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    Kalanyr, there will be a time you will receive my gift, and you WILL ENJOY IT. As I see it, Shadow Throne is now between Material Plane and Shadow Plane, so Shade don`t create this Shadowstuff, they can only slightly control its flow.

    Edena, I don`t believe that all of Kalanyr`s Drow will suddenly abandom Lloth and follow their leader. I think he may face a civil war.

    And about Shade Npc`s, I asked you to add them because I felt that Shade are a bit underpowered, in the first Oerth`s IR, the unfinished one, they were more powerful compared to other powers, but then there was this power inflation, because of people claiming everything they could, and we didn`t gain anything at that time. Fortunately I see that people aren`t very eager to claim loads of NPC`s.

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    Edena, I sent you an email, but you didn`t respond to one I sent a day ago. Did you get it?

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    Melkor- I expect a civil war but I would wonder if it would be to fierce since there are a whole bunch of other societies around with mixed alignments who aren't killing each other on a daily basis.

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    Remember this is what these people want. They follow their leader into oblivion if needed. Drow are FANATIC and the caps is a understatement. We discussed it and we of the UA (need new name, kal.. Ideas?) all agree to this change and in time we all will, just takes a few turns since 10th level magic has it limits. But we all agreed on the light for darkness failed this world. And we found that to fight the real shadow in this world could not be done from darkness so we chose the light for redemption and better chance to save the world we see as our own.
    (own = oerthian peoples )
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    Also Iuz changed the alignment of his entire empire from Chaotic to Lawful without 10th level magic or a rebellion, so if I get one and he don't its going to be mighty strange.

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    So you too Forsaken One? And you Festy Dog? Please tell me that it is a clever plot to deceive Oerth Alliance. Please. Otherwise I feel that THIS GAME IS OVER! Nothing will stop Oerth from becoming a place like Toril , paradise with all races leaving together, where Dragons give children rides insted of eating them, and all the other crap, for it seems that vast majority of players want it.

    Rhialto ,if Black Brotherhood has some nice apocaliptic plans, please email me.
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    Sorry, I think I might be overeacting a bit. Don`t worry Maudlin and Serpenteye, Shade haven`t yet reached such a state of desperation to try to destroy the world, not to mention they don`t have power to do it.

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    Silver Phase arrives at the dance with a small group of friends, new and old. He's still getting used to being a good guy (he just followed his old friend Kalanyr into it) so although he is quite well dressed, and trying to be nice and polite, the 90th lvl vampiric kobold is visibly unnerved as he passes among so many powerful, good-aligned people.

    He brought his old friends with him, Khelarque Stonechoke and Obmi, but also there with him is a group of new friends, acquired through the good endeavors of Kalanyr. There is Durgrim Dragonaxe - a mountain dwarf fighter, Kcyldyei Nightbreeze - a high elf archer, James Hale - a human druid, and James' fiancee -Lenaurae Layteliear, a half-celestial sorceror.

    Silver looks to them for advice on how 'good' people act in social occasions, and he is quite surprised at how much they're able to relax here.

    "Wow," he says to Lenaurae, "Khelarque and I could never relax this much in the underdark.

    Lenaurae smiles down on the little kobold, her short black hair framing her face, "You're a worry, Silver. You and your Underdark buddies can enjoy yourselves here, but I'm afraid that while you're at the party you might find a drink of blood a bit hard to come by."

    She smiled warmly at him, such a kind expression could melt the snow caps off the Crystalmists, or at least what was left of them. Silver appears to unwind to such a degree that he looks like a mass of rubber bands. He smiles back to Lenaurae as she turns to go and dance with James.

    Durgrim and Kcyldyei sit at a table, upon which sits a mug of dwarven ale and some fine elven wine. They converse on some of the customs of their homelands, and drink to their content.

    "Aye.........Tis a wonder as to why such a powerful force of evil would want to change their ways and side with our forces of good.........Aye," says Durgrim in his thick, heavy accent.

    "Well, they might have seen the error of their ways perhaps," replies Kcyldyei.

    Obmi sits at their table, clutching a mug in his fist. He takes a large swig then sneers at the other pair, "You know nothing. This change of ways was not my choice, nor was it anyone's, they're changing everyone with their 10th level magic. Soon I too will be a goodie-goodie, like the rest of the inhabitants of their kingdoms, I just remain with them because they take good care of me and you can bet they'll take good care of you as well. So sit tight and appreciate it while you can, Oerth doesn't have much longer to exist by my opinion."

    And with that Obmi got up and left. Hurriedly, Khelarque pushes past him over to the slightly shocked Kcyldyei and Durgrim.

    "Please, excuse Obmi, this change of paths in life is a bit much for him," he sits at the table with them and continues, "Believe me, everything is going to be well, there are preparations placed down and plans made so be assured that the forces of good will be victorious in this dilema."

    And thus the dance continued, other tales being wove within it that the reader should view upon.

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    Overhearing Obmi's speech Kalanyr approaches the rather sullen dwarf.

    "Obmi, I think you fail to understand I am changing no one with 10th level magic, I am just giving the Drow the option to be as they were before Lolth came, so long ago. Ivid was merely cured of his insanity, Lyzandred,Kerapris and Xaene were also not quite all there Zuggtmoy never had a choice before ,she was a demon, chaotic evil without choice and the humanoids and giants seem to like freedom over slavery, can you blame them for it? The Yuan-ti I guess didn't like the constant fear either. Most of them like the Freedom better than the fear of sacrifice. Do you prefer the fear of death ,daily, to the peace that could be? If you wish to remain as you are I will not change you. Your decisions are your own to make. Farewell Obmi. Your path is you own to Travel"

    Kalanyr then returns to the Dance.
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    Vaeregoth shan't attend, thank yo ufor the invitation but I need to oversee construction and organisation.
    (real reason.. ever seen a 8 legged creature dance?)

    Perhaps I might drop in for a few mins from time to time, workers can do somethings right themselves (**crosses fingers**).
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