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    Re: Question.

    Originally posted by The Forsaken One
    Anyone interested in updating me on what the hell the elder races are...? They seem like ultimate whoopass incarnated but if anyone wants to explain? Be my guest.
    Big, slimy, tentacular god-things. Chtulu (sp?) is one of the lesser kind of these creatures and he can, apparently, kill dozens of adventurers of any level every round without a save, attackroll or spellresistance.


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    kaboom- the "testing" of your defenses.. it's nice to know when you are "attacked" so I'd start paying some attention it's in the first thread turn3.

    Serpent- Tnx ok big nasty oozy slimy things with tentacles... Ilsensine is one too!

    Visions- Black Brotherhood is what my wits are telling me..... since they started with allout crap.... and now they are trying to lure everyone into attacking the most potent foes they have and who are digging hard and deep into their organasation. They are just tricking others in doing the dirty work for them and getting the pressure of them.
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    While Archcleric Hazen is trying to figure out why the Seers would be so badly mislead concerning what Vecna was going to do ... they have stated he is going to do a whole bunch of things he cannot do, say they ... he has his progress report on the Red Death.
    The effort to stop it is going well.
    The efforts of the Torilians, combined with the efforts of the clerics of the Kevellond League, have immunized the military, and are well on their way through the civilian population.

    And even if a few people die, and become undead, they cannot reinfect people with the disease.
    Of course, being undead, they can still KILL people, but the Kevellond League has plenty of clerics to deal with a few undead.

    Archcleric Hazen takes a badly needed rest in his chair, looking out across the sky.
    It is midday, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining down warm and bright on this late summer day.
    In the trees, a breeze softly rustles the leaves. It is going to be one of those long, slow, summer evenings where the fireflies light up the dimness with their sparkling glory.

    The birdsong comes back to Archcleric Hazen's mind.
    One thing about birds, they sure sing beautifully. Hazen notes that if everyone could sing like birds do, the choirs in the churches would draw in every person in the Realm to listen to them.
    Listening to them, Hazen also notes there sure are a lot of birds. Birds everywhere. Why, there must be millions of birds in Veluna alone.
    Billions upon billions of them, in the vast wide world.

    Archcleric Hazen sits back, sipping his drink, taking his ease, relaxing after the long grueling day of healing people from the Red Death.

    Then it hits.
    The glass shatters on the pavement, the drink pouring across the flagstones, forgotten.

    Billions of them. Billions.

    Archcleric Hazen hastily throws detect magic, and detect evil.
    And there it is.

    It is very faint, and it has been overlooked so far by everyone, but it is there.

    The faint, fatal tinge of red. Within the birds.
    They are incubating with the Red Death.

    I assume Archcleric Hazen runs yelling back into the church, calling for divinations.

    The divinations show the worst is true.

    All the birds are infected. Every one, except for those directly associated with the Faerie.
    Not only that, but all of the animals are infected.
    And all of the Sea Life of Oerth.

    Acererak underestimated the strength of his own disease. He may have intended the plague to strike at humans, demihumans, and humanoids only.
    It is striking at every mammal on the planet.
    The reptiles are immune, but not the mammals.

    Then, Archcleric Hazen comes to a grim conclusion.

    Yes, the undead produced by the disease cannot reinfect someone that is immune.
    But they can still kill that person.
    And there will not be only a few undead.
    There will not be only a moderate number of undead.
    There will not be only a tremendous, endless army of undead.
    There will be countless billions of undead.

    Unless a miracle occurs.

    - - -

    Vecna, who did not send the disease and had nothing to do with the whole thing, nevertheless is currently laughing.
    He cradles Ahlissa, and comments:

    The Servitor Races are finally coming to a True Comprehension of the situation.
    And no, the Dark Union will not escape.
    Neither will the Scarlet Brotherhood.
    Neither will the Underdark Races.
    Nobody will escape.
    Acererak, my friend, you are more powerful and worthy than you give yourself credit for.
    But tsk, tsk ... you have overdone yourself, my friend. You should be a little more careful. Our worthy subjects, the Suel, will suffer also from this.
    Oh well ... the weak will be weeded out, and the strong shall survive. The way it should be.

