Tiefling subrace fluff
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    Tiefling subrace fluff

    One thing I felt needed more exploration in MTOFs was Tiefling fluff, they have all these new subraces, but very littpe fluff to them, I mean what does it mean to be a Fiernan Tiefling compared to a Disian or Mammonian Tiefling. Do they look different, are they different in cultural out look, stereotypes about them, inclinations towards certain behaviors, are they more common in some places and settings then others (I assume each subrace of Tiefling is common on its repective layer).

    So what kind of fluff shpuld we have had for Tiefling subraces?

    Because compared to Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Gnome and even Gith subrace fluff Tiefling subrace fluff is lacking.

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    Interesting, I imagine that Tiefling communities have a sort of pecking order as far as the sub races go.

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