Gamers Wanted! Pathfinder in Delaware, OHIO
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    Pathfinder in Delaware, OHIO

    Located about 20-30 minutes north of Columbus, Ohio. Not the state of Delaware.

    In need of a new gamer. Group is currently three 40-44 year olds and we play in my home here in Delaware. No pets and not a smoker home. We tend to just sit back and enjoy the game as opposed to being too serious. I do have a dedicated gaming room too with a digital gaming table, so it's a pretty nice environment for gaming I think.

    Weekly game on Saturday nights starting around 8:30pm. USually we stop around 12 to 1am.

    I'm about the only weirdo talking in character.

    Rules lawyers who take the game that seriously usually end up not having fun with us. Weird personality quirks are acceptable, but being friendly and open is a requirement.

    Need a gamer immediately as possible.
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