ships.​

June 1998
The Fall of Myth Drannor

The story of the crashed ship that Dretchroyaster now calls its home (see FOR11: The Cult of the Dragon) is told in The Fall of Myth Drannor (pages 30-31). Sent by the Elven Imperial Fleet to aid their ground-dwelling allies, the Monarch Mordent changed the tide of the war in the northern forest. It provided the elves with several victories before a nycaloth shattered one of the man-o-war’s wings causing the ship to crash into the forest below. Although this is an interesting story, this isn’t a priority for Spelljammer collectors.​

July 1998
Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins

This Greyhawk product provides some Spelljammer options for the Near Domain (page 77). The text notes that the local clergy of Celestian keeps records of its voyages into Greyspace in a hidden room below the Grey College Observatory. The clerics keep knowledge of these travels secret from outsiders. This source also notes that Snagtooth Shipbuilding, outside the city’s west walls, does some business with visiting spelljamming ships, but the proprietors are either ignorant about spelljammers, or pretend to be.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1998
Masters of Eternal Night

For three years towards the end of the life of 2nd Edition, TSR/WotC released the Monstrous Arcana series. This consisted of a main book detailing one particular D&D monster and three adventures revolving around the same creature. The main illithid book, The Illithiad, contains just a brief—and dismissive—mention of the Astromundi Chronicles in the History and Theology chapter, but at the end of the second adventure, Masters of Eternal Night, the adventurers discover an ancient nautiloid ship.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1998
Empires of the Shining Sea

There are a couple of spelljamming references in Empires of the Shining Sea. The section on the Second Great Age of Calimshan (pages 15-16) notes that three beholder colony ships fell out of the sky and crash-landed into the Alimir Mountains in -2381 DR. A description of the Crimson Corsairs (page 143) implies that the pirate band has at least one space faring craft and that they count giff amongst their crew.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 1998
Wizard’s Spell Compendium, Volume 4

The four volume Wizard’s Spell Compendium and the three volume Priest’s Spell Compendium collected (and updated) all D&D spells published from original D&D to nearly the end of AD&D 2nd Edition, so they are useful for any D&D collector. They don't add anything new to Spelljammer lore, but since they contain almost every D&D spell ever printed, the Spelljammer spells are included here too.

The last book in each series contains an index. The list of Spelljammer wizard spells appears on page 1136 of the Wizard's Spell Compendium Vol. 4, and includes 23 spells, five of which are unique to the Astromundi Cluster.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 1998
Dawn of the Overmind

In the final adventure of The Illithiad series, Dawn of the Overmind, the adventurers use the ancient nautiloid vessel they discovered at the end of Masters of Eternal Night to travel through the phlogiston to Truespace, where lies Penumbra, the “dark heart of the ancient illithid empire”. The ancient ship is substantially different from modern nautiloids, being self-powered and partially autonomous. This is probably high on the list for Spelljammer collectors, given that it is essentially a Spelljammer adventure.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

November 1998
Dungeon #71
  • Wildspawn, p30​
Wildspawn is the final Spelljammer article to appear in Dungeon. Written by Paul Culotta, it is a 13-page adventure set on Revular's Island, which is actually a spelljamming asteroid just paying a temporary visit to the planet’s ocean.

In its introduction, the adventure correctly punts itself as including “aspects of the Spelljammer campaign setting”, rather than being a full-blooded Spelljammer tale. As presented, there are some inconsistencies with established spelljamming mechanics, but that shouldn't distract from a fun plot and some distinctive villains in the form of the syllix. The article comes with monster pages for the aartuk and syllix, both of which originally appeared in MC7: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix. They both get new art for this adventure.​

December 1998
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four

After publishing 15 volumes of Monstrous Compendiums in five-hole-punched loose page format, TSR released the hardcover Monstrous Manual. All but one of the monster projects released after that were softcover books, and TSR began to collect miscellaneous creatures from their magazines and adventures into Monstrous Compendium Annuals. There were four of these published from 1994 and 1998 (with 1997 skipped). In this final annual, the monsters have the logo of the source at the top of each page. The Spelljammer setting contributes six types of clockwork horror plus the wizshade.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 1999
FOR12: Demihumans of the Realms

FOR12: Demihumans of the Realms lists wildspace (or Imperial Fleet) elves as one of the demihuman races, and provides information about their homelands, classes, languages and deities (page 7). There is also a kit for an Imperial Fleet Advisor (pages 17-18) which provides a fair amount of detail on the functions of a member of staff of the Imperial Fleet.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 1999
Sea of Fallen Stars

There is a passing mention of Lith, the island described in FOR3: Pirates of the Fallen Stars, as being infested with neogi (pages 12-13). It is confirmed that spelljamming ships have landed around the island, but the contents of the island are left ambiguous, as “none ever return from it alive”.

There is also a note from Elminster (pages 138-139) that there would be many more wrecks found in the waters of the Trackless Sea had Khelben Blackstaff not spent three decades destroying all evidence of their existence in the 10th century DR.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

November 1999
Drizzt Do’Urden’s Guide to the Underdark

Drizzt Do’Urden’s Guide to the Underdark suggests Realmspace origins for some Underdark inhabitants. According to the book, grell are believed to have reached Abeir-Toril on spelljamming ships (page 30). Similarly, the beholders of the Graypeaks Hive are descended from H’Catha emigrants whose spelljammer crashed in Bleached Bones Pass (page 55). Finally, Oryndoll, one of the oldest illithid communities, began as an illithid enclave settled by refugees from Glyth, another Realmspace planet (page 75).

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

December 1999
Dragon #266
  • The Ecology of the Xixchil: Makeovers, p82​
Johnathan M. Richards tackles the Xixchil race in The Ecology of the Xixchil: Makeovers. It follows the traditional “Ecology of…” style with a fairly humorous piece of fiction accompanied by extensive footnotes. The short story is set in Refuge. The article includes a three page appendix on xixchil body modifications and procedures, which reads like the menu at a drive-by plastic surgeon.

A worthwhile article to track down if your campaign involves any xixchil.​

February 2000
Priest’s Spell Compendium, Volume 3

As noted above, the Wizard’s and Priest’s Spell Compendiums collected all published D&D spells up to nearly the end of AD&D 2nd Edition, including everything from the Spelljammer line. The last book in each series contains an index of spell by setting. Priests have only eight new Spelljammer spells, according to the list on page 801 of the Priest's Spell Compendium Vol. 3.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 2000
Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons

In early 2000, in the lead up to the release of 3rd Edition D&D, Wizards of the Coast decided to grant special recognition to a number of fan web sites dedicated to campaign settings that were no longer being actively supported. The official Spelljammer site is Beyond the Moons. Although it has only been erratically updated in the last decade, it remains a useful resource for any Spelljammer fan, and was helpful during the process of compiling this Collector’s Guide.​

July 2000
Dragon #273
  • Sage Advice, p114​
After a remarkable six year vacation from answering any Spelljammer questions, Sage Advice tackles the pressing issue of whether a sha'ir can use a spelljamming helm. They can, and apparently the gen who serve sha'irs can go where the Mists of Ravenloft cannot, since they can travel through the phlogiston to fetch spells.​

Circa 2000
Spelljamming ship deck plans

At some point, Wizards of the Coast made a series of spelljamming ship deck plans available on their website. These are scans of portions of various Spelljammer products, resized so that their scales match. They are an excellent resource for any Spelljammer collector. Although these are no longer available directly from Wizards, they can still be downloaded thanks to the WayBack Machine: set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4, set 5 and set 6. They are also archived on the Beyond the Moons website.​

June 2001
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

For 3rd Edition, Wizards of the Coast took the decision to make the Forgotten Realms the only supported setting, and purged almost all references to other worlds. However, in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting there are some veiled references to spelljamming in the section titled The Sea of Night (pages 230-231). The text is crafted more as an astronomy lesson than anything else, but hints at “wizards who seek to climb above the sky”. Rich Baker confirmed on the Wizards of the Coast forums that this was a deliberate acknowledgement of the Spelljammer concept in the 3rd Edition Realms.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

May 2002
Dungeon #92/Polyhedron #151
  • Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon, p16​
Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon is not the Spelljammer setting of 1989. Instead, it is a blend of Spelljammer races, ships, themes, and some celestial mechanics, mixed with a heavy dose of reinterpretation by Andy Collins. It appears in the Polyhedron half of the combined Dungeon/Polyhedron magazine.

