[LPF] Coils of Flame
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    [LPF] Coils of Flame

    Start Date: 04 April, 2013

    GM: Mowgli

    Judge: perrinmiller

    Honorable Players:
    Updated: 09/28/2013
    Player             Start XP     Current XP      TBG      Gained GP     Level Date[/U]
    Anaerion           34185        63625           16379    23519         09/27/2013 (9)
    Arianna            20648        42658           11430    18570         05/26/2013 (7):09/27/2013 (8)
    Elenka             27001        52157           13546    20686         07/11/2013 (8):10/30/2013 (9)
    Ellamin            23000        46731           12583    19723         08/28/2013 (8)
    Heinrich           20707        42714           11441    18581         05/25/2013 (7):09/27/2013 (8)

    ##  Encounter                 XP       GP       Date
    01  Deathtrap Ooze             4800     5000    06/04/2013
    02  Snake Den                  1200     1700    07/15/2013
    03  Guard Post                 4800     5000    08/28/2013
    04  Guardian of the Shrine    14400    10500    09/27/2013
    05  The Lava Shrine           19200    13500    10/30/2013
        Encounter GP/PC                     7140

    ##  Treasure                                                       GP
    01  Wand of Summon Monster II (34 Charges)                          3060 GP
    01  Crown of Swords                                                 6000 GP
    01  Longarm Bracers                                                 7200 GP
    01  Exquisite Emerald                                               5000 GP
    01  Sustaining Spoon                                                5400 GP
    01  Scroll (Phantom Steed, Slow, Magic Circle Against Evil,         3850 GP
                Wall of Iron, Banishment)
    01  Infinite Scrollcase                                             2800 GP
    01  +1 Cunning Cold Iron Quarterstaff (Both ends Enchanted; DC21)  18620 GP
    01  Potion of Gaseous Form (DC 18)                                   750 GP
    01  +1 Adamantine Agile Breastplate, Light Fortification           14800 GP
    02  Mithril Breastplate                                             8400 GP
    01  +1 Mithril Chainmail                                            5150 GP
    01  Ring of Force shield                                            8500 GP
    01  Bag of Holding (Type III)                                       7400 GP
    01  Wand of Flame Blade (31 Charges)                                2790 GP
    01  Pari's Payout                                                   1359 GP
    This is a pretty straightforward cave-crawl. RP as much as you can, try to post descriptions of actions along with some sort of dialogue. Be nice, and have fun!

    I really like to use initiative as rolled, so we'll start with that. If we get TOO bogged down we can change, but if everyone just watches for their turn and posts up an action in a reasonable amount of time we should be fine. I'll roll initiative and post a "Combat Block" with all party members and (perceived) Foes in order of initiative, and will update this each time there are significant changes. I'll post bad guys AC and HP so you guys will know the results of your rolls and can post descriptive text. I trust you not to use this for metagame purposes, 'cause that just wouldn't be fun .

    Environment plays a big part in this adventure - please read the section below and keep it in mind when determining modifiers to your rolls and when writing your descriptions.

    Environmental Modifiers
    • It's HOT. DC 15 Fortitude Save every hour to avoid 1d4 points NL damage. -1 for each previous save required, and -4 for wearing armor. PbP isn't really good for calculating time so I'm trying to decide how to judge an hour. Maybe every 3 rooms or so?
    • It's LOUD and STEAMY. Perception checks are at -2 throughout the adventure.
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    Pari's head bobs enthusiastically as each person is introduced, causing his shock of dark orange hair to wave wildly in the air. He accepts Ellamin's suggestion for a drink and takes a large swallow when it's brought, hardly seeming to notice as the alcohol slides down his throat and he glances twitchily around the room.

    Finally, he gets down to business.

    "As Heinrich no doubt remembers, I spent some months as a young member of my craft hiring out my services from this very inn. I was not too far along in my studies, however, when the Council in Tal Hallow summoned me home and asked me to take an assignment; I was to insert myself into an area just to the southwest of them, sharing a border, where some tales of events that were . . . concerning . . . to the Council were coming to light. Just rumors, but worth investigating.

