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    Gargantuan Outsider (Chaotic, Demon, Evil, Extraplanar)
    Hit Dice: 50d20 +25 (1,025)
    Initiative: +37
    Speed: 100 Ft
    Armour Class: 86 (Base 40 +8 Divine +13 Natural +25 Deflection)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +30/+80
    Attack: Bite (4d6)
    Full Attack: Bite and
    2 Claws (2d8) and
    2 Bites (1d6 plus Poison) or Constrict (8d8)
    Space/Reach: 55 Ft/50 Ft
    Special Attacks: Flood Weapon Shout, Fiery Utterances, Odour of Death, Seven Radiances, Breath that is Death, Induce Plague, Fire from the Sky
    Special Qualities: Divinary Coils, Enhanced Senses, Invisibility of Microbes
    Saves: +48
    Abilities: Str 50 Dex 50 Con 50 Int 50 Wis 50 Cha 50
    Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven
    Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave
    Epic: None
    Divine: Flood Weapon Shout, Fiery Utterances, Divinary Coils, Enhanced Senses, Induce Plague, Invisibility of Microbes
    Cosmic: Odour of Death, Seven Radiances, Breath that is Death, Fire from the Sky
    Environment: Cedar Forest (Bound) or Cutha (Unbound)
    Organization: Solitary (Bound) or with Pazuzu (Unbound)
    Challenge Rating: 66
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    ECL: 80

    A massive beast towers over you. The multicoloured light it is surrounded by illuminates is face, made of intestines and with bull's horns. It's chest is muscular and covered in thorns and scales, it's thighs are those of a lion and it's feet those of a vulture. His lack of clothing reveals yet another distorted feature, it's serpent-penis, and another snake waves from behind it. A rancid stench overwhelms your senses and you nearly loose your lunch. Massive claws rip through the air and are coming directly at you.


    Odour of Death: A DC 30 save against instant death. Any within 40 Ft can pick up the smell, and not breathing doesn't work against this

    Seven Radiances: As Prismatic Wall, but the final layer of the shield is instant death at DC 20

    Flood Weapon Shout: Humbaba's voice is enough to induce a miniature flood once per round, effecting a 60 Ft area and dealing 20d6 bludgeoning damage

    Fiery Speech: Humbaba can induce a minor explosion of flame by speaking, dealing 25d4 fire damage to any one target

    Breath that is Death: Humbaba may unleash, every 1d3 rounds, an instant death effect in the shape of a 20 Ft cloud in any space 5 Ft away from him with a save DC of 15

    Divinary Coils: Humbaba's intestine-face, if looked into for insights, will show the future, but the save DC for Odour of Death is instead 40; Humbaba also gains a +5 Insight bonus

    Enhanced Senses: Humbaba can hear Sixty leagues, has True Seeing, and has Infrared Vision

    Induce Plague: If unbound from his charge of the Cedar Forest, Humbaba may at-will cast Contagion on a victim, who is then encouraged to spread the disease before it has visible effects, this can effect plants as well

    Invisibility of Microbes: Despite what the name implies, Humbaba does not in fact shrink down to the size of a single celled organism, but rather turns completely invisible, only able to be detected by priests of the Mesopotamian Pantheon or by those with True Seeing

    Fire from the Sky: Humbaba may call down a thin sheet of flame dealing 2d10 damage, a lightening bolt dealing 4d10 damage, or a Meteor dealing 6d10 damage; however, the flame sheet can only be called upon thrice, the lightening twice and the meteor once

    Poison: 1d4 Con damage every 1d4 rounds

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    also here's a thing cause I felt like it and cause shesha is a small bit of darkness and cause mr dark cant actually be fought

    Gaze of Darkness

    "A light, gold-red, pours from Corona Borealis, and sleeping Hypnos is struck by it, he awakes screaming and writhing before his flesh turns to stone."

    Gaze of Darkness is mostly just a game mechanic that can be used on like supreme beings and stuff, it forces a save equal to 7 times divine rank, and if failed instantly kills and petrifies the effected. Cannot be reversed.