Some Spelljammer fans seem to hold this article in contempt, because it isn't faithful to the original campaign setting material. To be fair, it never tries to be. It aims to be a self-contained d20 setting based on Spelljammer, and it does okay at that goal. Even for someone only interested in this for truly Spelljammer compatible content, it is still a good framework for using the d20 ruleset, and the location described (Pyrespace?) could easily be a crystal sphere in any campaign. This article is worth collecting, as long as you aren't expecting it to be 3rd edition Spelljammer, because it isn't.

Available for sale in PDF at Paizo.

January 2004
Dragon #315
  • Campaign Classics, p12​
Although this was a Campaign Classics issue of Dragon, there was unfortunately no Spelljammer article included. There is a short explanation for this in the introduction to the special, and a few paragraphs by Stan! on the origin of the Spelljammer setting. This issue is only of interest to completists, since it doesn't add anything to Spelljammer lore.​

October 2004
30 Years of Adventure

Subtitled A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons, this is a coffee table book released to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. It contains essays from many long-time Dungeons & Dragons writers and designers, including a six page spread by Steve Winter on the origins of the Spelljammer setting.

This is a nice enough retrospective on the setting, but it doesn't add anything to Spelljammer lore. The essay does confirm Roger E. Moore's claim that the Giant Space Hamsters were originally Jeff Grubb's idea though.​

April 2005
Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations

Lords of Madness marks the first time that spelljamming was mentioned by name in a 3rd Edition release. In the Origins of Aberrations section at the beginning of the book, it is explicitly acknowledged that it is possible to travel between the different worlds of the Material Plane via flying ships known as spelljammers (page 6). The neogi are presented as one example of an extraterrestrial race, but the origin story for the illithids also mentions their use of spelljamming craft.​


More relevant for Spelljammer collectors is an entire chapter all about the neogi. This chapter concludes with a mini-adventure Wreck of the Mindspider (pages 101-106) which features a crashed neogi spelljamming craft (complete with a fantastic illustration by Richard Sardina) The ship still has a functional lifejamming helm on board, so could theoretically return to space.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

July 2005

Kenzer and Co. published this adaptation of Spelljammer for HackMaster. Their licensing agreement with Wizards of the Coast allowed them to produce HackMaster versions of classic D&D products provided that those products were a parody of the original.

This book seems to have been better-received by Spelljammer fans than HackMaster fans. While it is obviously ideal for anyone playing Spelljammer using the HackMaster system, if you can look past the parody elements, the consolidated rules are faithful to the original source material and would likely be a useful reference for someone playing Spelljammer using the 2nd Edition rules.​

January 2006
Dragon #339
  • Races of Spelljammer: Wanderers of Wildspace, p26​
Spelljammer returns to the pages of Dragon for the last time. Joshua Cole gives three Spelljammer races the 3rd Edition treatment in Races of Spelljammer: Wanderers of Wildspace.

The races covered are the giff, the insectare, and the scro. This is useful if you are using the 3.5 rules for a Spelljammer campaign, and a nice nod to the setting from Dragon under Paizo's watch. Probably not of too much interest if you aren't playing with the 3.5 rules though.

Available for sale in PDF at Paizo.

August 2006
The Border Kingdoms: Free Barony of Felshroun

This article on the Wizard of the Coast website was written by Ed Greenwood, and is relevant to Spelljammer collectors because of the description of the Manyfaced Lady. This high-level wizard is based in Felshroun and is reputed to have an intense interest in Realmspace and other crystal spheres. She has amassed a significant collection of material on the migration of various races through space, as well as the history of major events across the spheres. Her current research efforts are focussed on scrying spells that can pierce the phlogiston and target remote crystal spheres.​

July 2007
Monster Manual V

The Monster Manual V details the mind flayers of Thoon, who are described as explorers of “the cosmos outside their underground lairs, travelling the Inner Planes and Outer Planes aboard vessels they call nautiloids”. This is a significant part of the book, spanning 22 pages.

It should be noted that nowhere is spelljamming mentioned, and although the Thoon illithids use nautiloids, they are only described as using them for planar travel, rather than space travel. This heralds the approach taken in 4th and 5th Edition where spelljamming craft are primarily found traversing the Astral Plane.

This chapter also provides one of the only connections between Spelljammer and Eberron, albeit a fairly tenuous one. It is noted that the mind flayers of Thoon used a nautiloid to travel to Xoriat and back to Eberron, a journey that is supposed to be impossible. An enterprising DM might read this as a hint that spelljamming to Eberron is a possibility.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 2007
Exemplars of Evil

Exemplars of Evil details the Much Kill, a massive black sailing ship crewed by pseudonaturally deformed goblinoids. In the section on using the ship in Faerûn it is suggested that this was once a spelljamming vessel that could still move between worlds. This is a fairly obscure nugget of lore, but given the paucity of Spelljammer in 3rd Edition, it seems worth mentioning.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

December 2008
Manual of the Planes

The cosmology of the D&D 4e is a radical departure from the 1st Edition/2nd Edition Planescape/Spelljammer model. It doesn't have crystal spheres, wildspace or the phlogiston. It does still have spelljammer craft though. In the Manual of the Planes, they are described as flying vessels powered by spelljamming helms, and they have the ability to shift between planes (page 20). There is even a stat block for a typical Spelljammer (a gargantuan vehicle) at the back of the book (page 159).

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 2009
Dragon #371
  • Hestavar: The Bright City, p18​
Hestavar is an astral dominion documented for the first time in 4th Edition. It gets a 14 page treatment in the pages of Dragon #371 with an introductory quote from “Barthew Vreen, Captain of the Spelljammer Wyrmrazor”. Hestavar is a major nexus for planar travellers, including those using spelljamming craft. More importantly, this article claims that spelljamming itself originated in the planar metropolis.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 2009

Corsair was published less than a year after the release of 4th Edition, so it comes as quite a surprise when, three-quarters of the way through this swashbuckling tale, the crew of the Seadrake activate the ship’s spelljamming helm and take off into space, for a journey to the Tears of Selûne. The book never refers to this unusual activity as spelljamming, but there can be no doubt that that’s what author Rich Baker is describing in his novel.​

December 2009
The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos

The 4th Edition versions of spelljammers as planar craft are mentioned several times in The Plane Below. There is an adventure hook Mutiny on the Phelddagrif in which the player characters begin as slave on board the spelljammer Phelddagrif (page 31).

