Warlock Build ideas: dark prince wannabe.
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    Warlock Build ideas: dark prince wannabe.

    post/edit- i'm sorry the intro is so long.

    hey everyone, i'm looking for some ideas as to how to approach making a " prince of darkness " build, or rather, a prince of darkness wannabe.

    the basic idea behind the character is that they belong to a long line of powerful sorcerers from a noble house. the household was essentially usurped by the bastard child of the head of the house who incidentally was the strongest sorceress in their line yet. by comparison, this character (who is the child of this powerful sorceress) is incredibly weak and feeble, made all the more clear by the fact that they have two much stronger siblings as well. bitter, but determined to prove themselves useful, they make a pact with a fiendish being that the mother has essentially imprisoned and is leeching power from. the terms of the pact are simple. the fiend will teach the character magic in exchange for their help in freeing it from the mothers control.

    this forms the first major aspect of the character that is, the relationship with his patron, which is a rather comedic one. neither the patron nor the warlock like each other at all and make that point very clear every time they interact, but both realize they need each others help and so reluctantly cooperate, the patron teaching the warlock how to use their infernal powers, in exchange for the warlock ultimately finding a way to set the patron free.

    of note would be that while i ascribe the warlock PC as having 'sorcerous' abilities, they manifest themselves as the demonic abilities gained through the warlock fiend patron pact, the reason being that he is a teifling and thus has that infernal heritage essentially augmenting his 'sorcerous' abilities.

    with that out of the way. what I really need help with it creating a build that really represents the vibe i'm going for with this character.

    their are several aspects i'm looking for, which basically comprise the hallmarks of demonic abilities.

    :deception: via deceit and illusions.- handled very well already by the warlock class
    :Shapeshifting: if possible for tricksterish shenanigans.- potentially handled by druid class
    :minion summoning: because he's somewhat weasely and will always prefer to have others do his dirty work if he can. - druid again, but maybe sorcer as well
    : and finally psionics: not necessarily full on psionic powers, but at minimum something that lets him fly or float around effortlessly or without having to expend spell slots. (the reason for which being a really dumb one, but for some reason i really like the aesthetic of a floaty demonic /love-able scamp)

    the grand package essentially tying into how he desires to be seen like a dark overlord with incredible power, but in reality has to rely on his quick wit and smaller pool of powers to get the job done.

    i know that asking for all of these things in one character is kind of a lot (especially the flying at will part.), but that's also what makes it sort of fun and challenging to build for, especially since i'm trying to do it RAW (no home brew or over reliance on magic artifacts). i've thought for a long while as to how to bring all these aspects together, and always i'm able to pull some of them together but not quite all of it.

    for example, i could get one level of rogue and make him excel at intimidation and deception. and then maybe add druid levels to grant him the ability to shape-shift and conjure minor elemental, but then it takes quite a bit away from the warlock powers, which are what give him his disguise self and 'silent image at will' abilities, not to mention he'd lose his sixth level and seventh level arcanums which is a big hit. i could set the limit for his warlock levels at 14, to get the seventh level arcanum, but then the possibility for getting any kind of minor conjuration minion spell gets excluded, (these spells typically appear as 4th level spells, which he needs to have seven levels in a fully devoted spell casting class to get) etc etc.

    so now i turn to the community to ask the question.

    what are your build ideas on making a 'psuedo demon prince' build as a teifling warlock?
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    Looks fun...I think u could get some traction with warlock and dragon sorcerer themed as infernal.

    The minion summoning can be tricky but you can get a warlock invocation to call ementals and in xanathars guide there are both undead as well as fiend summoning spells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warpiglet View Post
    Looks fun...I think u could get some traction with warlock and dragon sorcerer themed as infernal.

    The minion summoning can be tricky but you can get a warlock invocation to call ementals and in xanathars guide there are both undead as well as fiend summoning spells.
    Yeah, this is possibly the one area where the fiend summoning spells might work well for a bit quite villain, considering patron. (though he will probably need a blood stash).

    I'd say stay warlock at least through 9th level. Pickup the fiend summoners(minus maybe Infernal Calling), Dance macabre, and possibly the Minions of Chaos invocation (plus MoMF and Beguiling Influence. Pick up minor illusion and prestidigitation along with mandatory EB, and maybe mage or friends hand. Not sure for psionics, but thematic shapeshifting could come by going Warlock through 15, and swapping Mask for Master of Myriad Forms. Or you could refluff moon Druid into something jackalwere-like.

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