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    On a road trip today which was ending in a game of W.O.I.N. my room-mate and I were looking through the new write-ups of Modern Careers. We happened across this under Teacher:

    • Textbook. You may choose any skill. You have a textbook about that subject on you. You have that skill at the same number of ranks as your LUC score. You may change your textbook and switch to a different skill by visiting a library, bookstore, or other source of books. This may not be a skill you use a physical attribute (STR, AGI, END) with.

    In discussing it we realized this could have real implications if it was allowed to be used with things like Psi or Magic skills. I think I like the idea of the Wizard pulling out his Tome and using his luck rating as a skill rating for a time on casting...

    I might say that it's not useful in combat... to hard to reference the text but otherwise... casting between... well.

    Anyone else think this is a cool idea.

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    That's exactly the intention. Think Giles from Buffy looking up magic stuff.

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