The secretive Grave-Minders organisation operate a spelljamming galleon named Ice Princess (page 40). A group of pirates operating on the Riverweb have the Drowned Window spelljammer as their flagship (page 84). In 4th Edition, the Abyss is a hole in reality at the bottom of the Elemental Chaos. It is at least theoretically possible to enter the Abyss by following the vast, spiralling whirlpool that marks the border between the two. An enormous stone spelljamming craft known as the Worldship has been attempting this journey for several generations (page 108).

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

February 2010
CORE 2-2: Rising of the Dark

This is one of several Living Forgotten Realms adventures released for 4th Edition that has Spelljammer content. The adventure centres on the Mistress of the Night, a spelljammer commissioned by the Netheril, that now lies sunken in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Initially tasked with retrieving documents from the ship, the heroes may end up restoring the craft to an airworthy condition.

Available for download from Living Forgotten Realms.

April 2010
The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea

Although there are fewer mentions of spelljammers in The Plane Above, the theme of planar ships is expanded on and there are some excellent ship illustrations which would be easy to steal for a Spelljammer campaign. This book also contains a section titled Adventures on the Astral Sea which becomes more significant given the 5th Edition approach to Spelljammer.

Available for sale in PDF and print on demand at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 2010
CORE 2-10: Upon the Sea of Stars

In this adventure, the heroes catch up with the spelljammer Mistress of the Night from CORE 2-2: Rising of the Dark. Now under the control of the Chiang Emporium, they must “borrow” the ship from the docks of Ravens Bluff, spelljam into the Astral Sea and navigate to the githyanki city of Tu’narath where they need to conduct a clandestine mission.

Available for download from Wizards of the Coast.

November 2010
Dungeons & Dragon Miniatures: Lords of Madness

From 2003 to 2013, Wizards of the Coast produced a line of pre-painted miniatures to support 3rd and 4th Edition D&D. The line includes many creatures that would be useful in a Spelljammer campaign, including beholders and illithids.

Two of the figures from the final set, Lords of Madness, are for creatures that have specific Spelljammer origins:​
  • #33: Neogi Great Old Master​
  • #34: Neogi Slaver​

January 2011
CORE 2-11: The Sign of Four

Continuing the story from CORE 2-10: Upon the Sea of Stars, the adventurers must again board the Mistress of the Night, this time to navigate the Elemental Chaos to find I’Cath, the isle of the wu jen sorceress Tsien Chiang. On their journey they may face threats which include demonic boarders, rift incursions or simply a panicking crew.

Available for download from Living Forgotten Realms.

January 2011
CORE 2-12: The Sschindylryn Heresy

The spelljammer Mistress of the Night from the previous adventures in this series carries the heroes onto further adventures, visiting the Underdark city of Sschindylryn via the Shadowfell.

Available for download from Living Forgotten Realms.

February 2011
EPIC 3-1: The Glorious Hunt

In this final adventure involving the Mistress of the Night, the adventurers must use the ship to travel to Arvandor, the astral realm of Corellon and join the eponymous Glorious Hunt. Later in the adventure they must rush to Nath Seldarie to defend the Court of the Seldarine. Unfortunately, these journeys take place largely “off screen”, so the spelljamming craft plays no significant role in the overall story.

Available for download from Living Forgotten Realms.

June 2012
AD&D Spelljammer Boxed set artwork prints

In mid-2012, the Art of the Genre website made available a limited number of 250 prints of the artwork from the original Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space boxed set. Each poster was 16 x 20” (40 x 50cm) and signed by artist Jeff Easley.​

September 2013
Dragon #427
  • Ecology of the Neogi, p24​
Eighteen years after the first Ecology of the Neogi article in Dragon, the arachnids get a second one, written by Jeff Morgenroth. The article is written from the perspective that neogi are an Underdark race, and there is no mention of spelljamming, although it is noted that the neogi have spent millenia trading with entities from across the planes. Since 4th Edition mechanics are heavily embedded in this take on the creatures, it is probably of limited use to a Spelljammer collector playing any other edition.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

September 2016
Storm King’s Thunder

There are no references to spelljamming anywhere in Storm King’s Thunder, so there isn’t much of a case for including this product in a Spelljammer collector’s guide. However, towards the end of the adventure, The Morkoth, a ship crewed by forces loyal to the adventure’s antagonist, features. And there can be no doubt that The Morkoth is a squidship, spelljamming references or not!​


Available for sale in digital format at D&D Beyond.

November 2016
Volo’s Guide to Monsters

Nautiloids get their own subsection as part of the mind flayer coverage in Chapter 1: Monster Lore. The text notes the ability of nautiloids to move directly from one world to another in the Material Plane; it doesn’t describe this as spelljamming and gives the impression that the ability to travel in this manner is unique to the illithids’ ships.

Since illithids have apparently lost the secret of manufacturing new nautiloids, they are now a rare sight, and the presence of one is likely to attract the attention of vengeful githyanki and githzerai, who view the capture of a nautiloid as a great prize. Nautiloids have a mass of rubbery tentacles which are used to scour the surface of a planet for interesting creatures to study or feast on. Some rare examples of nautiloids are large enough to hold an entire colony.

March 2018
Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie 3

In 2014, WizKids began releasing sets of pre-painted miniatures under licence. Their output has been prolific and has expanded into unpainted figures and various miniature scale spell effects and terrain. Particularly noteworthy for a Spelljammer collector is the neogi figure from the Monster Menagerie 3 set:​
  • #36: Neogi Master​

May 2018
Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

The giff are updated for 5th Edition in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. They are described as “spacefaring” mercenaries in military uniform who are renowned for their martial training and their love of explosives. According to their stat block, giff wield longswords, muskets, pistols, and fragmentation grenades.​

August 2018
CCC-SHINY-02: An Open Secret

This Adventurers League adventure features the buried shipwreck of a spelljamming craft. This particular ship was operated by beholders and the mummified body of the ship’s orbus—the spelljamming helm—can still be found on board.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 2018
Art & Arcana: A Visual History

Two pieces of artwork from the Spelljammer setting are on display in the Polymorph Self chapter of this book (pages 224-225). The commentary notes that the Spelljammer line elicited heavy comparisons to the Star Wars saga, despite being more steampunk than sci-fi. This tome adds nothing to Spelljammer lore, but it is such a gorgeous book that it deserves a spot on any D&D collector’s shelf.​

November 2018
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

This return to Undermountain provides the first substantial Spelljammer references of 5th Edition. There is a detailed description (and a map) of Stardock in the chapter on Level 16: Crystal Labyrinth of the megadungeon and spelljamming vessels are specifically mentioned as visiting the asteroid.

Level 19: Caverns of Ooze contains an actual spelljamming ship, the Scavenger, which Halaster lured into Undermountain and captured. The captain of the Scavenger remains on board. He is an illithid pirate complete with a peg foot and pirate garb. A sidebar explains that he comes from the ringed planet Glyth, which hasn’t been mentioned in any D&D product for more than a decade. The ship’s spelljamming helm was stolen by Halaster and is located elsewhere in Undermountain.

Available for sale in digital format at D&D Beyond.

August 2019
Neverwinter: Uprising

The Neverwinter: Uprising expansion for the MMORPG links into Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage and includes Stardock as a location. Although there isn’t a lot of Spelljammer content in the expansion, there is an impressive view of the planet Toril from space.

