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    nooneofconsequence vs thimble the squit

    pic 3
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    nooneofconsequence vs thimble the squit

    pic 4, you have 72 hours to turn in your story...
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    Oh, man I put something together for that SO fast. Wish I was competing.

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    Originally posted by Angcuru
    Well, I'll fill the open spot, since timble seems hesitant.

    *cracks knuckles*

    I didn't consider a career as a novelist for nothing...

    ....welll I would have, but it just started. Guess I'll spectate for this one.:rolleyes:
    bad timing angcuru, jump in early next time, and i iwll keep your name as a replacement should someone disappear...

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    *shakes fist at sky*
    DAMN YOU INTERNET! Stupid microwave oven radiation waves disrupting my wireless internet connection! EDIT......so that I couldn't respond earlier.

    I wonder if noone and thimble got the same idea I did...*bites tongue*
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    Message received and under...consideration?

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    Originally posted by Sniktch

    It is good to meet you again in the arena of Ceramic DM.

    All late-night-induced ribbing aside, same sentiments here. I look forward to reading your tale, no matter what may result from this match.

    And these pictures are just perfect, alsih2o. Thought provoking.


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    I failed my Will save...

    I suspect Angcuru's idea would have been much better than mine but, oh well...

    I apologise in advance; I fumbled my Will save on this one. I just couldn't resist.

    Anyway, here's my story:

    The Hag and the Hive

    Im the guy with the knife. Handsome arent I? The girls love me. I actually love one of them back too, which is convenient in a slushy, romantic kind of way.

    Ophelia. Id do anything for that girl. Except, of course, shes not a girl anymore shes a bug. A bee, to be exact.
    And thats not so convenient.

    Sycorax the hag had decided she needed a new queen for her hive and so now Ive got to go in and convince the old witch to change her mind and to change Ophelia back.

    Which is why I find myself now, stripped naked in front of her cave, ready to dive into the waterfall, armed only with my knife, my wits and my staggering good looks. The things we do for love.

    Im not a terribly good swimmer; I dont see the point in getting wet unless theres a lady in the pool with you and that doesnt happen all that often, mores the pity. Ophelias a very good swimmer well, she was, before Sycorax turned her into a honey bee.

    Ah well. I held my breath and grip my knife in my teeth and dive in. The waterfall gave me a pretty good pounding so I was already feeling beaten up when I climbed out into the hags grotto. Not a good start to a fight, really.

    Do you expect you can defeat me? the hag cackled. She held her single eye in her left hand, her right hand was stirring something foul-smelling in a cauldron. She turned her eye towards me and my knife. Little naked boy, you have no chance. I will shrivel your manhood with my magic.

    Nah, I said, trying my best to be cheerful. The cold water already did that. You dont scare me, witch. Well, that wasnt entirely true I was bricking it, but I wasnt about to let that show. Hopefully, my shaking knees would just seem like shivering from the wet.

    You turned my beloved into a bee turn her back or I will blind you, Sycorax! I proclaimed, brandishing my knife at the hag. Im one of the best knife-throwers youd ever meet; a flick of the wrist and shed lose her eye.

    Sycorax said something in a strange language and gestured at me with her ladle. My knife withered in my hand like a dead flower. Uh-oh. I think I said something clever then, like, Meep!

    Ophelia wished to be a queen, the witch said, so I put her in my hive. You can join her if you like. She waved her hand towards the back of her cave and, with a word, the wall shifted and opened up like a window.

    I could see a bright sunshine on a verdant field beyond and, hanging from a lone tree, a hive swarming with bees. In the heart of that golden honeycomb, I knew Ophelia waited for me.

    You can join her, Sycorax repeated.

    I had to think about that.

    To bee or not to bee.

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    wow, thimble! turned in with 60 hours to spare

    you are like the ainti mirthcard he has been known to turn in pieces the exact minute they are due

    as soon as your opponent turns their story in we will begin the judging, good luck!

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    Holy Moly! And I have yet to put my pen to paper (although the burners are cooking - I have an idea, oh yes, I have an idea )

    LOL, good job, Thimble - short and, er, sweet I got a few chuckles out of your tale, good luck on the judgements

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