    "The Barony of Gevallenengel has proven to be most unusual. It's only a small territory in the lower reaches of the Seithr range, consisting of one small village and a wood, with the Baron's castle looming over all from a high clifftop. There's a wood and a rather nice little river through it all. But it doesn't take long once within it's borders to realize that there's more to this place than it seems on the surface. Even after all the time I've spent there, I have not managed to more than scratch the surface.

    "The wood is very overgrown, and travel through it has proven difficult even for a nature priest of my abilities. More, it seems to be considerably larger within than the space it occupies on the map. Other than the main road through the barony, paths within the wood shift, so that the way one takes one day might have changed the next.

    "The villagers are very leery of strangers, guarded and reclusive. There is some trade passing through - there are some necessities for them that they cannot produce for themselves - but merchants stay at an inn just up the river and well outside the village borders and are never allowed within the village itself. I've yet to gain the villagers trust, and have not been allowed into their little hamlet myself.

    "Living within the Barony is an unsettling experience. There's an aura about the place, an atmosphere of breathless expectation and of being watched that's most disturbing. I hardly noticed it at first, but over the course of time it's grown so that even now, even outside the borders, I find myself fighting the urge to look over my shoulder.

    "So much to learn there . . ."

    He drifts off into silence for a moment, a look of absent consideration coming across his leathery features, before taking another long swallow and continuing.

    "Aaahhh. Enough, and on to business. Yestercay I became aware of an oddity, strange even for what I've learned so far of the wood. At the base of the cliffside upon which the Castle Gevallenengel lies - hundreds of feet above or more - there is a cave. I've been inside, it's a simple, natural cave that extends only twenty or thirty feet into the cliff. Or it was. I was on my way by the cavern on an errand of some urgency when I noticed a glow emanating from the cave mouth. It was dim; had it not been twilight I'd not have seen it, but once aware I decided it was worth a short investigation. Moving closer brought the smell of sulfur, and some muted noises from within as well. More, the feel of the air from the place was changed . . . from the outside it feels more like the opening to a larger space than I know is there.

    "Sadly, that errand I mentioned won't wait long enough for me to give this the attention it deserves. I had enough time to spare to spend a day coming here to fetch a few people who might be interested in looking into this for me and even at that I'm pressed.

    "So, to sum up I'm asking the five of you to investigate this cave for me. Once you've looked into it, and taken care of whatever you find to ensure that it does not endanger the Barony or its citizens . . . yes, I've met some of them going about their business in the wood and come to care for them . . . I'd like you to make a brief visit to Tal Hallow to report your findings to the Council. There you will receive a reward commensurate with your services. If they will not pay you - I'm certain that they will, though I've not spoken with them to make arrangements - I will see myself that you receive payment.

    "I think that about covers it . . . are there any questions before we conclude?"


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    "southvest uf Tal holler; baronry uf Gevallenengel, Or fallen angel in common tongue; cave uf prescience, possible summons. We fight, Arianna und I , a cult das ist summoners uf deadly evil. Vith Feuer I fight the Feuer, Fire I fight das vith fire.

    How far ist to white cliff manor? I am .. .. .." Heinrich pausees and sighs, .. .. .. "I am vanted man in mein home, und must to stay avay."

    OOC: it looks like i's have to sell one of my pearl of power lv 1 something to get a wand of cure light

    "I neet to go to arcane pearl fur business furst"

    he returns 2 hours later, his cross bow and bolts are now missing, but there is a smile on his face.

    "I meant arcane row/mystic pearl"
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    Elenka listens carefully and with a look of intense interest on her face. It is obvious before she even speaks that she has already agreed within her mind to take on Pari's request to look into the oddities of this cave.

    "I've not heard of this 'Gevallenengel' though my own birthplace of Pregor'jah and the Chernyj Wood is nestled in the foothills of the Seithr's northern slope. My heart lies in those forests that skirt the lower reaches of the Seithr Mountains and I would gladly return to the area to walk its wooded ways." She smiles, momentarily lost in remembrances.