Available for sale on Steam.

August 2019
CCC-COS-01: The Only Way To Be Sure

Several years ago, a nautiloid crashed into the Moonwatch Hills. The pilot of the ship, an illithid named Qhizalt, has been using the crashed ship as a base and a laboratory ever since. The heroes in this Adventurers League scenario are investigating the disappearance of all of the residents of Vineford, which is located suspiciously close to the crash site.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

January 2020
Figurines of Adorable Power: Giff

No true Spelljammer collection is complete without the Giff figure from UltraPro’s Figurines of Adorable Power range. These 3¾ inch (9½ cm) tall vinyl models are indeed adorably cute. Also worth considering is the upcoming mind flayer figure, complete with an intellect devourer pet and holding a book titled “Make Friends”.​

September 2020
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

The Places of Interest chapter in Rime of the Frostmaiden has a section titled Id Ascendent which provides more than five pages of Spelljammer-themed content. Seven days ago, a nautiloid crashed into the mountains. The crew of this spelljamming ship are gnome ceremorphs: mind flayers created from gnomes who retain some of their gnomish personalities and memories. They may engage the services of the player characters to find a psi crystal they need to restart their ship.

As well as maps of a (nearly) functional nautiloid to explore, Rime of the Frostmaiden also provides some insights into 5th Edition spelljamming. The text repeats the claim from Volo’s Guide to Monsters that mind flayers have lost the secret of making new nautiloids, making the loss of any remaining craft a blow. Despite this, the nautiloid has a built-in self-destruct mechanism which can be used to prevent the ship’s technology from falling into the wrong hands.​

Available for sale in digital format at D&D Beyond.

October 2020
Baldur’s Gate 3

The most recent title in the Baldur’s Gate series of video games isn’t a Spelljammer game. However, the epic opening sequence involves a massive nautiloid ship attacking a city while being pursued by dragon-riding githyanki. The ship crashlands and the first playable segment is titled Escape the Nautiloid. The prominent presence of the mind flayers’ signature craft earns the game a spot on this list of Spelljammer sources.​

November 2020
CCC-NUKE-01-05: Take A Bough (Plan Bee from Outer Space)

This Adventurers League title revolves around a pair of insectare, whose klicklikak spelljamming vessel crashed into the Cormanthor forest more than a century ago. Their craft is no longer functional and the insectare have hatched a plan to signal another vessel. Unfortunately, part of their plan includes the destruction of the area they have settled.

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

March 2021
DDAL10-06: The Fallen Star

The tenth season of Adventurers League adventures was titled Plague of the Ancients, and The Fallen Star is the sixth adventure in the series. Remember the crashed nautiloid with gnome ceremorphs in Rime of the Frostmaiden? A neogi deathspider was pursuing that ship. It has landed and the neogi are enslaving everyone and everything they can, including a young white dragon. One of their giff slaves has escape, but will need help to remain free.​

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

April 2021
DDAL10-07: Into Darkness

Continuing the story from The Fallen Star, the next adventure—Into Darkness— is a quest to rescue a group of goliaths taken as slaves by the neogi from the visiting deathspider. Following the slavers’ trail leads to the ancient Abeiran city of Xorvintroth deep within Wyrmdoom Crag. There, something even worse than the neogi awaits; something that has come from the Far Realm.​

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

May 2021
DDAL10-08: Volatile Thoughts

The eighth adventure in the Plague of Ancients season overlaps more directly with Rime of the Frostmaiden. The adventurers first encounter some domesticated carrion crawlers originating from the crashed nautiloid, Id Ascendant, and then meet the gnome ceremorphs in charge of the craft.​

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 2021
Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of the Multiverse

A significant clue that a Spelljammer reboot might be in the pipeline came in the form of this Unearthed Arcana playtest document. It featured six playable races: astral elves, autognomes, giff, hadozees, plasmoids, and thri-kreen. These are the same six races later announced as appearing in The Astral Adventurer’s Guide in the Spelljammer slip-case set.

Available for download from Wizards of the Coast.

April 2022
Monstrous Compendium Volume One: Spelljammer Creature

This 14-page PDF was released at the same time that Spelljammer: Adventures in Space was announced. It presents ten monsters suitable for a 5th Edition Spelljammer game and is reminiscent of the 2nd Edition Monstrous Compendium series in style (thankfully without the five-hole punched pages). Several of the creatures inside are updates of Spelljammer creatures from earlier sources, including the clockwork horror, fractine, and gadabout, while the nightmare beast originally appeared in MC12: Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix: Terrors of the Desert. This monster collection is available for free from D&D Beyond.

Available in digital format from D&D Beyond.

April 2022
Legends of the Multiverse

This D&D live play series is set in the worlds of Spelljammer and features several of the new playable races from Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Brennan Lee Mulligan is the Dungeon Master, and the players are Deborah Ann Woll, Aabria Iyengar, B. Dave Walters, Meagan Kenreck, Gina Darling, and Todd Kenreck. New episodes are published every Wednesday:​
Available to watch on the D&D YouTube or Twitch channels.

May 2022
Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse

When this was released as part of the Rules Expansion Gift Set in January 2022, eagle-eyed readers may have spotted a hint that Spelljammer was on the way. The giff entry from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes is updated and now says: “In Wildspace and the associated ports, giff are most often encountered as spacefaring mercenaries.” This appears to be the first mention of Wildspace in a 5th Edition release.

Available for sale in digital format at D&D Beyond.

July 2022
Spelljammer Academy

Spelljammer Academy is a series of four short adventures for the setting. The eponymous Academy is located on the island of Nimbral, southwest of the Chultan peninsula in the Forgotten Realms. It is a secret enclave where cadets are trained to join the Spelljammer Fleet, a magical navy sworn to protect Toril. The first adventure starts with what is essentially a D&D holodeck simulation of a battle, progresses to an orientation tour of the Academy and ends with the cadets dealing with an unexpected monster delivery. The second adventure involves competitive training with the cadets learning to crew their own ship, but someone sabotages the training exercise. The third and fourth adventures finally take the cadets into Wildspace and to the distant planet H’Catha, on the edge of Realmspace. There they must locate an adamantine meteorite and return it to Toril in time to graduate.

Available in digital format at D&D Beyond.

July 2022
D&D Spelljammer: Astral Adventures Generator

This website was launched shortly before the release of Spelljammer: Adventurers in Space and generates a three line description of a potential adventure hook, with an appropriate background image. A sample: “In the cottage on top of a kindori / an aartuk loads the cannons / they should’ve asked for directions”. The page implies that there is an overall theme that changes from time to time.​

July 2022
DDAL-DRW-EP-04: Tears Among the Stars

This adventure connects the events of Plague of Ancients with those in Dreams of the Red Wizards. The heroes must lead an attack on Journey’s Legg, a neogi slaver base on an asteroid in Selûne’s Tears. Complicating matters, the neogi have accidentally relocated Journey’s Legg to the Astral plane using an artifact retrieved from Xorvintroth. The adventurers have an opportunity to persuade the gnomish ceremorphs from the Id Ascendant to join their cause against the neogi.​

Available for sale in PDF at Dungeon Masters Guild.

