Our group has one player with the amazing ability to make every charachter next to useless. Not that he should cheese them out and min/max, but he's got this wonderful ability to have characters that are nothing more then space heaters with swords. Anyone else with this problme/source of humor?

He's got one bounty-hunter type fighter/rogue. Well, due to his distribution of skills and feats, he can't fight and he can't do any roguish sneaky sneaky. For the most part, he just absorbs damage for the other players and provides misinformation due to no skill ability.

In a party with a necromancer, he made an undead slayer.... And this was on a world with no undead (long story)... take my wife, please...

A paladin he made had such a low charisma, he had a negative mod to his class abilities.

Had one wizard so obsessed with destruction that he only memorized area of effect damage spells. And the game ended up beging fought mostly indoors...

Passed on using a vorpal magic sword with one warrior because he thought his plain old wood chopping axe looked cooler.

Made a super-strong guy in a superhero game with no real fighting ability or way to absorb damage. He'd run up to a villan, swing and miss, then get knocked out because the humidiity changed.