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    Divine Power is critical to Paladins, in particular- the PHB version doesn't have enough options for a CHA or STR primary Paladin to take at every level (basically, you have to have them as co-primaries). It also introduces Divine Sanction, which allows Paladins to function as zone defenders. The other * Power books have helpful options, sometimes even character defining options, but Paladins are really incomplete without DP.

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    Definitely skip to the Monster Vaults + MM3.

    For the * Power books, maybe figure out what characters will be involved and get the books relevant to their power source after that?

    Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium is definitely not mandatory, but fun.

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    I thought Primal Power and secondarily Divine Power were excellent fluff-building books. PP got Barbarians past the 'Hulk Smash' trope. DP + Astral Sea = a realization that the gods are outnumbered overcommitted and desperately need reinforcements - luckily there are several 'ascend to divinity' Epic Destinies.

    Neverwinter Campaign Guide offers a Heroic-tier set of intertwined plot threads. Most villains are designed to be recurring but eventually defeat-able.

    I liked the two Dark Sun Campaign books but they do tie you into a unique campaign world with features that don't transfer around the multiverse well.

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