August 2022
Spelljammer: Adventures in Space
  • The Astral Adventurer’s Guide (64 page hardcover)​
  • Boo’s Astral Menagerie (64 page hardcover)​
  • Light of Xaryxis (64 page hardcover)​
  • Double-sided poster map​
  • Four-panel DM’s screen​
  • Slip-case​
Nearly thirty-three years after the original Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space, the setting gets a 5th Edition treatment with this slip-case set of hardcover books. The Astral Adventurer’s Guide covers the six new spelljammer races, spells, magic items and spelljamming ships. Boo’s Astral Menagerie is the setting’s Monster Manual and the final book, Light of Xaryxis, is an adventure with twelve episodes, each ending in a cliffhanger. The poster map is of the legendary Rock of Bral. A version of the slip-case set with alternative cover was sold exclusively in game stores.​
Available in digital format at D&D Beyond.

August 2022

This collection of music tracks from a variety of artists is inspired by the Light of Xaryxis adventure from Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Described as “Flash Gordon-esque”, Spelljams is a double album’s worth of material ideal for use as background music during a spelljammer game. Each artist was given a character or plot point from the adventure and challenged to create an original composition.​

Available to stream or in vinyl from Kill Rock Stars.

August 2022
Dragonmarks: Spelljammer in Eberron

Although the Dragonmarks column on Eberron creator Keith Baker’s blog isn’t official D&D content, it is highly regarded as a source of Eberron information by fans of the setting. In the article Spelljammer in Eberron Baker provides advice on introducing Spelljamming to the setting, looks at how the various factions might participate in a space race and details what might be found in Siberspace, Eberron’s Wildspace system.​

August 2022
Dungeon Masters Guild

The Dungeon Master Guild is a partnership between Wizards of the Coast and OneBookShelf to allow content creators to publish D&D material and offer it for sale to other D&D fans. The Spelljammer setting was opened up for Spelljammer content on 18 August 2022, two days after Spelljammer: Adventures in Space was released, and there was an immediate flood of products launched on the site. A list of Spelljammer Dungeon Masters Guild releases to-date is included in the checklist at the end of this article.​

Spelljammer titles available at Dungeon Masters Guild.

October 2022
D&D Icons of the Realms: Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

WizKids has a line of painted miniatures scheduled for release in late 2022 to support the Spelljammer setting.

This set includes:​
  • A set of 47 miniatures available in randomised booster packs. Each booster pack contains either one huge/large figure and three medium/small figures or five medium/small figures.​
  • A gargantuan astral dreadnought figure.​
  • A gargantuan solar dragon and ride, Prince Xeleth.​
  • A space clown promo box.​
  • A dohwar promo box.​
  • A Collector’s Edition box containing all of the above miniatures plus an exclusive young lunar dragon.​

October 2022
D&D Icons of the Realms: Battlemats

To go with those Spelljammer miniatures are two WizKids battlemats: D&D Icons of the Realms: Astral Sea Battle Mat and D&D Icons of the Realms: Wildspace Battle Mat. Each one is 36” x 36” (91 cm x 91 cm), single-sided with a neoprene backing.

October 2022
D&D Icons of the Realms: Ship Scale

In addition to the Spelljammer Adventures in Space set, WizKids will also be releasing a separate Ship Scale line. These are figures made at 1:600 scale, presumably for use in tactical ship-to-ship battles. There are six sets, each containing between four and seven figures:​
  • Asteroid Encounters​
  • Astral Elf Patrol​
  • Attacks from Deep Space​
  • Threats from the Cosmos​
  • Welcome to Wildspace​
  • Wildspace Ambush​

October 2022
D&D Icons of the Realms: Showdown Setting: The Temple of Light

This is a boxed set of miniatures specifically for use with The Temple of Light, an adventure from the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set. The set contains a 12”x12” (30 cm x 30 cm) grid map of the Temple of Light, an astral font terrain feature and ten miniatures:​
  • Prince Xeleth​
  • Princess Xendalli​
  • Prince Xavra​
  • Zodar​
  • 3 x Astral Elf​
  • 3 x Astral Elf Warrior​

October 2022
Beadle and Grimm’s Silver Edition of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

This deluxe version of the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space set contains softcover versions of the three books from the ordinary set, a DM screen, a poster map, original battle maps, individual ship maps, pre-generated characters, encounter and ship cards, a booklet of bonus encounters, magic item and spell cards, in-world handout and in-world artifacts, all in a Collector’s Silver Edition Box.

October 2022
Beadle and Grimm’s Platinum Edition of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

This limited-edition deluxe version of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space contains everything included in the Silver Edition, plus an extra box containing twenty specially curated miniatures from the WizKids Spelljammer set.

Spelljammer Checklist

RPG products

2nd Edition Spelljammer boxed sets

Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space (October 1989)
The Legend of Spelljammer (September 1991)
War Captain's Companion (April 1992)
The Astromundi Cluster (August 1993)

2nd Edition Spelljammer softcover books
CGR1: The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook (November 1992)

2nd Edition Spelljammer monster collections
MC7: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix (August 1990)
MC9: Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix II (April 1991)

2nd Edition Spelljammer accessories
SJR1: Lost Ships (April 1990)
SJR2: Realmspace (February 1991)
☐ SJR3: Dungeon Master's Screen (February 1991)
SJR4: Practical Planetology (July 1991)
SJR5: Rock of Bral (August 1992)
SJR6: Greyspace (December 1992)
SJR7: Krynnspace (February 1993)
SJR8: Space Lairs (June 1993)

2nd Edition Spelljammer adventures
SJA1: Wildspace (February 1990)
SJA2: Skull & Crossbows (June 1990)
SJA3: Crystal Spheres (October 1990)
SJA4: Under the Dark Fist (June 1991)
SJS1: Goblin's Return (December 1991)
SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy (March 1992)

Other 2nd Edition material
DLR1: Otherlands (April 1990)
Hollow World Campaign Set (August 1990)
LC2: Inside Ravens Bluff, the Living City (August 1990)
WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins (August 1990)
FOR1: Draconomicon (September 1990)
The Horde Barbarian Campaign Setting (September 1990)
Ruins of Undermountain (March 1991)
DLS4: Wild Elves (November 1991)
FR13: Anauroch (December 1991)
MC11: Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (January 1992)
FOR3: Pirates of the Fallen Stars (March 1992)
WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk (June 1992)
FR15: Gold & Glory (December 1992)
PHBR8: The Complete Book of Elves (January 1993)
DLR3: Unsung Heroes (January 1993)
PHBR9: The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings (March 1993)
FR16: The Shining South (May 1993)
City of Delights (July 1993)
Book of Artifacts (October 1993)​
Champions of Mystara: Heroes of the Princess Ark (October 1993)
☐ Lankhmar: City of Adventure (October 1993)
☐ Deck of Encounters, Set One (February 1994)
☐ Deck of Encounters, Set Two (July 1994)
FOR5: Elves of Evermeet (April 1994)
☐ First Quest: The Introduction to Role-Playing Games (May 1994)
Planescape Campaign Setting (May 1994)
Corsairs of the Great Sea (August 1994)
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 1 (December 1994)
Planes of Law (February 1995)
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 2 (March 1995)
Ruins of Zhentil Keep (April 1995)
In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil (June 1995)
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 4 (December 1995)
I, Tyrant (July 1996)
Netheril: Empire of Magic (November 1996)
How the Mighty Are Fallen (December 1996)
Undermountain: Stardock (January 1997)
FOR11: The Cult of the Dragon (January 1998)
Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves (March 1998)
☐ The Fall of Myth Drannor (June 1998)
Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins (July 1998)
Masters of Eternal Night (August 1998)
Wizard’s Spell Compendium, Volume 4 (September 1998)
Empires of the Shining Sea (September 1998)
Dawn of the Overmind (October 1998)
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four (December 1998)
FOR12: Demihumans of the Realms (January 1999)
Sea of Fallen Stars (August 1999)
Drizzt Do’Urden’s Guide to the Underdark (November 1999)
Priest’s Spell Compendium, Volume 3 (February 2000)

