Gamers Wanted! 2 Players Needed. AD&D 2e Online using Roll20. Any Location.
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    2 Players Needed. AD&D 2e Online using Roll20. Any Location.

    Hello fellow gamers,

    AD&D 2nd Edition is still beloved by many gamers across the world. We would like to extend an invitation to a well organized gaming group using You do not need dice or books as it's all provided there for you. If you are new to Roll20, it is very simple and user-friendly and we will be happy to teach you how to use it. All players are required to play using voice chat on Discord. Please do not feel overwhelmed if you aren't familiar with any of this as it is a piece of cake to set up and use. If you do not have a microphone or headset, you can easily use your mobile phone instead, some prefer it anyway. Roll20 can also be ran on your smartphone or tablet, but a computer is preferable as we have maps and figurines that must be moved around so it's more convenient to have a bigger screen.

    Sessions run everybody Saturday at 7pm CDT.

    If you are anxious to run your own campaign then you will have a chance, but you must have experience using the roll20 interface to dm effectively.

    About Us:
    We are a fun group that puts emphasis on role-playing and teamwork. You will be respected, heard and your reliability will be very much appreciated. You will feel welcomed and comfortable, so don't be shy.

    Feel free to message me here or send an email to
    We look forward to gaming with you!
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