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    [D&D] [D&D] God Creation - Immortals Ascencion

    Hello there o/
    I have been a DM for about 3 years and i have recently stumbled upon the immortals handbook - ascension

    With my most recent group we have been leveling to almost epic tier and i have thought about adopting part of the rules from this book for material.
    I have been trying to get a grasp of how this book works but there are a few things that have been confusing, mainly god creation

    Here are a few examples:
    Lets say i am trying to make Hercules from the dnd god handbook
    Assuming he has a rank of 5 (making him a quasi deity) he would 2d6+18 class levels + X outsider hit dice.
    How many hit dice?
    I see it states a Minimum Hit Dice/levels: being 20 does that mean he will have 500 outsider Hd?

    Also i am trying to adapt bahamut from the books,
    assuming he has a divine rank of 10 how many hit dice and class levels will he have? or will he have all racial(dragon) hit dice and get the abilities of the classes?

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    A quasi-deity has around 2d6+18 HD or class level or a combination of the two, to have 500HD you would need to create a Demiurge (Stage 2). Outsiders who become immortal advance using HD only and they get integrated class leve equal to half their HD, mortals who become immortal use class level or a combination of HD and class level. In this instance your quasi-deity could have 20 levels of fighter, 10 levels of fighter and 10 HD or any other combination of HD or class you think is more appropriate up to 2d6 + 18, with a minimum of 20 total.

    You can find a good interpretation of Bahamut using the Ascension rule here: http://d20npcs.wikia.com/wiki/Bahamu...latinum_Dragon

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    Here are a few more questions:
    (page 17) Assuming you have 50 outsider HD and 50 class HD do you gain the benefit of having 100 total HD or 50?
    Then also from the same page and with 50 class HD and 50 outsider HD do you get 25 integrated levels on top of that since you have 50 levels in outsider?

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    In the first case ( a deity with 50 outsider hd and 50 class hd) the deity will have 100 hd all its benefits(hit points, at least 34 feats and skill points maximum would be 100+3) in the second case yes the deity would have the class features of a 75 level character with that class.

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    another question: do you get the template for each rank of the diety (pg 28-45) and the benefits on page 17?

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    The benefits on page 17 are for outsiders that are not deities.
    If you want to stat an outsider you use these.
    If you want to stat a deity you use the templates in pages 28-45.

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    new question:
    when creating a diety do i take the stats from page 26 and combine them with the templates
    assuming it was a greater diety (without specifying class)
    Good stats would be 55 (page 26) + 32 (page 36) + (page 26)up to 1/4 hd

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    You dont combine with the templates, the stats from page 26 have allready the templates applied.
    So the greater deity would have the stats you said plus the stats from hit dice and any feats-divine abilities-cosmic abilities.

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    Also though, to note, double check things as things are 90% complete and you may find redundancies and other bits that don't always add up, as long as you're willing to fill in the blanks though the system is freaking awesome.

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    I have discussed and decided to let my players take on godhood
    By doing so i have picked apart the benefits of gods and have made them a mix of granular and proficiency based giving benefits as we go from HD to HD
    However i do not know if i am doing this right....
    Are players supposed to be able to become gods? it kinda loosely mentions it throughout the book. if so how do i properly adjust other gods against them?
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