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    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a site out there that has city maps you can use?

    I find myself often wishing I had a couple I could use when the PC's enter into a city that thery will be staying in for a bit. I write up all my sessions in detail, with all kinds of scripted NPC interactions, and stuff. Taking a couple more hours on top of the 6 or more I've spent on a session just makes me want to thrash myself into a stupor. It would be such a great thing if a website like that existed.

    Anyone know of one ?

    - Norm
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    I'm a big advocate of NO MAPS. That's right, no maps.

    What do you really need maps for, anyways? Players making choices between the encounters. I can see the point of them if your entire game is in a tactical environment, but otherwise... I don't think they are necessary.

    What you want to do is list a number of places that the PCs might want to go and where they are. The location can be as general as "Foreign Quarter" or as specific as "121 Rune Street" (as long as you know where Rune Street is). That gives you a general idea about where Place X is in relation to everything else. You'll also want to write a line or two about the local neighbourhood. (eg. Although the King's Head Inn is in the High Quarter, it is right next door to a run-down park. This is a dangerous place.)

    You can also do the same thing for dungeons.

    In the end, if you actually DO draw a map with this method, it is going to look more like a flowchart than anything else.

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    Good idea

    I like your idea, though it doesn't fit with the session I had in mind.

    My players are arriving in a new city in search of information on an NPC that escaped the party in an earlier adventure. I would like oto give the players control over where they go and who they ask. I have all sorts of NPC reactons written up example; A baker when questioned by the PC's (depending on their diplomacy roll) will say A, B, or C. If they go to a bar in a lesser area of town, 30% of the patrons will have A disposition toward the PC's, 40% will have B disposition, etc,...

    I have everything generally planned out with who knows what, and is willing to share what, for what price. I just need a map to put it all togeather.

    Though your method is ALOT easier, I find its more leading the players than giving them the control over how they handle the problem I have presented to them.

  • #4 has some, they are in CC2 format but if you download their free viewer you can then print them out.


    There have been a number of thread here about this topic and many have links to free one.
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    i tried doing that- mapped out the entire kingdom and what certain people would say when asked A or B or told to do C...

    but i found that 99% of that information will Never be used- and so after a couple session- I just winged a lot of stuff.

    Plus, the PCs will tend to only go to:

    tavern/ bar
    hotel/ inn (maybe a part of the bar)
    weapons/ potions shop
    food rations

    other than that- the only other interactions they have with the city is if someone is actively looking for them, they get pickpocketed (or do it to someone else), or want to talk to the city guards about the happenings (although most info comes from bar).

    Even if you do map out everything- and have a beautiful map for them to trace their steps, they will eventually end up just saying, "we make our way to the tavern, quickesta dn shortest way..."
    DM "Do you talk o anyone along the way?"
    players "NOPE- just walk..."

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    Originally posted by The It's Man
    Old Dutch town maps
    Wow. Those are absolutely fantastic. Has anyone stumbled across more maps like these?

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    Not as good as Blaeu ofcourse... but there are some city maps to be found here :

    and here:
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    Thanks again Mr. Man. You're tops.

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    Check out the Irony Games site. Tons of city maps, among other things.
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