HackMaster products
☐ HackJammer (July 2005)

D&D 3rd edition products
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (June 2001)
Lords of Madness: The Book of Aberrations (April 2005)
Monster Manual V (July 2007)
Exemplars of Evil (August 2007)

D&D 4th edition products
Manual of the Planes (December 2008)
The Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos (December 2009)
The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea (April 2010)

D&D 5th edition print products
Storm King’s Thunder (September 2016)
Volo’s Guide to Monsters (November 2016, also available with alt. cover)
Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes (May 2018, also available with alt. cover)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (November 2018)
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (September 2020, also available with alt. cover)
Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse (May 2022)
Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (August 2022, also available with alternative covers)
Beadle and Grimm’s Platinum Edition of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (October 2022)
Beadle and Grimm’s Silver Edition of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (October 2022)

D&D 5th edition digital products
Monstrous Compendium Volume One: Spelljammer Creatures (April 2022)
Spelljammer Academy (July 2022)

Other print products

Spelljammer novels

☐ The Cloakmaster Cycle #1: Beyond the Moons (July 1991)
☐ The Cloakmaster Cycle #2: Into the Void (October 1991)
☐ The Cloakmaster Cycle #3: The Maelstrom's Eye (May 1992)
☐ The Cloakmaster Cycle #4: The Radiant Dragon (November 1992)
☐ The Cloakmaster Cycle #5: The Broken Sphere (May 1993)
☐ The Cloakmaster Cycle #6: The Ultimate Helm (September 1993)

Novels from other settings
☐ Realms of Magic (December 1995)
☐ The Dragons at War (May 1996)
☐ Finder's Bane (July 1997)
☐ Tymora's Luck (December 1997)
☐ Evermeet: Island of Elves (hardcover April 1998, softcover March 1999)
☐ Corsair (hardcover March 2009, softcover November 2009)

Endless Quest game books
☐ Endless Quest #5: A Wild Ride (September 1994)

Coffee table books
☐ The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination (hardcover August 1994, softcover July 1995)
☐ 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (hardcover October 2004, softcover February 2006)
☐ Art & Arcana: A Visual History (October 2018)

☐ TSR Worlds Annual #1: Jammers (August 1990)
☐ Spelljammer #1: The Rogue Ship, Part One: Journey's Song, Kirstig's Tale (September 1990)
☐ Spelljammer #2: The Rogue Ship, Part Two (October 1990)
☐ Spelljammer #3: The Rogue Ship, Part Three (November 1990)
☐ Spelljammer #4: The Rogue Ship, Part Four: Song's End, Tale's Beginning (December 1990)
☐ Spelljammer #5: Trial by Wildfire (January 1991)
☐ Spelljammer #6: Circle of Fear (February 1991)
☐ Spelljammer #7: Paying the Price (March 1991)
☐ Spelljammer #8: Monster (April 1991)
☐ Spelljammer #9: The Geas (May 1991)
☐ Spelljammer #10: Exile on Taladas (June 1991)
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☐ Spelljammer #15: The Song of the Einheriar (November 1991)

☐ 1993 TSR Master Catalog - Collector’s Edition (January 1993)

Promotional items
☐ Spelljammer bookmark (circa 1991)
☐ Spelljammer cloth patch (circa 1993)

☐ AD&D Spelljammer Boxed set limited numbered prints (June 2012)

Magazine articles

Dragon Magazine

☐ Dragon #153, p94, Awash In Phlogiston (January 1990)
☐ Dragon #159, p10, Rough Times on Refuge (July 1990)
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Dragon #371, p18 Hestavar: The Bright City (January 2009)
Dragon #427, p24, Ecology of the Neogi (September 2013)

Dungeon Magazine
☐ Dungeon #21, p29, Jammin' (January 1990)
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Polyhedron Newszine
☐ Polyhedron #48, p23, Spelljammer: AD&D Game Adventures in Space (July 1989)
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Dungeon #92/Polyhedron #151, p16, Spelljammer: Shadow of the Spider Moon (May 2002)


AD&D Collector's cards 1991 set
(released June and September 1991)
☐ #183: Pryessant
☐ #184: Chandalar
☐ #185: Mind Flayer
☐ #238: Dirck of Windspace
☐ #279: Mind Flayer
☐ #280: Neogi
☐ #281: Giff
☐ #548: Wasp
☐ #549: Man-o-War
☐ #550: Nautiloid
☐ #551: Dragonfly
☐ #552: Tradesman
☐ #553: Neogi Mindspider
☐ #554: Neogi Deathspider
☐ #555: Hammership
☐ #556: Squid Ship
☐ #716: Trooper Herphan Gomja
☐ #717: Captain Hemar
☐ #718: Teldin Moore
☐ #723: T'Laan

AD&D Collector's cards 1992 set (released June and August 1992)
☐ #17: Dracon
☐ #25: Noj's Shield -1, Missile Attractor
☐ #33: Theon's Folding Boat
☐ #34: Dunhill's Spelljamming Apparatus of Kwalish
☐ #69: Ilswyn of the Isles
☐ #70: Master Khotus
☐ #105: Aylia
☐ #115: Pellinor
☐ #119: Checklist 41-80
☐ #143: Violet Dindower's Dust of Disappearance
☐ #153: Noj's Necklace of Not-so-smart Missiles
☐ #174: Gelonna
☐ #208: Grazzle
☐ #276: Whaleship
☐ #277: Battle Dolphin
☐ #278: Cuttle Command
☐ #279: Gnomish Whelk
☐ #280: Unity Ship
☐ #281: Quentin's Libraria
☐ #282: Smalljammer
☐ #283: Octopus
☐ #284: Illithid Dreadnought
☐ #306: Selma Moore
☐ #360: Checklist 441-480
☐ #381: Noj's Bag of Misplacing
☐ #393: Noj's Claw of Magic Exchange
☐ #394: Chandrasakar's Air Spores
☐ #423: Noj the Double-Edged
☐ #429: Savion with the 11 Fingers
☐ #438: Violet Dindower
☐ #459: Purity Valor
☐ #478: Checklist 441-480
☐ #491: Kasharin
☐ #492: Aartuk Warrior
☐ #493: Aargos
☐ #494: Blazozoid
☐ #495: Colossus
☐ #496: Focoid
☐ #497: Hadozee
☐ #498: Slinker
☐ #499: Wryback
☐ #500: Zard
☐ #514: Noj's Bracers of Brandishing
☐ #530: Sun Dragon
☐ #531: Moon Dragon
☐ #532: Radiant Dragon
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☐ #616: Plasman
☐ #667: Chandrasakar
☐ #679: Belonda Artes
☐ #716: Rather Wild Giant Space Hamster
☐ #719: Checklist 681-720
☐ #737: Zinnabar Albbee

AD&D Collector's cards 1992 Gencon promotional set (released August 1992)
☐ #11: Bral