    Vecna leans back, definitely taking his ease, watching the happenings across the Flanaess in his magic mirror, drinking an unholy concoction which for him is the equivalent of fine wine.
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    Yes - as for what the seers have been saying, that's a load of bull. I may not be familiar with 10th level magic, and I'm definitely not familiar with 11th level magic, but I'm assuming that Forrester knows what he is doing. That's what we get for using divination magic, I suppose.

    As for the cure to this disease, Edena... how goes our research? I'm primarily interested in our main research facilities, but I'd also like to know how that "tiny golem" project is going. Are we getting anywhere? Have we found references to this disease in older texts?
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    Yes, GnomeWorks.
    The Lortmil Technomancy is very close to having an innoculation for the disease.
    They are even ready to mass produce it, once it is finalized.

    The Lortmil Technomancy long ago deduced what the disease was.
    It was created as a battle weapon by the suel mages of the Arcane Age, and it was originally an 11th level spell.

    Acererak has thrown a greatly weakened version of it, which has simply spread out of control.

    Unfortunately, it just spread out of Acererak's control also.
    I seriously doubt Acererak intended that his illness strike at the birds, animals, and sea life of the world.
    Yet, that is what it is doing now.

    The Lortmil Technomancy has no hope of making enough innoculations for the birds and animals.
    That is impossible.

    It would appear that Oerth is about to be hit by the greatest Undead Plague in it's entire history, starting late on Turn 4.
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    Thayadon's sending

    Thayadon Fasfoni does an Oerth-wide sending.

    A voice is herd by every creature on Oerth, stating: I am Thayadon Fasfoni, King of the Sky-Sea League. The Red Death has infected all mammals. It will kill everyone, unless something is done. We of the Sky-Sea League are going to do that something. I have heard that on Toril, after the elves of Evermeet were killed, they unleashed powerful and deadly magic on that world. The magic would have destroyed every being on Toril, if not for the heroic actions of the Psionics League. The Psionics League sacrificed themselves. This sacrifice enabled the Tortallons to survive. We, of the Sky-Sea League, are doing the same thing. Our life forces will fuel the magic to destroy the Red Death. Although not all of us will die, many will, including me.

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    Vecna hears this, and snorts.

    Then he speaks to himself:

    How noble. How utterly lofty and selfless.

    Of course, Acererak will simply start a second plague, right after they all kill themselves stopping the first one.

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    The Plague

    This is bad. Very, very bad. But the Dark Union can still be spared. Acererak gave us the antidote, after all. That is the reason why the Union was not affected earlier. Since we have the antidote all we have to do is find a way to mass produce it and distribute it throughout the Union territories via the water or the air into all organisms.
    All researchers available (quite a few since we have over 200ppts) are put to work doing this. The God Emperor himself takes an interest in the studies. Acererak is contacted for scientific cooperation.
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    Sorry, that I didn't say exactly what the Sky-Sea League is doing.

    We are casting a 9th level spell that destroys the red death and make everyone immune to it. This spell has been heightened with the life force of half the Sky-Sea League.

    We are doing this to, quite simply, to save the world.
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    Well, i finally got back to the boards (after half a week) and caught up on everything that's happened so far.

    Edena, i'd like to point out that Kas along with his legiona ARE FROM the arcane age and familiar with 10th and 11th level magic. We know all the diseases that were created then. Thus we know how they can be stopped (even if we don't have 10th or 11th level magic to stop them with). So, using our knowledge of the diseases of that time, both magical and natural, we will begin a program in the Dark Union of making everybody immune to each disease (or at least as resistant as possible) from the arcane age that we can. This will take a long time, so we start with the people in charge of the armies and territories.

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