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    The captured Black Brotherhood agents are not only ready, but willing to talk.

    In fact, they rather insist they be allowed to...


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    That strange chunk of "unclaimed" land just north of my borders...

    Can I claim it? It would make my borders look a little better, and currently I am informed that it is just some nameless chunck of land to my north.
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    This article will answer questions about what you can and cannot do with 10th level magic.

    It answers posts from above, and also all posts from BELOW this post.
    It answers all e-mails sent to me.
    I want everyone to see the answers to these important questions.

    - - -

    Looks like I'm getting 10th level magic -- in fact, I think I'm at about 58 pts right now. I hedged my bets, just in case.

    ANSWER: Starting at 50 PL in the Magical Arms Race, you are considered to be going
    for 11th level magic.
    From now on, you lose 4 PL for every 10 PL you spend on the Magical Arms Race
    (anyone helping you, suffers the same fate.) When you reach 200 PL in the
    Magical Arms Race, you will be able to freely use 11th level magic.
    I halved your number over 50 to represent the greater amount of effort
    required to go onward beyond 50.

    - - -

    If you have any more details about how 10th level magic works, or what we can do with it, I'm sure we'd be greatly appreciative. For instance:

    ANSWER: I do indeed. Go to the WOTC site, and download Netheril, Empire of Magic.
    And, download Cormanthor, Empire of Elves.
    Both are free downloads.
    Look at the 10th level spells in both, and study the Mythal in Cormanthor.
    This will give you an appreciation of the magnitude of 10th level magic.

    - - -

    1) If our force is split apart into two pieces, can both forces teleport at will? I'm guessing that it's pretty much the case, given you could do the following:

    ANSWER: With 10th level magic, any part of your force (every 1 PL) can go anywhere, anytime, as it pleases, without any limits at all.
    With 10th level magic, any part of your force (every 1 PL) can hide in an Extraplanar Space. Only an attack with 10th level magic will breach this defense, and allow your force in hiding to be attacked (or, for that matter, to even be detected.)

    - - -

    How powerful is my scrying?

    ANSWER: You can now scry anyone and everyone, and everything, in the IR. Period.
    You know the exact location of all PCs and NPCs, wherever they are, no matter how hard they try to hide from you or what they do to stop your scrying.
    Nothing can hide from you.
    The strength and location of all forces on the board are always known to you.

    EXCEPTION: Those Powers who specifically have 10th level magic (NOT their allies!) are shielded from your scrying.
    Their armies are shielded from your scrying.
    If an army of their allies attempts to hide within the shielding of the army with 10th level magic, you will still see them (but you will not see the army shielded by 10th level magic.)

    - - -

    Can I immediately know who is my enemy, and who is my friend?

    ANSWER: Yes. You may mind-read any individual and discern their feelings ... they cannot protect themselves from this mind scanning.
    Anabstercorian and Acererak, and all Demipowers, are an exception to the rule ... they are strong enough to resist 10th level magic.

    - - -

    And who plans on betraying me?

    Of course, they must inform ME they are betraying you, for me to pass that information on to you.
    If they refuse to tell me their plans, I cannot tell you their plans, but I CAN rule their plans fail against you because of your 10th level magic.

    - - -

    If I'm about to invade some place, can I use my scrying to determine where and what all the traps are, so that I can better avoid them (i.e., making it so that the bad guys get a lower or nonexistent defensive bonus)?
    This is on top of the offensive bonus received for having 10th level magic, of course.

    ANSWER: Yes, you can do that.
    Normal defensive works and barriers will not protect the individuals using them from you. Traps and tricks are useless against you.
    Powerful spells of 6th level and higher will still prove effective against you, if the defender uses them creatively.

    - - -

    Can I give my offensive/defensive 10th level magic bonus to only my troops, or troops in any given army?

    ANSWER: Your entire army is assumed to have 10th level magic. However, you may not share it with any other Power, including your own allies.

    - - -

    Can I use 10th level magic to make it daytime -- NOON daytime, no clouds all the time, for one month?, all across Oerth? Or at least across a certain person's land . . . heh heh heh.

    ANSWER: No. That would require 11th level magic. You could light up a single country the size of Furyondy for a Turn, however. Multiple 9th level spells could slowly darken your light. 10th level magic would darken it quickly.

    - - -

    How resistant to other magics/persons are we? Is there any danger that Abasquidscorian can pull some sort of Super Duper Empowered Wish-Channeled
    > Mind Domination on me, even though I'm protected with 10th level magic?

    ANSWER: No. Anabstercorian's tricks will not work against you. The next time he jumps into a battle in which you are involved, he is in for a rude surprise.
    He may get away, but he will be badly damaged.
    The same applies to anyone trying to pull the stunt of leaping into the battle, killing a few people (or a few hundred) and leaping back out.
    They will find themselves with much more than they bargained for.