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    you want some new info

    guess what too late

    here's the new hierarchy

    Azag- literally just an ultral

    Mist/Darkness-the different halves of azag's personality, also avatars

    Yog Sothoth/Shub Niggurath/Shesha- no hes not an old one and he shouldn't have been/well she's a goat/he's an avatar of darkness, avatars of above

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    hey kid...
    you want some tentacle?

    heres rules for including Lovecraftian type stuff in dnd campaigns

    Part 1, Power Level: K, this is the easy part. Go through your handy dandy Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos and read up on the being you're crafting. For instance, most would say Cthulhu himself would only be in the Lesser Deity Category, but there's a story that hints at him traveling through space and destroying stars on his way to earth, so match that up with the divine status that has the power to do what he is implied to have done, and make him either a deity of that rank or make him as powerful as a deity of that rank, which would make him an Elder One, but filtering in him being multiple miles tall and being able to move FTL and across universal bounderies, he would be at least a Time Lord level threat. Nodens, an Elder God (in mythos terms) is never shown to be too powerful, but when you consider he fights an avatar of Nyarlathotep called the Black Pharoah, which is a multiversal threat, in his spare time not fighting other eldritch horrors, he should be slightly stronger than the BP.

    Also, under no circumstances should you dare to use August Dereleth's part of mythos. Don't. Don't you damn dare. No Zilch Nada No Do nat. I will come to your house and give you carpel tunnel. Azathoth and Yog get smashed by a Cthulhu level enemy.

    Hastur is half brother to Cthulhu, and is the child of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth, and is at least a Sidereal in terms of power by those feats. This places him in the Elder One category at least, but at most a Time Lord.

    Part 2, Appearance
    : This is also rather simple, but not as much as Part 1. How does this entity look? With the famous Cthulhu it's rather simple, everyone knows how he looks; Octopoid head, dragon wings, a humanoid shape, not made of normal matter and has an amorphous form, at least 2 miles tall, etc. But Hastur, Cthulhu's half brother, is rarely ever described but is at least known to be yellow in some form, so here's your part: You get to make up his appearance.

    Hastur is yellow in some form. He is described vaguely as a octopoid creature similar to his half-niece Cthylla. Hastur is now a mass of tentacles surrounding a bulbous head with many large eyes, and is sickly yellow. Or, Hastur is a towering yellow Cthulhuesque creature with a shepherd's crook covered with eyes.

    Part 3, Powers Resistances and Stature: This is arguably the hardest part. What are the powers of the created being? Cthulhu has the capability to destroy stars and drive planet's worth of people insane, and is practically omniscient through being able to extend his mind across a universe. Hastur's powers are unknown, but he has the Yellow Sign, a sigil that can be drawn onto basically any surface, and is a sign of Hastur's gaze and power. Tru'Nembra, an Outer God that could possibly be only a Servitor, is made entirely of visible and animate sound, and can literally wipe buildings from ever have existed.

    Can the being even be harmed? Cthulhu took a boat to the face and was unfazed, but cannot be released from R'lyeh unless the stars are in the perfect positions, the "Stars Align" for any Great Old One slumbering on Earth to bring them from their slumber or imprisonment. Ygolonac is so undescribed that we don't know what he could do in any degree.

    What size is the creature? Cthulhu is at least 2 miles tall and Ghroth (An Outer God) is the size of a moon. Outer Gods tend to be massive beyond human understanding, or at least the size of astronomical bodies; while the Great Old Ones range from human sized to impossibly large.

    Hastur is at least known to be able to manifest his power and to be able to see through the Yellow Sign, and is at least able to match Cthulhu in terms of power. He has no known immunities or weaknesses. He is of unspecified height.