    "My latest employer sent me to Tal Hallow. I made many acquaintances and have come to love the land and the people who live there. It pleases me to be able to help them; I'm sure my guardian and partner, Drevezh'korol, feels the same. So, yes, Master Pari, count the both of us in; Drevezh'korol will join us on the journey.

    Speaking of which, it is quite a distance..."

    • • • Elenka Danyllova • • •

    Elenka Human Summoner 7
    Initiative: +2 Perception: +9

    AC: 16 (12 touch; 14 flat-footed) Current AC: 16
    HP: 51 Current: 51
    CMB: +6 CMD: 18 Fort: +2 Ref: +4 Will: +7

    In Hand:
    • 1st level: 5/5 remaining.
    • 2nd level: 4/4 remaining.
    • 3rd level: 2/2 remaining.
    Summon Monster 4 7/7
    Bond Senses 7/7 rounds remaining
    Maker's Call 1/1 remaining
    Rod of Extend: 3/3 remaining (3rd lv. or lower)
    • Post-summon SOP: Extend

    Drevezh'Korol Eidolon
    Initiative: +2 Perception: +9; Darkvision 60 ft.

    AC: 22 (12 touch; 20 flat-footed) Current AC: 22
    HP: 56 Current: 56
    CMB: +13 CMD: 25 Fort: +6 Ref: +4 Will: +5 (+9 vs. enchantment)

    In Hand: slam +15 (2d6+12 +1d6 acid +1d6 fire)

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    After a bit of shopping, Arianna heads out on the road that was specified. She knows what the distance of a half mile is, but is still unsure of what an oak is. If the gnome had said a sea fan black coral reef, she would know what she is looking for. Not recognizing anyone on the road, she continues forward, hoping they will recognize her in her sea blue cloak.

    Arianna Mermaid ~ Perception +8, Sense Motive +6, Stealth -1, Low Light Vision
    Base HP 55/0, AC 14, 13 T, 13 FF, Init +2
    Current HP: 55
    , Current AC: 18
    CMB +3, CMD 15, Fort +6, Reflex +4, Will +9 . . Move 15'
    MW Long Spear +4, d8 with 10' reach
    MW DW Spear Gun +6, d8
    Dagger +3, d4 or thrown +5, d4
    Active Enhancements: -
    In hand: none

    Consumables: 15 spear gun bolts, 20 cold iron bolts, 10 days rations,
    . . .... . . . . . . . 1 potions of Cure Light Wounds, (in scarf)
    . . .... . . . . . . . 1 potions of Enlarge Person, Ant Haul, Summon Eidolon, Spider Climb (in scarf)
    . . .... . . . . . . . 1 vial of anti-toxin, 1 holy water (in scarf)
    . . .... . . . . . . . 1 potion of Cure Light Wounds (crutch)
    . . .... . . . . . . . 1 potion of Lesser Restoration, 1 vial of anti-toxin (in backpack)
    .......................1 wand of Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon (47 charges)
    .......................1 wand of Cure Light Wounds (49 charges)

    Summon Monster III: 7/day, 0 used
    .Cantrips: unlimited Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Drench, Jolt, Guidance, Breeze
    . Orisons: unlimited Stabilize, Detect Poison, Purify Food/Drink
    1st Level: 5/day, 1 used Mage Armor, Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon, Shield, Enlarge Person, Feather Fall, Life Conduit
    1st Level: Memorized Bless, Divine Favor, Longstrider(d)
    2nd level: 3/day, 0 used Haste, Lesser Evolution Surge, See Invisibility
    Lesser Rod of Extend: 3 charges/day, 1 used
    Channel Positive Energy:
    7/day, 0 used 1d6 healing
    Interrupt Abilities: Move HP from Arianna (real) to Teq (temp) to keep above zero

    Beast (Teq Oola) ~ Perception +16, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +2, 60' Darkvision and Low Light Vision
    Base HP 55 Real / 42 Temp, AC 28, 12 T, 26 FF, Init +2
    Current HP: 55/42, Current AC: 28
    CMB +8, CMD 20, Fort +8, Reflex +6, Will +11. . Move 40'

