What no Luke Cage love?
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    What no Luke Cage love?

    Havenít finished the series yet but Iím liking it a lot more than the first season. Tighter story and better characters.

    Two thumbs up.

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    Iím halfway through. Liking it so far.

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    Oh, lots of love for the show here. It is some excellent stuff.

    For me, early on this season, the Councilwoman seemed to be presented... inconsistently. I think that how and why she behaved that way became more clear over time, though.

    Let us know when you are done, as the end is worth some discussion.

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    I tried but I think I am over hero type TVs shows as I have stopped watching Agents of Shield, Gotham, Flash, Arrow.

    Wife said this one and Jessica Jones was good.

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    I just finished JJ2, now I can start LC2.

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    I was very disappointed with the first season. It started off pretty good, but then halfway through the first season one of the more interesting characters dies, and then it still has half a season to fill. Also, it kind of undermines the suspense that the main character is pretty much invulnerable. Even when the hero does get hit by the one thing he is supposed to be vulnerable to, we see him limp quite a distance, thus confirming to the audience that their lead is pretty much invincible.

    I have not watched the second season yet, but I don't think I will.
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    Iíve slogged through the whole season 2. I saw slogged because I feel like 13 episodes is too long to tell a single arc. 3/4s of the time itís just two people trading words with each other. I thought it was maybe 7 our of 10 until the last episode and I hated that one. I feel like he had a change of character that ruined it for me.

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    I just haven't gotten around to watching it - yet.
    Arrow, Flash, Black Lightning, Supergirl, Shield, Lost in Space, now Luke Cage 2.... my watch list just keeps growing.

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    LC Season 2 was a great peice of story telling, far better than season 1 and able to cover a whole swathe of different genre tones. The story was more grim than I expected and featured a lot more 'relationship drama' as opposed to lighter tone of the comics. I really like how they managed to give a glimpse into Jamaican culture in New York and use it to give Bushmaster an interesting motivation and backstory. I also really liked the many easter eggs and references they give to Hero for Hire, Power Man, the Daughters of the Dragon and Nightshade.

    Where Luke ended up was really suprising, it sets up nicely for future seasons though how they get from Luke from his current perch back down to the Street is going to be a challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zardnaar View Post
    I tried but I think I am over hero type TVs shows as I have stopped watching Agents of Shield, Gotham, Flash, Arrow.
    I'm definitely with you regarding most of these tv shows. especially the ones by CW (Arrow, Flash, and presumably Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning). These are just teenie-soaps.
    I was also quite underwhelmed by Gotham and stopped watching in the middle of the first season.
    I continued watching Agents of Shield , though. While the first two season were just okay, the third and later seasons were a lot more interesting.

    Anyway, I think the Netflix Marvel tv shows are a completely different beast. They focus on character development and storytelling and the 'heroes' aren't very 'hero'-like, at all. Your wife is quite right: you should give Jessica Jones a chance!

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