    Part 4, Actually Statting out the creature: This is the true easiest part. Just write a Statblock for the entity. This isn't possible for certain Outer Gods, such as the slurry of chaos and madness known as Azathoth, who is so powerful he dreams all of Time and Space into existence and if woke, will annihilate everything simply because everything's his dream.
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    HASTUR, KING IN YELLOW | Great Old One, Time Lord Level Threat
    Large Aberration (Extraplanar, Great Old One)
    Hit Dice: 1,804d1,000 +550,000 x1,100 (2,589,400,000)
    Initiative: Always First
    Speed: Superluminal (SoL x1 decadillion)
    Armour Class: Perfect Defence ((1,804 Base +357 Anarchic +7,210 Natural)
    Base Attack/Grapple: +852/+1041
    Attack: Tentacle (1,100d1,000)
    Full Attack: See Supradimensional
    Space/Reach: 12 Ft/Infinite
    Special Attacks: Alter Reality, The Yellow Sign
    Special Qualities: Great Old One Traits
    Saves: Cannot Fail
    Abilities: Str 1,100 Dex 1,100 Con 1,100 Int 1,100 Wis 1,100 Cha 1,100
    Skills: Omnicompetent (+975), Maven
    Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave
    Epic: Ether Goer
    Divine: X-Ray Vision (penetrates all matter)
    Cosmic: Abrogate, Alter Reality, Anaretic, Uncanny Atomic Mastery, Cosmic Serpent, Cosmic String (DR 357), Enlightened, Ensorcelled, Great Breath (quintessence uneeded), Uncanny Gravitic Mastery
    Transcendental: Amaranthine, Uncanny Astro Mastery, Multidimensional x5, Natural Damage Induction, Paradox, Rectify, Transgenic, Transmute, Transversal
    Omnific: Cosmic Nullification, Oblivion, Superior Dominance
    Environment: Carcosa
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: 2,755
    Treasure: Nothing
    Alignment: Beyond
    ECL: 3,664

    Upon stepping into the Great Hall of the castle of Carcosa, you spot a yellow robed figure standing peacefully. This Being, noted in the Necronomicon, is the "King in Yellow," The "Magnum Innominandum" or Great Unnameable, Hastur the Unspeakable, Him Who Is Not to be Named. No notable features are able to be found on his robes, a sickly, vomit yellow cloth covering all of his features.


    Great Old One Traits: As one of the Great Old Ones, Hastur has a slew of immunities and powers at his beck and call.
    Immunities: GOOs are immune to normal forms of damage (firearms, swords, etc), and are immune to all magic not of immense power, reflecting all damage they take from such effects onto foes. They are even immune to the heat of the interiors of stars and to the most intensely cold regions of the cosmos.
    Interuniversal Travel: By either folding space, stepping through dimensional bounderies, or by flying through space trillions times faster than light, GOOs can reach any destination within the Multiverse within a minute
    Abilities: Timelessness, Supradimensional, Unknowable, Three other abilities
    Weaknesses: The Elder Sign, Unusual forms of attack (atomic, matter, neutronium)

    Timelessness: As the Great Old Ones, at their core, are gross overexaggerations of dimensions and life, they are truely beyond time and fate. They can travel through time at will, and nullify abilities such as Inner Eye and Perfect Defence. They do not age and are unaffected by temportal effects, and are completely immune to effects that make something certain (scrying, true strike, ninth sense, etc). If killed another Hastur will come from the depths of the web of fate and either take his place or ressurect him.

    Supradimensional: As Great Old Ones come from dimensions that genuinely can't be numbered, they're kinda off. They have a flat, unchangeable 80% chance to not take damage from any attack, and have such high dimensions that they bypass any effect such as Interdimensional or Undimensional. When they attack with physical weapons, roll a d100, the number rolled is how many attacks the GOO makes. Considering that they're practically omnipresent they are also practically omniscient, being able to take knowledge from all creatures in the inhabited universe at once.

    Unknowable: GOOs are beyond the 1st-3rd dimensions to the point of leaving behind any semblance of sanity in their forms and minds behind. In order to even look at a GOO, you must either have immense mental stability and focus, magical protection, or already be insane; Scrying does not count as magical protection. Using telepathy on a GOO will instantly drive any who listen to insanity, and they cannot be predicted simply because they have searched through the many strands of fate and time any know exactly what you think they will do, thus granting immunity to Xth Sense and other prediction-related abilities.