AD&D Collector's cards 1993 set (released March, June and September 1993)
☐ #3: Dragon, Stellar
☐ #8: Rastipede
☐ #19: Syllix
☐ #22: Aric's Staff of Power
☐ #32: Shalandain
☐ #35: Aric Cozar
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☐ #37: Basa Lianin
☐ #38: Meredin Sandyfoot
☐ #60: Golem, Furnace
☐ #62: Owl, Space
☐ #76: Gamalon's Gem of Infravision and Detect Magic
☐ #82: Meredin's Short Sword +1 Luck Blade
☐ #105: Slronde the Elder
☐ #133: Shalandain's Boots of Starstriding
☐ #134: Shalandain's Holy Avenger
☐ #170: Gossamer
☐ #171: Lakshu
☐ #195: Sebastian the Red
☐ #202: Ryag Meth
☐ #216: Sioson
☐ #222: Clockwork Horror
☐ #223: Feesu
☐ #225: Grav
☐ #278: Flowfiend
☐ #291: Pirate of Gith
☐ #300: Sebastian's Chime of Opening
☐ #318: Hajallian Thremintha
☐ #320: Kneyalotep Knekopot
☐ #321: Staan of the Way
☐ #322: Uritel of the Garden
☐ #323: Oswuggle
☐ #324: Obbi Skyfoot
☐ #354: Cymboli's Pipes of Sounding
☐ #405: Intier's Ring of Shooting Stars
☐ #435: Talus Mindswift
☐ #475: Grabelli the Grey
☐ #476: Basif the Blue
☐ #477: Intier the Indigo
☐ #482: Cymboli Starsong
☐ #495: Checklist 441-495
☐ #4 (of 60): Wilhemina the Petite (rare card set)
☐ #40 (of 60): Icarus (rare card set)

Spellfire card game, Powers expansion set (released September 1995)
☐ #49: Giant Space Hamster
☐ #1 (of 20): Crystal Sphere
☐ #2 (of 20): Rock of Bral


D&D Miniatures: Lords of Madness

☐ #33: Neogi Great Old Master (November 2010)
☐ #34: Neogi Slaver (November 2010)

D&D Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie 3
☐ #36: Neogi Master (March 2018)

Figurines of Adorable Power: Dungeons & Dragons
Giff (January 2020)

D&D Icons of the Realms: Spelljammer: Adventures in Space
Set of 47 figures (October 2022)
Astral Dreadnought (October 2022)
Adult Solar Dragon & Prince Xeleth (October 2022)
Collector’s Edition Box (October 2022)

D&D Icons of the Realms: Ship Scale
Asteroid Encounters (October 2022)
Astral Elf Patrol (October 2022)
Attacks from Deep Space (October 2022)
Threats from the Cosmos (October 2022)
Welcome to Wildspace (October 2022)
Wildspace Ambush (October 2022)

D&D Icons of the Realms: Showdown Setting
The Temple of Light (October 2022)

D&D Icons of the Realms: Battle Mats
Astral Sea Battle Mat (October 2022)
Wildspace Battle Mat (October 2022)


Spelljams (August 2022)

Electronic products and sources

Computer games

☐ Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace (October 1992)
Neverwinter: Uprising (August 2019)
Baldur’s Gate 3 (October 2020)

Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons (March 2000 onwards)
D&D Spelljammer: Astral Adventures Generator (July 2022)
Dungeon Masters Guild (various Spelljammer titles available from August 2022 onwards)

Web articles and downloads
Gates in the World of Greyhawk (March 1995)
To-scale Spelljamming ship deck plans #1 (circa 2000)
To-scale Spelljamming ship deck plans #2 (circa 2000)
To-scale Spelljamming ship deck plans #3 (circa 2000)
To-scale Spelljamming ship deck plans #4 (circa 2000)
To-scale Spelljamming ship deck plans #5 (circa 2000)
To-scale Spelljamming ship deck plans #6 (circa 2000)
The Border Kingdoms: Free Barony of Felshroun (August 2006)
Unearthed Arcana: Travelers of the Multiverse (October 2021)​
Dragonmarks: Spelljammer in Eberron (August 2022)
Episode 12: Grand Theft Autognome (part 2 of 2) (July 2022)
Episode 13: Gospel’s Return (part 1 of 2) (July 2022)
Episode 14: Gospel’s Return (part 2 of 2) (July 2022)
Episode 15: Kender Town (part 1 of 2) (August 2022)
Episode 16: Kender Town (part 2 of 2) (August 2022)
Episode 17: Go For The Eye (part 1 of 2) (August 2022)
Episode 18: Go For The Eye (part 2 of 2) (August 2022)
Episode 19: Dragonlance (part 1 of 2) (September 2022)
Episode 20: Dragonlance (part 2 of 2) (September 2022)

Organised play

RPGA-sanctioned convention adventures

☐ The Unsung, Fantastic & Perilous Expedition of Ironhelm Jones' Rock Bottom Dwarven Mining Company (August 1990)
☐ His Majesty's Spacial Service (August 1991)
☐ One on Every Planet (August 1992)

Living City adventures
☐ Hammer of Fire (August 1994)

Living Forgotten Realms adventures
CORE 2-2: Rising of the Dark (February 2010)
CORE 2-10: Upon the Sea of Stars (August 2010)
CORE 2-11: The Sign of Four (January 2011)
CORE 2-12: The Sschindylryn Heresy (January 2011)
EPIC 3-1: The Glorious Hunt (February 2011)

Adventurers League adventures
CCC-SHINY-02: An Open Secret (August 2018)
CCC-COS-01: The Only Way to be Sure (August 2019)
CCC-NUKE-01-05: Take A Bough (Plan Bee from Outer Space) (November 2020)​
DDAL10-06: The Fallen Star (March 2021)
DDAL10-07: Into Darkness (April 2021)
DDAL10-08: Volatile Thoughts (May 2021)
DDAL-DRW-EP-04: Tears Among the Stars (July 2022)

Dungeon Masters Guild

Reference material

Dungeoncraft Spelljammer Designers Pack (September 2022)

Rules expansions
The Greasemonkey’s Handbook: Rules for piloting Magitech, Steampunk and Sci Fi mechs in D&D 5th Edition (November 2018)
The Primal Gith: A Lost Race Rediscovered (June 2019)
Race option: Rodere (February 2020)
The Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse (April 2022)
The Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse: Vol 2 (May 2022)
The Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse: Vol 3 (May 2022)
Circle of Slime Druidic Subclass (July 2022)
Spelljammer: Cosmic Genasi (4 August 2022)
Bard: College of Astral Rock for Spelljammer (16 August 2022)
Ceremorph Lineage Option (16 August 2022)
Dohwar Playable Race Option (16 August 2022)
K’r’r’r Playable Race Option (16 August 2022)
Sorsurfer (Sorcerer Subclass) (16 August 2022)
Space Clown 5e Race Option (16 August 2022)
A Space Hamster’s Guide to Spelljammer (16 August 2022)
The Spelljammer’s Cookbook (16 August 2022)
Spelljammer’s Guide to the Galaxy (16 August 2022)
Voyagers & Venturers: 10 Cultures for Your Spelljammer Game (16 August 2022)
Otherworldly Patron: Astral Arachnid (17 August 2022)
Bloodied & Bruised - Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (18 August 2022)
Melcurvel Fennoreth’s Callings of the Spacefarer (18 August 2022)
Beings from Beyond the Horizon (19 August 2022)
Monstrous Races - Neogi (22 August 2022)
Boldly Going (25 August 2022)
Reigar - An Ancestry and Culture for Spelljammer (29 August 2022)
Untold Lineages - Plasmoid Variations (Oblex, Gelatinous Cubes and other Oozes) (31 August 2022)
The Book of Stars - Archetypes of Spelljammer (5 September 2022)
Smoke & Thunder: Firearms for Fifth Edition (6 September 2022)
Dohwar (Penguinfolk) Player Race (6 September 2022)
Spectacular Feats for Spelljammer Heroes (8 September 2022)
Large Luigi Presents: A Primer’s Primer to Spelljamming (8 September 2022)
Chosen of Dukagsh: Scro of Wildspace (13 September 2022)
Tortoni’s Guide to Spelljamming (14 September 2022)
Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse Lineage Feats (13 September 2022)
Unshackled (15 September 2022)
Heroes of Wildspace: Artificer, Barbarian & Bard (16 September 2022)
Druid Subclass: Circle of the Cosmos (17 September 2022)
Dracon Player Race for Spelljammer (18 September 2022)

