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Spoilers!!!!! Princes of the Apocalypse Spoilers!!!!

Just got Princes of the Apocalypse. Reading through the final dungeons actually makes me think that the Elder Elemental Eye in Faerun really IS going to be Ghaunadaur. Or at least there is a shrine to Ghaunadaur in the Fane of the Elder Elemental Eye. Most probably Ghaunadaur is going to be held out as the FR equivalent to Tharizdun...just as the 5e PHB (I think? DMG maybe?) states that Takhisis is Dragonlance's equivalent of Tiamat. And also making fears about pulling Greyhawk out of the Realms somewhat misplaced. As far as I can tell thusfar, PotA is actually silent on the matter Tharizdun's obex (described in other terms), ziggurats, and assorted madness/purple references appear in places.
The section about Converting it to other worlds is the only place they suggest that Tharizdun could be the Eleder Elemental Eye. (While also saying he might not be.)