Hello there!

I have an established group, all set and ready to start on the Kingmaker adventure path....and our GM has dropped off the face of the earth, leaving us high and dry. We've waited for 3 weeks, but no contact has been made, so we're looking to replace him.

We have characters made and ready to go, we just need the GM.

About the group: We have 4 new players who have never played Pathfinder before, one old grizzled veteran who started with the Red Box back in prehistoric times, and myself, a veteran player who playtested the original game, and every supplement through Ultimate Combat.

We were originally looking to play in the early evenings (around 6:30-7pm Central time) on every other Sunday (for clarity's sake, 9/10/17 would have been an off week). Timing is slightly flexible, but it would be nice if we could stick close to that. Roll20 is our preferred medium, and we have been using Discord for communications to this point.

So please, drop me a line if you're interested. We are very excited to get this adventure started!