    - - -

    This is related to the question of how 10th level magic increases our personal PL level.

    ANSWER: You may increase the PL of your PC and NPCs by 1 PL with 10th level magic, permanently.
    This is immediate, but you must state you are doing so.

    - - -

    Now that I have 10th level magic, can I travel to Realmspace?

    ANSWER: Yes, but you must face first the Angels, and after that the Border Guard.
    I would recommend you wait until you have 11th level magic before attempting this.
    You may jump to any other Crystal Sphere, or any Plane, or Sigil, as you please.
    All your armies may do likewise (although if you transport an army to Sigil, the Lady of Pain will soon kick it back out.)

    I plan to finish off a certain someone this turn.

    ANSWER: Directly attacking and killing an enemy PC is now allowed with 10th level magic.
    Attacks on NPCs are subject to my arbitration.
    After losing one player in this IR, and nearly losing another, over this matter, I have disallowed such attempts.

    - - -

    I want to know how everyone else is allocating their PL.
    I want to know, before I begin allocating my PL.
    Can I do that with 10th level magic?

    ANSWER: You cannot know everyone else's PL allocation before you allocate your PL, with 10th level magic. 10th level magic doesn't grant that level of omniscience.
    However, once all the Powers have allocated PL, your Power CAN know IC how they allocated their PL, before you begin your actions in the Turn.
    A WARNING to all Powers without 10th level magic - take note of this. For if you deploy no PL to troops, an enemy with 10th level magic is going to know about it.

    - - -

    Can I increase the rate at which I can industrialize or advance my civilization, through 10th level magic?

    ANSWER: No. You must still spend PL on the Industrial Arms Race and Advancing your Civilization as normal. You are still limited to gaining 4 PL in the Technological Arms Race each Turn.

    - - -

    What are the things listed in the Rules for 10th level magic?

    ANSWER (from the Rules Post):


    Your entire army can move as many times as it wishes, to anywhere on Oerth or in Greyspace, during the Turn (if obliterated in a battle, obviously it can't move again.)
    Your entire army can be protected from the hostile effects of Wildspace, being underwater, or being immersed in acid or lava.
    Your entire army can be protected from magical curses, magical disease, and normal illness.
    Your entire army can be relieved of the need for sleep and rest for over a week per Turn.
    You can build ships immune to normal storms, waves, normal fire, and normal maritime ballistae and catapults.
    You can build ships that will fly.
    You can build ships that can submerge like submarines.
    You can build walls around your cities that cannot be broken by siege equipment or even small artillery.
    You can build structures within your cities that are immune to small artillery, the might of fairly powerful monsters, great heat, or earthquakes.
    You can build great underground bunkers, extending for thousands of feet beneath the surface.
    You can create permanent Gates, from your land to other places on Oerth, in Greyspace, or to other Planes of existence.
    Your PCs, NPCs, and army (but not the armies of other Powers or any kind of Planar Armies) can freely use these Gates.
    You can create Pocket Dimensions. In these realities, your civilian population can safely hide, or you may use these to house troops (in stasis, obviously) or supplies, or anything you please.
    Nothing can break into your Pocket Dimensions that does not also have 10th level magic.
    You can enable your cities to fly, as per Netheril, in which case they can move around at 20 mph.
    You can create a base of rock upon which to rest your flying cities, that is imprenable to anything less than large artillery or very great monsters.
    You can alter the climate of your land, by one degree (arctic to subarctic to cold temperate to warm temperate to subtropical to tropical to equatorial - totally dry to dry to semidry to semiwet to wet to flooded) per Turn.
    You can alter the flora and fauna of your land, by one level of change (from the flora and fauna of the warm temperate lands, to the flora and fauna of the subtropics) per turn.
    You may partially alter the geography in one place within your land, per turn (one part of a mountain range, a range of hills, part of a great river valley, the whole of a small river valley.)
    Such a change could involve diverting the course of a river, making mountains taller or shorter, making hills higher or lower, cleaving a new pass through the mountains, creating a small lake, drying up a small lake, altering the size of a large lake, and similar lesser changes.

    You may create one Mythal over one of your cities, or over a four thousand square mile area of your land, where reality can be drastically altered.

    A Mythal could allow:

    Your army could be healed totally after a few days within it.
    Your army could be protected from magical disease or curses within it.
    The whole area could be warded against teleportation or scrying into the area.
    Certain races can be banned from the Mythal area, and be totally unable to enter (up to 10 stated races.)
    Every being in the Mythal area could gain up to 5 innate magical powers of 3rd level or less, while they remain in the Mythal.

