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    Aren't there evil gnoll rangers somewhere in the 3E or 4e canon?
    Yes! The Monster Manual IV includes a gnoll ranger named Slave-Taker (p67), described as follows: "This humanoid is slightly taller than a human. It has a furry body and a head like a hyena’s with a brown-gray mane. Its eyes reflect a malevolent glint in the dusk as it hefts a net."

    Edit: And another one (female) named Gnash-Tooth on page 71.

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    I would go with the Forgotten Realms deity Malar, CE god of hunting, evil lycanthropes, and savage beasts. In Faiths and Pantheons he is a Ranger 20/Druid 10/Barbarian 10.

    An aspect can be a PC level character.

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