Your character does WHAT?!!!

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    Your character does WHAT?!!!

    Hasn┤t any of the characters in your game done something so stupid,nonsense or simply outrageous?

    I remember while DMing Return to the Tom of Horrors that after having explained thoroughly and lengthfully to the players how careful they had to be with the Necromancers near the tomb┤s entrance(There┤s a whole school of Necromancers here,okay? Remember:a whole school filled with mages with high level teachers. ) they went to an inn and the fighter bumped into a Necromancer at the inn┤s door.
    The Necromancer said something like:
    You moron!! Mind your step!!
    Fighter: I chop his head off......

    He actually did.
    People think dreams aren't real just because they aren't made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.

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    I could give you any number of these...

    In last nights game, I was running an ongoing epic campaign. Through a fluke accident destroying an ancient artifact, the characters were hurled through dimensions, and wound up on modern-day earth.

    The player playing a dwarf was walking down the "strange, hard-packed path with the yellow line" and saw a "large, metal carrige, but without horses drawing it, moving toward him at twice the clip he had ever seen one move before".

    Dwarves responce?

    "I grab my axe and charge it!"

    And boy, did he ever...

    Never used a D30 for damage before...

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    Two companions of mine in a game my friend Fayredeth was DMing burned down half of a city one game...that was interesting. These two knuckleheads got pissed off at some bar, and decided to torch the place at night--with far too many flasks of oil. My character awoke the next morning to the smell of smoke--and looking out the window I noticed that half of the city was on fire.... I ended up having to turn in my friends on behalf of the king... I sort of felt obligated to do it because I was a cleric and they had killed hundreds or thousands, but after that game one of the players exclaimed: "You're not chaotic good, you're chaotic bogus!" An interesting session to say the least.
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    Rubeus Hagrid
    Best I have is my wife, back when we were still just engaged (1984 or so). She was the Wizard, and the Paladin and Thief were checking out a Graveyard on the outskirts of the city. They ascertained that the entrance to the Vampire lair was through a mausoleum, and had the mage Fireball it. No one check for illusory stairs, and her 1st Edition 6d6 Fireball went off in a 10x10 foot concrete structure, with the entire party facing the only open space. The Thief survived by hiding behind the Paladin, who used his two remaining HP to help the Thief carry the others back to be raised.

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    A 6th-level paladin among my players actually challenged a Blackguard to a duel after I had explained to him what it meant when someone detected as Overwhelmingly Evil.
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    We were hidden near the entrance of a temple where a powerful lich had the Hand of Vecna and at the entrance there were two Nightcrawlers.....While the rest of the group was arguing about the best way to kill them with the minimum body count possible(on our side) I looked at the other warrior of the group (Ftr 18 Wis 5) I was a dwarf fighter (Ftr 17 Wis 7) and next thing the rest of the group hear is a double cry: CHAAAARRRGE!!! They had to charge as well....The strange thing is,the only Characters who survived the carnage were the low wisdom Fighters
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    DUMB BUTT moments abound in my game --- much to frequently.

    Instead I will give my most dumb butt moment -
    We were playing Dark Champions - Hudson City Blues. Our secret base had been comprimised and as vigilantes we were close to being on the lamb. We decided to move the secret base - so we spent 3 days moving labs and equiptment. At some point during the last day of moving, I said something like -

    "It is a good thing we switched bases, since they had our base under survailence they might have found out our secret ID's also. Oh crap, we moved the base in our secret ID's."

    Me to GM "Do you thank anybody saw?"

    GM to me "The guys in the truck that has been following you for three days more than likely have."
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    People think dreams aren't real just because they aren't made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.

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    What Dream said.
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    The best that comes to mind is from a Mage: the Ascension game that I'm in the middle of running.

    The pcs are being hunted by a well-armed and intelligent witch-hunter who has decided that the best way to take out a group of people who can alter reality with a thought is with a high-powered sniper rifle. By blind luck, the first shot barely misses one of the pcs and they scatter for cover. Well, most of them do. The non-combat Cultist of Ecstacy decided that he's going over to where the sniper is to deal with him, up close and personal, without the rest of the party.

    He survives crossing the open ground to the building where the hunteris hiding but ends up neatly silhouetting himself in the doorway just as the hunter is turning to leave. Scratch one PC.
    -This is all IMHO, of course

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