    Immunities: Hastur cannot be harmed by spells not of level 500+, by non-transcendental level materials, rather reflecting damage from these forms of attack onto foes. He cannot be harmed by temperatures as hot as the cores of stars or as cold as the Boomerang Nebula.

    Weaknesses: Hastur cannot bear the presence of the star shaped Elder Sign, and will retreat from the battlefield. He can be banished by bringing together 100 Elder Signs scribed in purple ink and preforming a 1 hour ritual consuming all Elder Signs in a flash of purple flame and banishing the King in Yellow back to Carcosa in a flash of white light (Hastur is aware of the ritual beginning). He has a 50% weakness to atomic based attacks and attacks made using matter (think nuclear based weaponry) or with the uber-dense half-metal neutronium.

    The Yellow Sign: Hastur's greatest weapon, wherever this mark is scribed, he is. He can see through the Yellow Sign, and use abilities and cast spells through the yellow sign. This means he could fight from millions of miles, even light years away, simply by casting spells through the Yellow Sign.

    Unspeakable: Saying Hastur's name is enough to bring his attention to you. Say "Hastur" three times within a minute and he'll show up. This is also really fun for the DM when paired with the Yellow Sign simply because the mark will animate and come alive to do whatever Hastur's will deigns (roll d4 #2). Also here's a table for reactions to summoning.

    d4- 1 through 3 means Hastur does not appear; 4 means he appears instantly, and to roll another d4

    d4 #2- 1 is he kills the summoner, 2 is he appears but find nothing worth his intervention, 3 is he demands the reason he was summoned for and 4 is he instead trades places with the summoner, sending them to the maddening city of Carcosa

    King in Yellow: Any who are known to Hastur and are wearing any shade of yellow, including gold, are immediately dominated by him; however those with naturally yellow or gold features such as eyes or skin are able to receive a 25% chance of resisting Hastur's will. Any who who are touched by Hastur or his robes must immediately preform one action as per the will of Hastur, or suffer instant destruction of 50% health.

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    IS there a connection between Azathoth and Azag-thoth? Or just similar names?

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    same dude

    also kutulu and cthulhu, xastur and hastur, shub-ishnigarrab and shub-niggurath, huwawa and humbaba, apsu and abzu, etc
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    here's a story idea

    Tetragrammaton manages to break through the Great Wall, and does not challenge the Supreme Being Shesha, nay, instead he goes to the very edge of the omniverse and shouts insults directed towards some "Darkness," seeing that you too have broken through Kuvachim, you decide to investigate.

    (upon arriving at YHVH's locale) "Come on 'Magnum Tenebrosum!' You're more powerful than the Supreme Being a billionfold yet you care so little about your aspect's domain that you do not care to answer?!" So this is where YHVH's been. You begin to sit back and watch. "Seriously, you can't even hear me despite being far beyond the God of Gods? Either you don't care or you're laughing at me. MLANDOTH, COME!" Suddenly, out in the void, you see movement, yet YHVH continues on his speal. In a flash of black, a thin yet muscular being appears, neither humanoid nor inhuman, natural or unnatural, organic or inorganic, beautiful yet disgusting, appears. Towering over YHVH, this reptilian figure resembling an androgynous Sluuari, or perhaps rather hermaphroditic; proceeds to pick up YHVH, tear him in three pieces, take the feminine shard of YHVH Shekinah, create a knife out of nothing, grab a piece of toast out of the void, and smear the Holy Ghost on a piece of toast. It proceeds to walk up to the Father and the Son and crush them beneath his feet, then disappear after giving you a message directly, "I am Eamon Devalera and I'm double dropping yolks." You have no idea what this means. As YHVH is shattered, you can easily assimilate Yao, the Father and the Son into your beings, and proceed to. (DM and PCs get to work that out)

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    hey I have no idea what to make what you guys want (WYW)

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    How about Wastri from Greyhawk? (I assume he is just a hero or quasi deity)

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