    You can greatly extend the lifespan of a handful of your people, to hundreds of years if human or halfling, a thousand if elven, dwarven, or gnomish.
    You can attempt to give your entire population innate magical abilities of 2nd level or less (one ability per Turn.)
    Your ability to attack another Power is greatly enhanced, and I will take this into account whenever you make an attack.
    Your ability to defend yourself from an attack is greatly enhanced, and I will take this into account whenever you are attacked.
    You can scry your enemies pitilessly with 10th level magic ... they cannot hide from you.
    You can keep track of exactly where every PC and NPC in the IR is, at all times. (Amulets of Proof Against Detection and Location will not work against 10th level magic.)

    You may throw a catastrophe upon one enemy nation (not Power, but nation.)
    You choose the kind of attack: volcanic eruption, firestorm, earthquake, tidal wave, wild magic storm, super arctic cold (100 below zero), super heat wave (200 degrees), colossal storms and tempests, rains of acidic blood, rains of colorless death, or anything else that pleases you.
    If the enemy has 10th level magic, he can block your attack.
    If the enemy uses a Wish spell, he can partly block it (I require the wording of the Wish spell in an e-mail.)
    Mutiple Wishes could nullify your attack: take comfort in the fact your enemies will pay a very high price for using those Wishes to stop you.
    This attack will devastate an area the size of a small country, such as Dullstrand or the Duchy of Ulek, or cause serious damage across a larger country like Furyondy or Ahlissa.
    Your enemy's Power Level will suffer ... the Power Level of a small nation will be obliterated; the Power Level of a larger nation will be reduced.
    Such an attack will permanently alter the geography, flora, fauna, and possibly the climate of the area attacked.

    - - -

    Edena, question: Can you put up a mythal over 4000 square miles and whithin the territory have a city with a different mythal or a overlapping one inside of it?

    ((ANSWER: I request you download Cormanthor: Empire of Elves, from the Internet. It can be downloaded from the WOTC site for free.
    It gives extensive details on Mythals, which you should understand.
    You should do this, and take the time to appreciate the magnitude of what you are getting yourself into here.
    This is not paltry, petty magic such as a Wish, Temporal Stasis, Time Stop, or other such weak spells.
    This is 10TH LEVEL magic.

    To answer your actual question: A Mythal may be created over an area of 4000 square miles, and may extend upward by 1 to 10 miles, and downward by 1 to 10 miles.
    Another Mythal cannot be placed inside the first Mythal.
    Two Mythals cannot overlap.
    Two Mythals can stand side by side if they do not touch.
    Once a Mythal is established, it cannot be torn down by any spell of 9th level or lower, no matter how many times that spell is cast or how cleverly the caster tries (this includes multiple Wishes.)
    A Mythal cannot be downed by an enemy 10th level spell, unless the enemy has a large force of mages present to besiege the Mythal in question, and they spend the entire Turn bombarding it with 10th level magic designed specifically to destroy it.
    Creating a Mythal costs 1 PL, lost from your Power, permanently.
    It is a long, exhausting, and extremely (extremely is an extreme understatement) expensive spell to cast.

    Within a Mythal, reality is altered fundamentally.
    I URGE Kalanyr, Forsaken One, and Festy Dog to download Cormanthor: Empire of Elves, and to read on the properties of the Mythal, which covers a whole chapter therein.))

    - - -

    Spelljammers will be immune to any non magical attacks and elemental attacks and their speed will be greatly increased along with their maneuverability?

    ((ANSWER: With 10th level magic, you can create Greater Helms and Lesser Helms, permanently. This cannot be done with lesser spells at all.
    These Helms are the piloting devices of spelljamming ships.
    Thus, with 10th level magic, you may convert your entire fleet of vessels into spelljammers, or create new spelljammers as fast as you could build ships.
    If you already have spelljammers, they can outfly, outrun, and outmaneuver other spelljamming ships to the point where no battle will take place: it will be a complete massacre of one side against the other side.
    It would be like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, The Next Generation taking on the Enterprise from the Star Trek shows of the 1960s, with the same results.
    Or, for those of you who understand Star Fleet Battles, it would be like very advanced X-ships taking on ships build prior to the General War, with the appropriate results.
    Spelljammers don't necessarily become automatically immune to all attacks - they simply become much faster, much better armed, and much better protected.))

    - - -

    Our GREAT city which houses all of our troops and people will be shielded and strenthened as much as possible with 10th level magic (walls buildings ect.)

