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    Gunther draws his brodrack and slashes at the mage.

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    The chest shrinks and the wizard moves quickly to retrieve it, but not quickly enough.

    Gunther draws the huge blade from his back and swings it like a baseball bat, connecting with the wizard's side. The warrior hears the crack of the man's ribs, and feels the body crumple under the blow. The thug beside him draws a dagger and steps up to help his leader.

    Name:  female.jpg
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Size:  14.2 KB "NO! Angvar!" the female thief cries making her way to the stage and the fallen wizard. Seeing the chest she scoops it up and tucks it under one arm. "Kill him! Kill him now!"

    Jerrod watches from his kneeling position on the floor, bidding his time before he strikes.

    Finn is nearly ready, but he needs to find the best spot to cast the spell, so he braves looking around the room from under the table...

    OOC: Possible Targets:
    - Near the stage their is the female leader, and two thugs, one fighting Gunther. She has the reward chest in her hands.
    - On the opposite side there are three thugs he can see fighting bouncers (barehanded).
    - And then there is a strange sight of a woman in leather armor being stalked and surrounded by four thugs, while one rolls on the floor holding his groin.

    So there are 10 thugs, the female leader, and the wizard, in this raid.

    Female in Trouble

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    Round 2:
    holding action? In RoleMaster they have Opportunity Action - You say what action you wish to take and then when you wish to take it. Kind of like holding your fire, and it can be used for spells and melee attacks.

    Attack: 48(OB), +15(vsAT), +28(roll) +20(rear atk) -20(drawing weapon) - 0(DB) = 91 Result: 11BK
    81 B Krush Crit: Blow to foe's side. +12 hits, Foe has broken ribs. Foe is stunned and unable to parry for 2 rounds. Foe is -25% activity.

    Preparing sleep: no roll needed (casting on Round 3)
    Movement (10%), currently under table

    Thug vs Gunther:
    (1d100)[70] +30(OB) -20(drawing weapon) -35(DB) = 45 MISS
    jic roll: (1d100)[88]

    Gunther (in melee with 1 rogue) 50/50 Hits, DB: 35, AT: 14
    Jerrod 30/30 Hits, DB: 15, AT: 5
    Finn 22/22 Hits, DB 5, AT: 2

    Wizard 00/15 Hits, DB: 0, AT: 1, unconsious
    Rogue 20/20 Hits, DB: 25, AT: 9
    Rogue 20/20 Hits, DB: 25, AT: 9
    Rogue 20/20 Hits, DB: 25, AT: 9
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    Finn is definitely targeting the female with the chest, and her allies nearest her..!

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    OOC: Gunther will take a swing at the knife-wielding thug

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    OOC: He may be asleep I should check for that first and let you know.
    Base Spell Atk roll: (1d100)[33]
    Resistance Rolls:
    Female: (1d100)[72]
    Thug w/knife (1d100)[49]
    Thug in area (1d100)[23]

    The female bandit shrugs off the sleep spell, and looks over to where Finn stands."Fancy boy! Kill him! Kill them both!" she cries pointing at the Cypher Magus.

    But the two thugs around her are not so lucky and fall to the floor, curling their arms under their heads like a pillow as the bed down.
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    OOC: Then I'll switch to my remaining available target

    Gunther hacks (angle away) at the female bandit.
    (1d100)[81] (1d100)[67]
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    OOC: Sorry need one more roll. Normally it would be swing and crit, but sometimes I will need a maneuver roll.
    So far I have your MM as an 81, your swing as a 67, going to crit, so will roll that this time. So for Gunther I may need three rolls.

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