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    Well, this is a shock.

    Anabstercorian and Forrester meet for one last meal at Pezano's, the finest resturant in all of Unvenilei, before Forrester and his troops pull out.

    << So now, the fire is quenched, and the water goes home to cool? >>

    Forrester sighs, sipping his drink. "I wish it were truly that simple. But it is not... Events that I cannot speak of here have forced me to return to Toril, along with all of my standing army."

    Anabstercorian's tentacles idlely fiddle with his fondue. << That is a shame. >>


    << The manuscript... It's been published? >>

    Forrester nodded, smiling. "Indeed. Your history of the Illithid people has been safeguarded, and has, in fact, received critical acclaim. You have talent for writing."

    << That is good. >>

    Forrester nods. "Yep..." There's a long silence. "This is so damn weird. I think I'm actually going to miss you."

    << And I you. We did a great thing together, you and I. Who but those such as we could have done such a thing? None but Illithid could have defeated Vecna. And you have earned your title. >>

    Forrester blinks. "Well, when you put it that way, you give me the willies."

    << Good... >>

    Forrester grins. "You're a jerk, you know that? Look... You've been a help. I owe you one. I'm sharing some of our technology with you. But promise me something." He looks stern, with all of the power of an entire world behind him. "Give up your plans of killing all the non-Flann."

    << I never intended to kill the non Flann, or even to displace them. That was merely a ruse to get me a power base. My true intentions are much more benign. >>

    Forrester nods sarcastically. "You don't konw the meaning of the word benign."

    Anabstercorian grins. << You'll find out soon enough either way, Chosen. Now go back to your little paradise. I will keep order here in your abscence. >>

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    double post

    double post
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    Block Edena_of_Neith

    The combined forces of Forrester, Serpenteye, Kalanyr, and Anabstercorian are victorious in Hempmonaland.

    The forces of the Scarlet Brotherhood, and the people of Hempmonaland, are crushed.
    Their civilization collapses with them, for they fight to the bitter end.

    Acererak, the Father of Obedience, and 5 PL of forces escape into the Deep Astral.

    The Battle of Hempmonaland is over.

    An end is come to the peoples of northern and central Hempmonaland.
    The remnant of the Hempmonalanders, women and children, are now slaves of the Dark Union and Yuan-Ti Empire.

    The Scarlet Brotherhood passes into history, and is gone from the world of Oerth.
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    Edena, you have my complete support. If there's anything I can do to make it more fun for you to run this, just say so.

    JohnBrown, you did promise that you'd stay until turn 10. Don't back out on that. Maybe there's something we can do to make it more enjoyable for you without hurting anyone elses enjoyment.

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    I like it...

    Not sure if I can post here but it looks good Edena... I am sorry i didn't join when I had the chance... this looks really cool maybe I might get a chance to join another if you start one... over the top but fun...

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    A plea for calm and respect

    Edena as the Yuan Ti empire is now turning Chaotic Good, the slaves may be freed soon.

    I urge Alzem and Forrester to stay. Also, I urge John Brown to return.

    We need to treat each other with more respect.

    Anabstercorian, I am GLAD that you are staying. I rather like your style. I hope John Brown will stay.

    'o Skoteinos, are you staying.

    I think I need to say publicly what I have said privately.

    Edena needs a round of applause for putting up with us. I have suffered grievous losses on this thread, but they don't phase me in the least. Why? The real world has been a whole lot rougher.

    So, Edena, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for runnign this thread. I have actually made new friends and learned a little about their countries.

    I respect everyone here. Even though I may have fought against your faction, I respect you as individuals. I want you to show each other and your moderator the respect that each of you deserve.

    Edena, I join with Anabstercorian in saying that I will work with you to help make this thread more fun. I respect you greatly.

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    Block Edena_of_Neith

    It would appear that the forces of the United Commonwealth of Toril, are leaving Oerth.