    ((ANSWER: With 10th level magic, you may deploy force fields around your city that will halt all incoming blasts (short of a nuclear attack), all incoming magical attacks, all attempts to teleport into the area, and all attempts to scry into the area.
    This applies to the psionic equivalents as well.
    All physical entry into the city can be blocked as well.
    Entry is possible only by an enemy also armed with 10th level magic, who storms his way through the defenses, or by a VERY POWERFUL and VERY LARGE army with great numbers of 9th level spells to bring to bear.
    An army with nuclear weapons can successfully assail a city protected by 10th level magic.))

    - - -

    And how many races can you alter at the same time? (physical abilities)
    And does there leave room to give the whole race a innate ability up to second level?

    ((ANSWER: One empire's worth, per Turn (about 50 PL worth of beings.)
    You may divide that 50 PL up into as many different races as you like, dividing the PL appropriately.
    Those altered may be fundamentally altered in physical form, mental characteristics, alignment, intelligence, and they do not have to agree to the change.
    Innate magical powers can be bequeathed to the entire population in question, of up to 5th level.))

    - - -

    Need to know how much you can do with 10th level magic at the same time and how much of the same things you can do at the same time, as alter multiple races/factions and you can alter more ot them at the same time since you aren't altering the climate or flora/fauna....

    ((ANSWER: You may do as many things with 10th level magic at once as I allow ... which is to say, a lot.
    You may announce the creation of a Mythal, the alteration of an entire race, the alteration of the native geography of your home country, the alteration of your home country's climate, the alteration of your home country's flora and fauna, the construction of a 10th level spelljamming fleet, a 10th level offensive against any number of enemies, 10th level defensive measures against any number of enemies, your 10th level Catastrophe (1 per Turn), and many other 10th level endeavors all at once, and they will all happen in one Turn.

    - - -

    And if you can let us know we can start planning what to do with our new sweet sweet toy called 10th level magics

    ((ANSWER: You tell me. Use your imagination. With 10th level magic, your imagination is the limit.
    You still cannot do some of the game-breaking things that 11th level magic could accomplish, but still the sky is the limit.))
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    That unclaimed chunk of land is, Creamsteak, the Troll Fens.
    You are welcome to it. It has a PL of 2.

    - - -

    Mystra has no interest in the Shadow Weave, no claim on it, and no power over it.
    The Shadow Weave's devotees follow Shar, Goddess of the Night, co-creator of Toril and effective co-mother of Mystra.

    - - -

    I would suggest to all of you that you be VERY careful about casually giving PL to someone so they can obtain 11th level magic.
    You must understand just how POWERFUL 11th level magic is.

    With 11th level magic, you can build a defensive force field that will stop a direct hit from a thermonuclear bomb.
    Only weapons like antimatter bombs and guns, and other weapons of superscience, will have any hope of penetrating the defense.

    With 11th level magic, you will remake the topography of the Flanaess - literally - into something unrecognizable.
    You could tear down the Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, and Barrier Peaks, and put valleys in their place.
    You could make a freshwater sea where the Sea of Dust is now.
    You could turn the climate of the entire Flanaess into that of Antarctica, or into that of the Sahara Desert (only hotter), or both.

    Furthermore, once someone gains 11th level magic, all bets are off.
    The Angels and the Border Guard of Toril won't be able to stop you from attacking Realmspace.
    This means the World Forum of the United Commonwealth of Toril will panic, and release to Forrester the whole of the 10,000 PL of the UC to his care.
    What do you think will happen then?
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    Re: Re: The Lists Post for Turn 4

    Originally posted by Forrester
    Originally posted by Edena_of_Neith

    . . .
    Drax the Invulnerable (NPC, undead, fighter of high level, evil) (DEAD) PL 0

    I thought this amusing enough to call to everyone's attention .
    "Darkness has a new avatar? That's like diaglo promoting a new edition."

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    Furthermore, once someone gains 11th level magic, all bets are off.
    The Angels and the Border Guard of Toril won't be able to stop you from attacking Realmspace.
    This means the World Forum of the United Commonwealth of Toril will panic, and release to Forrester the whole of the 10,000 PL of the UC to his care.
    What do you think will happen then?

    Well, I guess we won't have to worry about that if Forrester gains 11th level magics, will we?

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    Originally posted by Edena_of_Neith
    That unclaimed chunk of land is, Creamsteak, the Troll Fens.
    You are welcome to it. It has a PL of 2.
    Thank you for clearing that up.

    I claim the Troll Fens.
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    Edena -- you have really, really, really, really important mail.

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    "Sir, we've attached the new arm. Sir? Sir! Why are you puncing yourself in the groin like that?! Oh, oops."
    Originally posted by Serpenteye


    I nominate that as the best quote of the interlude.
    Agreed! There could be so much comic fun from using Vecna's arm.
    Black Omega
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    Forrester, get to you-know-where please. I can't do my template until you give me an anser.
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