1001 Mournland Horrors
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    1001 Mournland Horrors

    Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

    The Mournland is an area of Eberron that is abandoned by the Gods. Nature is twisted, and by Keith Baker's own account, anything can happen. So what indeed does go on behind the dead-gray mist? This list is designed to be a starting point, pulling on all the creativity this board can muster, for features of the Mournland.

    Note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE number your contributions. It makes it easier to reference.
    Note: If you post and find that you're numbering has been rendered incorrect by someone posting before you, please edit your post to maintain continuance. Thanks!
    1) Blood Rain
    2) living metallic grass
    3) Rainbows that disintegrate all that they touch
    4) Hats that float and move in mid-air as though someone were wearing them, occasionally flipping up to salute another passing hat or PC party.
    5) Rivers that appear to be calm and shallow but rapidly become turbulent when someone steps in them.
    6) A village of murderous animated objects (dolls, candlesticks, the buildings themselves)
    7) Gargantuan House cats
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    Originally posted by snikt-snikt:

    8) Acidic rain
    9) Nauseating rain

    (I also do blood rain, but this introduces a rare time in which healing spells function normal.......mostly--brewhahahahaha)
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    Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

    10) rocks that feel like soft sponges
    11) swarm of skull-shaped locusts
    12) continually shivering tree, as if in fear
    13) fata morgana that always seems to come closer, like an advancing horde
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    Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

    14) Hordes of various mundane animals with extra limbs, heads, or tails.
    15) Enchanting illusions of people who welcome you to their home and offer food and lodging... and then disappear, leaving you in the waste of the Mournland.
    16) A vast creature that appears to be part of the landscape.
    17) Rain of arrows
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    Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

    17) Rain of arrows
    I'd have never thought of ordinary arrows, but this fits really well. And all the other submissions are great as well
    Good job everyone, let's keep it up!

    18) A forest of red-barked trees that bleed and shriek if anyone so much as touches them
    19) A river of warm, salty water (tears) that, when in contact with a character, reminds that character of their greatest tragedy.
    20) Reverse-Rain that forms from condensed dew on the ground that flies upward into the dead-gray mist
    21) A canyon of rust
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    Originally posted by hand_of_evil:

    18 - Living dungeons: building that has a taste for death...
    19 - Swarm of 'metal' vermin
    20 - Shifting lands: the ground moves under foot as it there is something below
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    Originally posted by Marshall_Stone:

    22. Rain with drops that wherever they hit an eye, with lids, of various races that fought in Cyre (but not warforged eyes) emerge. A being caught in this rain had better seek shelter immediately or die from the exposure.

    23. Rain that are tears; warm and salty.

    24. Rain that stays where ever it lands as if glued to the spot, building on top of one another, never soaking into the ground or cloth or what have you, evaporating normally.

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    Originally posted by Nived:

    25. The soft sounds of children at play at the edge of hearing slowly turning into screams of horror and agony. Keep this up for a few days in the Mournland even the most iron willed will start to lose their grip.

    26. A field of strange limp straw.... hair growing from the ground.

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    Originally posted by Save-vs-DM:

    27. The voice of a crying woman that seems to come from no discernible location. If weapons are drawn it gets louder.
    28. A ring of ghostly children who are dancing around a beaten gallows where the still fresh corpse of a woman hangs, gently swaying in the breeze. The children are holding hands and chanting ring around the rosy in somber voices. The children appear to be very badly burned, but do not notice their wounds.
    29. The apparition of a bard hunched over the corpse of a fallen woman, playing a mournful tune on a mandolin (If you are familiar with Blackmore's Night, the tune he is play is entitled Beyond the Sunset).
    30. A single children's doll laying in a pool of blood. The sound of a crying child can be heard, but whenever a female character approaches the doll, the crying stops.
    31. A small cluster of farm houses that appear deserted. Food still sits on the table, as if the family will return to their meal shortly. Upon the walls, written in blood, is a single word: Why?
    32. A single weeping willow by the bank of a stream. The leaves continually drip moisture that is warm and salty. Beneath the tree is an unmarked cross.
    33. A woman clutching two children. All three have been turned to stone, but the figure still weep.

    This is good stuff. My players will never enter the Mournland again.
    Save vs DM

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    Originally posted by vharuck:

    34) A vast desert-like wasteland where the upper torsos of people stick out of the ground, their bodies having turned to glass and their arms clawing desperately toward the sky.

    35) A large, monolithic obelisk jutting out of the ground. In the center of the great black rock is a huge (the size of a man's head) eye, its gaze darting back and forth from one person to another.

    36) A gang of hunched over, naked elf-like shapes with no arms or faces. Maybe they have some other way of killing and eating their prey...

    37) A hill of screaming skulls begging for their lives.

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