    (this is as per Forrester's e-mail)

    They are going.
    By the hundreds of thousands, then millions, they return to their homeworld through Astral Gates set up with 10th level magic.
    They take with them their weapons, their lore, and all their prowess and strength.

    The Alliance of Oerth lays shattered, it's military forces decimated, it's command and control structure destroyed, it's supply routes broken.

    The Alliance of the Sunrise is less hurt than the others, but a great part of it's warriors lay dead on the fields of Shadow Throne.
    The Coalition of Light and Shadow lays in ruins, it's people massacred, it's lands devastated. Only the Faerie remain a potent force, and their numbers are badly dwindled.
    The Delrunian Alliance sits stunned, it's infrastructure wrecked by the Antimatter Barrage, it's cities and forests either partly or totally burned and destroyed.
    The Kingdom of Keoland is gutted. Most of it's warriors are dead, and a large part of it's civilian population is dead.
    The Baklunish Confederation lays shattered, it's armies massacred, it's cities obliterated or burned, it's cattle and grain burned, blasted, or frozen.
    The Sky-Sea League is wrecked. The Isle of the Phoenix was hit by tsunamis, and it's coastal cities are all in ruins. It's fleets of Sky Ships and Flying Citadels are decimated, as are it's legions of warriors. The underwater nations were devastated by the shocks from the sea hits of the Antimatter Barrage.
    The Empire of Iuz lays broken, it's cities smashed, it's people slaughtered, it's army greatly diminished, it's crops burned, blasted, or frozen in the fields.
    The Alliance of the Crescent lays in ruins, a greater part of it's warriors dead, the country of Lyrn largely destroyed.
    The Kevellond League is a shambles, three-quarters of her warriors dead, along with large numbers of her civilian population.
    The Lortmil Technomancy remains untouched, but it's allies the Iron League and the Eastern League are no more, except only for the Duchy of Urnst - which suffered the Barrage and is in ruins.
    The barbarians of the Thillronian Peninsula were decimated by the Antimatter Barrage and the ensuing winter.
    Those civilizations in the mountain ranges remain intact, but most of even them mourn serious casualties from the many battles.

    The great army of the drow took serious losses, but the greater part of it remains.
    The evil forces of the Under-Oerth are almost entirely intact.
    The evil forces of the Underdark are almost entirely intact.
    The Unseelie are largely intact.
    The Pomarj, which backed out of the Alliance of Oerth, has suffered only moderate losses.
    The Solistarim, deep in their underground chambers, suffered only moderate losses.

    The Dark Union, although it suffered major civilian losses and mass destruction from the Antimatter Barrage, has managed to rebuild enough of it's infrastructure to once more field great armies.
    Indeed, it is so intact that it was able, right after the Barrage, to send a great army into Hempmonaland, to obliterate the last of the Scarlet Brotherhood and their Hempmonalander allies.

    Now the Torilians are gone, and with them the only protection the Alliance of Oerth had, is gone with them.

    I wonder what's going to happen now.

    Actually, I don't wonder.
    I know.

    Alzem and his forces of the Solars, Planetars, and Deva still remain on Oerth.
    However, their allies are urging them to return to Toril.

    Alzem's forces are wavering, undecided.
    A lot depends on their decision.
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    As I said...

    Wild horses couldn't drag me away. NOW, wild horses with bats who were hitting me in the crotch, that could drag me away.

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    Well, I could send in a notorized statement of intent with regards to continuing promising to give up my computer to my worst enemy if I don't finish but hopefully that's not necessary.
    The Coalition of Light and Shadow is sending Siobhan as well as other representation to the conference. This is a time for peace and rebuilding. Looking on the bright side, after they were devestated in WWII, the fact Germany and Japan had to build factories from scratch forced them to upgrade and eventually helped them become economic powerhouses...based on that we should soon all be amazingly wealthy

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    It seems... That the war is over.

    Let us devote a time once spent on death to reneissance. Let us learn. Let us find peace. Let us discover new things.

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