    Claw/Claw/Claw/Claw +8, d6+4+1 Arcane Strike + 1d6 shock, arms have 10' reach, legs 5'
    MW Longspear +9, d8+6+1 Arcane Strike with 10' reach
    MW Darkwood Speargun +7, d8+1 Arcane Strike
    Dagger +8, d4+4 or thrown +6, d4+4+1 Arcane Strike
    Jolt +6, d3, RTA spell

    Active Enhancements: Evasion, Extended Mage Armor (12 hours)
    In hand: nothing
    Conditions: AC 28

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    Arianna leaves the city and heads out on the main road. Soon enough she comes in sight of a massive tree, large enough that it would take three grown humans to encircle the trunk with their arms. Beneath the tree stands Pari from the evening before, along with a tiger who's shoulder is well above the Gnomes head.

    The Gnome greets her with a smile . . . she's the first to arrive.

    OOC: More this evening.

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    "It's been a while since I've traveled south; the change of scenery should do nicely to reinvigorate my hobbies. I will gather my things and settle my other business here shortly, and join you all again at the designated meeting place." With that, Ellamin departs, and shows up later at the oak wearing surprisingly subdued clothes, though his excitement of being back on the road means that he's still overflowing with energy.

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    Heinrich settles accounts and leaves word with his uncle at the scrivener's shop, and predictably a heated discussion ensues. In the end His uncle capitulates on the promise tha Heinrich will use utmost care in his talents and skills. Promises given, they shake and he heads out for the groen Eiche, or great oak.He sees it after a bit of a stroll with Pari his tiger friend and the others.

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    Anaerion swings by his home long enough to enjoy his rest for the night. Having finally gotten used to stay awake almost as long as Malkovian, he catches up on reading some of the tales and legends that Malkovian has already read. He finds himself facinated by the tales, trying to remeber why he quit reading them in the first place. Probally trying to learn spells for the first time side tracked me Anaerion thinks to himself as he prepares to sleep for the night, but not before setting up Malkovian with a new book of Venzan Adventures that Anaerion found in his house.

    The next morning, after preparing his spells, Anaerion races to the great oak, his equipment full with new books for Malkovian, and himself sporting the new cloak he just found. Weezing slightly due to himself being out of shape, Anaerion struggles to get his breath out.


    "My bad. REALLY didn't want to that book down. It was so interesting!"

    Looking around at the group, and waiting for his breath to catch up, Anaerion asks "Only one more, correct?"


    Initiative: +9 Perception: +2 (low-light vision)
    AC: 13 (10 flat-footed, 13 Touch )
    HP: 58 Current: 58
    CMB: +2 CMD:15(10ff) Fort: +5 Reflex: +6 Will: +7
    +2 Will vs. Enchantments
    Special: Immune to Magical Sleep
    Current Conditions in Effect:
    Current Weapon in Hand:

    School Focus:
    Shift: 20' Teleport as Dim Door. Does not Provoke AoO (9/9 remaining)
    Summoner's Charm: Summoning Spells Last a total of 12 Rounds
    Fast Study: Can Memorize Open Slots in 1 minute instead of 15 minutes
    Dimensional Steps: 240 feet per day. Must be used in 5' increments

    Malkovian: Happy for now.
    Timely Inspiration: 3/3 Immediate Action, +2 Bonus, Range 60', Immediate action
    Mage Hand: At will. Controllable by Malkovian/ Anaerion
    Bonus Power: Anaerion does not know this power.
    Bonus Boon: Anaerion does not know this power.

    Spells Prepared:
    Level 0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Acid Splash, Mending
    Level 1: Greasex2* (DC 18),Protection From Evil,Magic Missilex2 4d4+4,Unseen Servant,Mage Armor
    Level 2: Glitterdust,Invisibility,Mirror Image,Web*,Create Pit,[OPEN SLOT]
    Level 3: Haste,Summon Monster 3 *,Fly,Dispel Magic,[OPEN SLOT]
    Level 4: Summon Monster 4,Persistant Glitterdust (DC 19),Phantom Chariot,[OPEN SLOT]
    Arcane Bond: Available

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