Ships and helms
Ships of the Silver Thread: 3 New Spelljammer Ships (16 August 2022)
Spelljammer 5E “Theater of the Mind” Ship Combat Rules (19 August 2022)
Spelljamming Vessel Log (21 August 2022)
Spelljammer Shipyard: Build and Customize Your Own Spelljammers (22 August 2022)
Spelljammer Combat Expanded (26 August 2022)
The Spelljammer’s Guide to Helms [Fantasy Grounds] (23 August 2022)
Spelljamming Helms (25 August 2022)
Spelljammer Ship Combat (29 August 2022)
Nautiloid Vessel - Stock Art Tiles (7 September 2022)
Classic Spelljammer Ships (12 September 2022)
Spelljammer: Ship Weapon Upgrades (20 September 2022)
Lost Ships: Rediscovered (58 Classic Spelljammer Ships) (22 September 2022)

Tauric Races (Centaurs, Wemics, Formains, Dracons, and more!) (March 2017)
Jammin’ in Avernus (March 2020)
Giant Hamsters from Outer Space (September 2020)
Sweating Bullets: Origins For Giff Gunpowder (October 2021)
Masters of the Mind: The Book of Illithid (A Manual on Mind Flayers) [Fantasy Grounds] [Foundry VTT] (December 2021)
Thunderthark & Son’s Clockworks LTD Firearms Catalog (April 2022)
Astromancy - Cosmic Magic (April 2022)
Astral Discoveries (May 2022)
Pregenerated Character: Krisrora, the Dedicated Artist (5 August 2022)
Pregenerated Character: Mislia, the Dancing Digger (7 August 2022)
Pregenerated Character: Tyrton. the Balmy Detective (12 August 2022)
The Astralnauts (16 August 2022)
Character Stock Art: Astral Elf Fighter Battle Master (16 August 2022)
Curios & Cargo (16 August 2022)
The Fey of Wildspace (16 August 2022)
Monster Loot - Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (16 August 2022)
Spelljammer Logo Pack (16 August 2022)
Spelljammer Trinkets & Treasures [Fantasy Grounds] (16 August 2022)
Ziggy Enterpreneuro’s Magic Shop (16 August 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 Hadozee Head Shots (17 August 2022)
Spelljammer Wild Magic Table: Wild Magic in Wild Space (17 August 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 Giff Head Shots (18 August 2022)
Spelljammer Sampler (18 August 2022)
Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis Complete DM’s Bundle (19 August 2022)
Wildspace Treasury (19 August 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 Autognome Head Shots (25 August 2022)
Classic Spelljammer Spells (25 August 2022)
Complete Spelljamming Sheet 5e (25 August 2022)
Moonwalker Orcs (27 August 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 Thri-Kreen Head Shots (27 August 2022)
Expanded Giff (28 August 2022)
The Neogi Expansion (30 August 2022)
Pregenerated Character: Immandandoc Donnar, the Primal Commander (30 August 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 Plasmoid Head Shots (30 August 2022)
Demon’s Weapon Enhancements (31 August 2022)
100 Books to Find on or About the Rock of Bral (3 September 2022)
40 Spelljammer Trinkets (6 September 2022)
Spelljammer: Wildspace System Generator (7 September 2022)
Tessa Presents 45 Maps for Spelljammer and Light of Xaryxis (9 September 2022)
Spelljammer Trinkets with Creation Tables (10 September 2022)
Complete Wildspace Sheet (13 September 2022)
Bubbles (16 September 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 More Hadozee Head Shots (17 September 2022)
100 Hooks and Rumours to Hear on or About the Rock of Bral (17 September 2022)
Spelljammer: 102 More Giff Head Shots (18 September 2022)
Elmandar’s Star Charts (20 September 2022)

Adventures, encounters and locations
They Came from the Deep [PLL-2] (February 2020)
LoFi Technomagic for the Arcane Hacker (March 2022)
The God Corpse (April 2022)
Spelljammer: 100 Random Spacial and Astral Encounters (June 2022)
Spelljammer Simulation Chamber One Shot (9 August 2022)
The Ale Beryl: A Spelljammer Adventuring Location (16 August 2022)
Distress Signal (16 August 2022)
Spelljammer: Encounters in Wildspace (16 August 2022)
Worlds of Wildspace - Crakateg (16 August 2022)
PSC4: Anadia (19 August 2022)
Spelljammer: Encounters on the Rock of Bral (20 August 2022)
Spelljammer: Gone Fishing (20 August 2022)
The Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse: Vol 4 - Jammer Heist (23 August 2022)
The Wizard’s Tower - Arachnomancer (26 August 2022)
Horror of Nospace - A Spelljammer Adventure (27 August 2022)
Internecivus Raptus (29 August 2022)
Wildspace - The Spacefarer Conversion (29 August 2022)
Tesseractus (31 August 2022)
The Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse: Apespace (31 August 2022)
Lend a Hand to Large Luigi (1 September 2022)
100 Random Encounters for Spelljammer Adventures (2 September 2022)
Spelljammer Academy Expanded (2 September 2022)
Fire Thieves (SJ-DC-LEGIT-SB-01) (4 September 2022)
One Grung Beyond: An Adventure in Space (5 September 2022)
Spelljammer: Gone Fishing II (6 September 2022)
Spelljammer Encounter Tables (7 September 2022)
Time for a Break (8 September 2022)
Orc Chief’s Throne - Spelljammer (12 September 2022)
Blackjammer’s Revenge (15 September 2022)
You Are My Sunshine (SJ-DC-ETA) (18 September 2022)
Dohwar Heist (SJ-DC-DWR-01) (20 September 2022)


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Golden Procrastinator
Excellent, thanks for posting this. Are the other guides available somewhere? It seems that they have disappeared from E.N. World.


Nice list.

The Living Forgotten Realms modules CORE 2-11: The Sign of Four, CORE 2-12: The Sschindylryn Heresy, and EPIC 3-1: The Glorious Hunt were all released after the LFR program lost official support from Wizards (October 2010). Similarly, CCC Adventurers League modules cannot be called official products.

I'm working on something myself. I'll be trying to get the complete version ready later this year since people might want something extra in terms of setting lore to go with the official Spelljammer release.


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