Many gamers seem to be ready to introduce firearms in their fantasy games. I was wondering what must one think about when doing this? I guess the introduction of guns requires more job than 1d8x3. As this is not the house rules forum we should keep it general.

Rate of Fire

Guns would become popular in a fantasy setting if you could fire them more than once per round. However, the reloading time prohibits this. I assume that revolvers are too advanced for the tastes of most gamers. Now, by carrying two pistols you could fire two shots in a round if you have the Quick Draw feat. However, as Quick Draw requires a free action you can still only use it once per round. So even if you have five guns and five attacks you would still only be able to discharge two. How can this be solved in the spirit of the Core Rules?


Some people think that guns should inflict huge amounts of damage and possibly kill targets instantly. It might be reasonable as a bullet through your head can make you very dead. However, a dagger through your heart can be just as lethal. Therefore firearms in my opinion should do about the same damage as bolts and arrows. Let's assume that there are three different types of firearms; pistols (d6), carbines (d8) and arqubuses (d12). What profiles should these weapons have?

Exotic weapons

I am assuming that guns would be a new thing for most fantasy settings. Therefore all guns should require the exotic weapon feat. However, in a setting where guns have been around for decades firearms should be simple weapons. What do you think?


Not a very exciting topic. Let's move on.


How long does it take to reload a pistol or musket? Can you learn to reload quickly? Is the Rapid Reload feat suitable?


How do you make it? Is magic involved or is it simply a question of a alchemy DC? I think it should be alchemy for I don't particulary like the idea of blackpowder being magical. Guns should be the great equalizer and therefore blackpowder should be able to compete with magic as well on it's own terms.


Which races should have access to guns? Which races should be credited for the invention of firearms? I propose the gnomes invented fireworks and blackpowder. The gnomes did not invent guns however. Pistols and Carbines were invented by humans and at the same time the dwarves invented the arquebus (maybe coupled with an axe's head). The secrets have been stolen from both races by the orcs who now have access to all types. Elves don't like guns and stick to their old bows. The above is just a suggestion. I wouldn't want the elves to have their own masterwork extra super special sniper rifles, but hey that's just me.


If blackpowder works, reasonably you could manufacture bombs. What is the difference between a bomb and a fireball? What about the cannon?

Hm. That's what I can think of for now.